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Ben 10
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Ben 10

Which kid does not dream of a magic gimmick that can transform in ten superhero aliens? It's what happens to Ben Tennyson, a boy 10 year old protagonist of the new series when it comes into possession of a fantastic watch Omnitrix.
The story begins when the alien ship of Vilgax is in search of the Ominitrix, the tool can restore the power. Meanwhile, the young Ben Tennyson is at school and looks forward to the end of the last day of school, because they will have to go on vacation. Ben is a generous boy, curious and bold, even with the slim physique that has, can not compete against the oppression of school bullies. Ben will spend the summer camping with his grandfather Max, a man an enterprising, energetic and loving nature and his cousin Gwen, with which it fights ever, since it does not miss a chance to insult, each other. Ben Tennyson is not expecting a fun experience.

One day, Ben sees a meteor and mistakes her for a shooting star, but this suddenly changed direction and crashed nearby. Inside the crater appears a strange machine similar to a wristwatch is the Omintrix, the item sought by Vilgax. Driven by curiosity, Ben is getting closer and animated by a dark force, the clock is attached to his wrist. Ben tries in every way to take it off, but fails, then press a key into the strange device, which displays some figures. Selecting one of them is transformed into an alien being covered with lava. Ben, despite the first initial shock, he realizes that they have superpowers: can throw balls of fire, but because of his clumsy experiments, fire burns the forest that surrounds. Seeing the fire Grandpa Max and Gwen, they head to shut it down with the fire extinguishers. Gwen sees Ben transforming into a alien and scared him with the extinguisher. Ben has a way to explain what happened to him and after turning off the fire, it reverts into the boy of 10 years, as if he had run out of steam at its disposal. Despite the recommendations of his grandfather, Ben begins to look around to understand the functioning of the strange clock, so select a new shape.Suddenly, under the eyes of Gwen, turns into a huge beast, with no eyes and has a surprising agility that allows him to jump from tree to tree. Meanwhile, the radio of the camper, said that the aliens have attacked a camp for vacationers, so Ben goes to save them.He becomes a superhero with a green shell, hard and sharp as a diamond and a superhuman strength and face the gigantic alien robots, in charge of disaster, while Grandpa and Gwen bring rescued holidaymakers.After a hard battle Ben is able to repel the attacks of the robot and reflect the powers against the alien and it is destroyed. Meanwhile, Ben tries to transform into other superheroes, among them a sort of a raptor, super fast with a powerful tail that can crush anything. What starts as a game soon becomes a real challenge: to take on the appearance of monsters with extraordinary powers is not just fun, as he imagine. His new life causes him difficulties and enemies, first of all the evil alien Vilgax, who will do anything to win the Omnitrix. Engaged in exciting battles, Ben discovers that for winning the battles, is not enough just the physical strength, but the intelligence to choose the just alien, at the right time. He must do something he never did before: stop and think. Every alien in which Ben can transform, possesses abilities perfect in some situations, but useless in others.To help him defeat the enemies and make the right choices, think his grandfather Max and his cousin Gwen, a girl intelligent and silent.

Ben 10 Alien Force
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In this second series dedicated to BEN 10 (now 15 year old) we will see our hero be a hero no more by chance but by choice, be conscious of its powers fighting aliens in a strategic way, fall in love (Julie), a leader of a team, develop their personality, showing how a guy can become a master of the action. BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE approaches to the contemporary lifestyle of the boys, suggesting more and more action, alien transformations, breathtaking battles and emotions: it's time Hero. Soon, a new phenomenon.
Ben 10 is a TV character with a large following around the world, especially among children and adolescents (males). E 'between the top show of all international networks in which Cartoon Network is broadcast and a true phenomenon of licensing and merchandishing. This successful original production of Cartoon Network Studios, is a collaboration of a team of artists: The Man of Action, the American reality of the most important in the field of comics and cartoons, or Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Steve Seagle . Each of the four "men of action" contributed to the success of Ben 10 with his own capacity as a director, designer or writer in comics, animation, video games, film and entertainment TV and the web of the character. Between their work experiences, comics like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and X-Men.

After the launch of the 4 seasons of Ben 10 TV, The Man of Action have made ??BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE (26 episodes of 25 ') which is launching a new chapter in the Ben 10 saga five years later, when our (super) hero, now 15 year old, choose to wear again the mysterious alien Omnitrix watch. He discovers that the alien device has reconfigured his DNA and now you can transform into 10 aliens altogether new. Accompanied by his cousin Gwen again, this time with exceptional powers, and his former enemy Kevin Levin, strong as him, "Ben-teen " launches into a new space mission to find Grandpa Max.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
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The alien threat has not been completely eradicated: Ben, Gwen and Kevin still must join forces to fight the enemies of the Earth. Arriva, exclusively on Cartoon Network, the last in first TV series starring the young hero capable of becoming ever more powerful alien forms: BEN 10 ALIEN ULTIMATE.

Equipped with a new device, the Ultimatrix, Ben discovers that he should defend against a new enemy, unexpected and far more dangerous aliens: his own fame. The first two episodes of Ultimate Alien will be aired to coincide with the "reface" CN: November 29th at h. 20.00. Following this special premiere, the appointment TV with the hero and the December 10, every Friday at 20:00, block action in the BIG BANG. From December 20, with the Christmas program, Ultimate Alien "multiply" the broadcast: the series will in fact be transmitted from Monday to Friday, always at 20.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin, now sixteen years old, managed to defeat all the evil aliens that threaten the Earth. Nonetheless, the situation is even more complicated ... Ben is faced with a new unknown enemy: his own fame. His secret identity was in fact revealed to the world from a young fan, Jimmy Jones, the only one to notice that every heroic alien forms showed the same symbol: the engraved sull'Omnitrix Ben.

Being famous for Ben, proves to be a bigger problem than he could imagine, while his friends and classmates are grateful to him for his deeds, the adults consider it a threat, forgetting everything he has done to save the Earth. Both fans and people who do not see him favorably therefore may be a hindrance to Ben, who meanwhile is facing new alien invaders. Our young protagonist, among others, must also learn to use the Ultimatrix, after his Omnitrix has been destroyed in the final battle of Alien Force. The new device not only allows him to change into alien forms earlier, but also gives the opportunity to evolve their aliens in an even more powerful, called the "ultimate" (hence the name of the series). The greatest danger now called Aggregor alien, from the planet Osmosian: You will need the full team to counter the threat. Along with Ben, Gwen and then find, more and more aware of their strengths, and Kevin, regained control of his powers, though always looking for trouble.

10:10:10 BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE: "The Final Battle"

The moment has arrived. Cartoon Network, is celebrated on 10:10:10, with the expected last two episodes, first run in TV, Ben 10 alien force. The calendar this year provides for a single date, October 10, 2010: a day when you could not celebrate Ben Tennyson, a veritable phenomenon among children. Especially the males, they follow with passion the adventures of this (super) hero that just 10 years has been found to have incredible powers (turned into 10 different aliens with super features about 10) to save the Earth and its expensive (such as Grandpa Max ) by extra-terrestrial invasion. Difficult for a coetaneous does not identify himself.

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