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Bear Yogi

Original title: Yogi Bear
Yogi bear, Bubu, Cindy, Ranger Smith, Major Minor
Authors: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Production: Hanna & Barbera
Regia: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Country: USA
Year: 1958 mm
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 51 mm
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

The Yogi bear (Yogi Bear in the American original) was conceived by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. He left Metro Goldwyn Mayer in 1957 and created the famous company "Hanna & Barbera", after two years of preparation and intense work, the two produced an infinite number of characters and cartoon series that still amuse children of all ages today, among these there is also the very famous Yogi bear.Hanna and Barbera for the ideation of the character of Yogi, they were inspired by the brown bear that populates undisturbed in the beautiful Jellystone park in the United States, visited every day by many tourists. Yogi it is in fact a very nice brown bear with an intelligence and ingenuity out of the ordinary. Punctually after waking up from his winter hibernation, together with his inseparable friend Bubu, Go to the hunting of lunch boxes of tourists of Jellystone Park, combining a boatload of trouble and provoking the ire of the local custodian, the Ranger Smith.

Yogi is a jovial and always in a good mood bear, characterized by a green cap and a red tie, he does everything to break the strict rules of the park. The cartoons of Yogi have been successful also thanks to the voice of his voice actors who characterize his phlegm and his typical recurring exclamation "Ha HaHaHa"when some brilliant idea or intuition comes to mind. In fact Yogi, in order to achieve his goals, uses a thousand disguises and as many stratagems.

Bubu bear

His right arm is his most faithful friend Bubu (Boo Boo in the American original), also characterized by a very funny nasal voice. Bubu is a small bear of short stature, good but at the same time naive in getting involved with Yogi in his exploits. Bubu is a little bear fearful of respecting the rules and of Mr. Ranger and would never want to break orders, however the charisma of Yogi and his gluttony are so strong, that often and willingly he does not disdain to steal some basket of the picnic of the unfortunates. tourists, full of sweets and delicacies.

Ranger Smith

In almost all cartoons, the two bears always end up being chased by Ranger Smith, whose main task is to safeguard the peace (and the food) in Jellystone park. He is exasperated by Yogi and his friend Bubu, because of the continuous theft of the snack baskets. Like all self-respecting cartoon and comic characters, Yogi also has an eternal love, this responds to the name of Cindy, a sweet and romantic bear, in love with Yogi.

Bear Cindy

But it is well known that bonding a free spirit like Yogi, taken by his thousand adventures, is a very difficult undertaking. Despite everything the tender Cindy, dreams of marrying him and having a quiet domestic life with him, surrounded by many little bears. It is characterized by the classic expression "Oh, Yogi declared!". L'Yogi bear is also the commander ofarc glider, a kind of flying Noah's Ark where there are all the characters of the Hanna & Barbera like the very famous Huckleberry Hound, Ernesto Quickshot, Snagglepuss and many others. Their purpose is to protect the earth from the danger of pollution, by some bad guy on duty. In the opening theme they all sing together "We all start together, let's go far, on the arcaplane ..."

Yogi, Bubu, Ranger Smith and Cindy are Copyright © Hanna & Barbera and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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