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Bing Bunny

Bing e Flop
Bing e Flop

Original title: Bing
Ted Dewan
Bing, Flop, Sula, Amma, Pando, Padget, Coco, Charlie
Production: Acamar Films, Brown Bag Films, Tandem Films, Digitales Studios
Country: UK
Release date: 27 October 2017
Trasmesso : 9 June 2014
Genre: Comedy, didactic, Preschool
Episodes: 78
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 3 to 6 Release dates

Bing Bunny is an animated series in CGI computer graphics aimed at preschool children produced by the studios of Acamar Films, Brown Bag Films, Tandem Films and Digitales Studios and currently broadcast on Rai Yoyo. The animated series Bing is the adaptation of the cute black rabbit from the books by author / illustrator Ted Dewan. Since its debut in England in 2014, the series has won a Writer's Guild Award and a BAFTA nomination for preschool-age cartoons and has proved a success for CBeebies in the UK and ABC in Australia. In addition to CBeebies in the United Kingdom, Bing is currently broadcast on ABC (Australia), S4C (Wales), RTE (Ireland), SVT (Sweden) and DR (Denmark); it was also sold to Minimax (Eastern Europe) and VRT (Belgium) for a total transmission in over 40 countries.

Bing sull'altalena e Flop

Bing is a black bunny about 4 Release dates old, who in each episode learns new discoveries and faces challenges that initially seem easy, but that soon turn out to be more problematic than expected for a small unexperienced bunny. Thanks to his patience, his intuition, his creativity and above all the help of the wise Flop, Bing will be able to overcome his obstacles and learn from this experience

The characters of Bing The characters of Bing

Bing is a black bunny about 4 Release dates old characterized by a red plaid playsuit, with a big button in the middle and a green shirt. He loves playing with Hoppity Voosh, a superhero plush rabbit. Like all rabbits, she loves carrots and is always looking for new experiences.

Flop is a puppet that guides Bing towards new discoveries, explaining the problem and encouraging him in difficulties. At the end of each episode he tunes the phrase ... "this is a Bing thing!"

Sula is a brown elephant and one of Bing's best friends.
Amma is a nursery school teacher who also runs the park bar.

Pando is a panda who lives near Bing's home, therefore one of his best friends. The small Pando is characterized by a white T-shirt, panties and sneakers.

Padget is Pando's tutor. He runs the corner store and sometimes jogs or drives his tuk-tuk, a distinctive three-wheeled taxi.

Coco is Bing's cousin and best friend, but she is five Release dates older. He also has a younger brother, Charlie.
Charlie is Coco's little brother and Bing's little cousin. He can't talk and his little figure is called Strizzolino.

App Bing BakingBing Baking

Acamar Films has launched the first app based on its award-winning TV series, Bing. Produced by Acamar and developed together with Aardman's digital team, the new Bing Baking app is designed to encourage children's creativity and curiosity through play.

This is the first in a series of planned digital content for preschoolers and their parents. Google Play and Amazon versions are available with Android Launch TBA. The game invites children to enter the entertainment world by playing with Bing and Flop in their kitchen..

Game description:

Cooking for preschool children is a precious time shared with an adult; it is a mixture of tactile creativity, chemistry, alchemy and art. Bing Baking offers Bingsters the freedom to make their own choices. Next to Bing and Flop, in their delicious cuisine, the little ones can roll up the first "digital dough", always realistic, with a rolling pin or crush it with your hands; choose from a variety of blenders and touch Flop to put their cookies in the oven; keep an eye on Chicky Timer to let Flop know when it's time to remove the cookies; decorate them in their own way with lots of icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips and fruit; take a picture of Bing and Flop with their creations; and finally eat their delicious and delicious cookies with Bing - nom nom nom!

"Working with Acamar to bring Bing to interactive life was really something special," says Finbar Hawkins of Aardman, creative director of Bing Baking. "Our two companies share a sincere passion for quality and precision in the production of entertainment for children. We were happy that Acamar has embraced our" sandbox "ideas for the app, in the sense that together we have created an engaging environment and tactile for young bakers to have fun, learn and play ".

Bing e i suoi amici; Sula, Pando e Flop

Bing copyright Acamar Films, Brown Bag Films, Tandem Films, Digitales Studios e degli aventi diritto


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