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Original title: Gokinjo monogatari
Mikako Kouda, Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Author: Ai Yazawa
Production: Toei Animation
Regia: Atsutoshi Umeda, Junji Shimizu
Country: Japan
Year: September 10 1995
Broadcast in Italy: August 1998
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 50 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Browse the courtyards of the heartThe cartoon Curious in the courtyards of the heart (original title Gokinjo Monogatari) is taken from the manga comic, written and drawn in an original way by the mangaka Ai Yazawa. In Japan it was published by Shueisha in 1995, while in Italy we got to know it thanks to Planet Manga editions. The anime produced by Toei Daga and directed by Junji Shimizu and Atsutoshi Umeda consists of 50 episodes lasting 25 minutes each, and was produced at the same time as the manga's release in 1995.

Browse the courtyards of the heartThe protagonists of the story are Melissa (Mikako in the manga) and TJ (Tsutomu) two boys of sixteen, neighbors and both passionate about design; Melissa dreams of becoming a famous designer, while TJ is passionate about sculpture with recycled objects, so they attend the Yazawa art and design institute. Melissa is a headstrong and capricious girl and sometimes even a little childish, this is due to a somewhat disastrous family situation, as her parents are separated (her mother is a manga comic artist), but over time she will learn from his mistakes. TJ is a handsome guy who looks like singer Ken Nakagawa from Mambo, so he is very popular with girls. At the institute they meet several nice and extravagant guys: Lisa, Melissa's best friend who dresses in dark punk style and would like to become a children's clothing designer, P-Chan a sweet and romantic girl who has a fixation for puppets of soft toys, with which it communicates. Among the friends of TJ we find Steven (Yusuke), a very good draftsman and painter, with a dark and irascible temperament, with a penchant for girls in general and Jiro characterized with big sunglasses, with a passion for the computer and the realization of video games, who dreams of becoming a programmer. Among the girls we also find the beautiful Melany (Mariko), also nicknamed "fairytale body", a joy for the eyes of all the boys in the institute, but smoke in the eyes for the other girls, among them Melissa terribly jealous of her. Melany (Mariko) would like to become an interior designer. Aiyumi is instead a very introverted and sensitive girl, in love with Steven (Yusuke). To these must be added Shintaro, the younger brother of Melany (Mariko), who like TJ is enrolled in the sculpture course.

Browse the courtyards of the heartAll these characters will found the Akindo club, an initiative that will allow them to showcase their works and sell them to make some money, also thanks to Ayumi who will make her old shed available to the boys. A set of such eccentric and crackling personalities will give rise to different and intricate stories of feelings and misunderstandings, which will not miss comic and funny situations. In this context, Melany and TJ, great childhood friends, will act until the two discover that they are also united by a great feeling of love, which however they do not dare to reveal, for fear that one day their beautiful friendship may end. . To complicate things, the beautiful Melany (Mariko) also gets involved, who falls in love with TJ and with whom he will have a short relationship, until the boy realizes that he is in love with Melissa, even if she does not imagine it. For her part, Melissa, distraught and jealous towards Melany, is courted by Steven (Yusuke), TJ's friend who accompanies her every day on a scooter and never misses an opportunity to declare his love for her. The two will end up having a love affair, in turn triggering the jealousy and displeasure of Ayumi, in love with Steven (Yusuke). Melissa also realizes that she is not in love with Steven, therefore their relationship ends to Ayumi's advantage, also because Melissa manages to win a scholarship that will allow her to move to London. Meanwhile, he will meet Kisaragi, a family friend who collaborates with his mother, so beautiful that Melissa has nicknamed him "The sparkling alien". Browse the courtyards of the heartHe too would like to break into the fashion field as a make-up artist and hairdresser. The boy's presence will make TJ (Tsutomu) jealous, who will increasingly feel the desire to openly declare himself to Melissa, further amplified by his fear that the girl may leave for London. Melissa, for her part, is confused and prey to a thousand thoughts, so much so that she decides to run away from home. However, she is joined by TJ and finally the two realize they are made for each other. However, Melissa decides to leave for London in the company of Kisaragi, who will accompany her to school every day. Melissa will have the opportunity to study intensely to realize her great professional dream and in the London school she will make friends with many boys from different countries. Despite everything Melissa always thinks about TJ, especially when she meets the singer Ken Nakagawa of Mambo, double of her beloved. Meanwhile, Melissa's parents return together and her father, who reappeared after fourteen years, has had a new daughter named Miwako. It happens that having to do a photo shoot he leaves for London and so TJ, takes advantage of the opportunity to leave with him and see Melissa again. After all these vicissitudes, will the two boys be able to meet again and fulfill their professional and sentimental dream? It is up to you to discover it among the intense and passionate pages of this contemporary manga that reflects many events and problems of today's young people. After the success of the Courtyards of the Heart Ai Yazawa has started a new series called Paradise Kiss, which continues the story and the evolution of the same characters.


All the characters and images of Curious in the courtyards of the heart are copyright - Shueisha, Toei Doga, Abc, TV Asahi, Asatsu - and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Titles of the episodes of Curiosando in the courtyards of the heart
01. A merry gang
02. Just old friends
03. False appearances
04. Jealousies
05. A pestiferous goldilocks
06. The magicians of commerce
07. True friends
08. The day of the inauguration
09. Misunderstanding
10. The sports festival
11. Everyone at the amusement park
12. Invitation to the dance
13. A megamoto for Spillo
14. The history of Zuccotto
15. A very personal Santa Claus
16. Broken heart
17. Melany's little brother
18. Friendship or love?
19. A love for Janet
20. The revelation
21. Want to change
22. A new rival
23. A sweet Cupid for Melly
24. When you grow up one day
25. What's going on, mom?
26. Loves and crystal clear waters
27. A pale moon in love with Melany
28. Thoughts
29. A sympathetic market
30. Little rays of love
31. The right path to success is through the heart
32. A thousand gears of love
33. Steven's big heart
34. Two autumn hearts
35. For Steven's sake
36. Melancholy
37. A special evening
38. Dreams, life and smiles
39. I miss you dad
40. A photo of dad
41. A message for dad
42. An important confession
43. Fantastic friends
44. Clouds on the horizon
45. Do we make peace?
46. ​​The new laboratory of trade wizards
47. Remorse
48. A medicine called love
49. A new life a thousand emotions
50. Third act market

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