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Blueberry (comic)

BLUEBERRY the comic

Original title: Blueberry
Blueberry, Jimmy McClurie, Lily Calloway, Major Bascom, General Allister, Lone Eagle, Quanah
Film script: Jean-Michel Charlier
Drawings: Jean Giraud, Colin Wilson, William Vance, Michel Rouge, Michel Blanc-Dumont,

Publishers: Dargaud
: France
: 1963 mm
Gender: Western comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Blueberry makes its first appearance in the world of comics in the French weekly magazine "Pilote" in 1963, thanks to the skilful and original script by Jean Michel Charlier and the drawings of one of the greatest comic authors of all time: Jean Giraud aka Moebius. Blueberry it is considered one of the most important western comics of the 900s both for its captivating plots worthy of the best John Ford films, and for the rich and "dirty" drawings that contribute to the rendering of the rough and dusty setting of the old west. The protagonist is Mike Steve Donovan nicknamed Blueberry, a light-hearted and quarrelsome Northern Army lieutenant, but who at the right moment knows how to be brave and intelligent. Blueberry he resides in Fort Navajo and his mission is to defend the passage of settlers to California and to try to maintain peace among neighboring Indian tribes, such as the Cochise Apaches. Blueberry he is often undisciplined towards his superiors and in particular to Major Bascom, especially if the defenseless ones pay, moreover he always wants to understand firsthand how things happen, to try to find a solution to the various problems that put the fort in difficulty Navajo, for this reason he often and willingly gets himself into trouble greater than his possibilities. Blueberry's facial features are reminiscent of those of French actor Jean Paul Belmondo. Helping Bluberry in his mission is the inseparable Jimmy McClurie, the typical old man from the Far West with red hair who spends his time in the saloon drinking whiskey, enlisted as a guide, he knows very well all the tribes in the area and the tracks to go. he is dedicated the story "The German Mine". There is no shortage of women in the adventures and one protagonist is undoubtedly Chihuahua Pearl (aka Lily Calloway), the woman who bewitched the heart of Blueberry, it is a dancer, cunning and scammer, does not hesitate to unleash all her charm to reach her goals, but with Mike Donovan an important feeling will be born.

Jimmy McClurieAmong the various enemies of Blueberry we remember in addition to the aforementioned Major Bascom, also General Allister, the classic obtuse general who wants to exterminate the Indian tribes. But even the Indians are not all good guys and proof of this is the former explorer of the Solitary Eagle army or the terrible Indian chief Quanah, sworn enemy of Bluberry and ready to do anything to kill the Yankees. There is no shortage of settings and historical characters of the west who really existed such as the mythical Wyatt Earp protagonist of the challenge to the OK Corral, as the same Apache chief Kociss, who contains all the wisdom and resignation of the red people or as the rebel Geronimo. Among the various adventures of Lieutenant Blueberry we remember "Fort Navajo" where the Indians of Cochise declare war on the fort, following an attempt to attack him. "Thunder Over the West", where Lieutenant Crowe is accused of desertion after freeing Indian prisoners, Major Bascom will die in this episode. "Lonely Eagle" where Blueberry has to contend with the terrible Indian Quanah. "La Pista dei Sioux" in which Blueberry he is accused of theft by Steelfingers in front of the Sioux, who hold him prisoner, but they trust him by freeing him, our lieutenant will be able to unmask the real culprit and avert a war. In Italy the Blueberry books have been published thanks to the Eldorado series with the title "The Adventures of Lieutenant Blueberry"each consisting of 46 pages. Among the various Blueberry series we remember" The Youth of Blueberry "and"Marshall Blueberry".

Blueberry names, images and trademarks are copyright Jean Michel Charlier - Jean Giraud and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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