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candy Candy
Candy Candy
Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi and Toei Animation
Original title: Kyandi kyandi
Candy Candy, Annie Brighton, Anthony Brown Andrew, Terence Granchester, Albert, Tom, Patricia "Patty" O'Brien, Messrs Brighton, Archibald (Archie) Cornwell, Alistear (Stear) Cornwell, Iriza Legan, Neal Legan, Messrs Legan, Miss Pony, Sister Maria
Authors: Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi
Production: Toei Animation
Regia: Tetsuo Imazawa (supervisor), Hiroshi Shidara (chief director)
Country: Japan
Year: 1976
Broadcast in Italy: March 1980
Gender: Dramatic
Episodes: 115 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The character of candy Candy It was conceived in 1975 by the mind of the talented Japanese screenwriter Kyoko Mizuki and designed by Yumiko Igarashi. The first publication of the manga candy Candy it happened thanks to the Kodansha publishing house and given the enormous success of the public, the following year in 1976 the cartoon series was produced by Toei Animation, with 115 episodes that soon landed also in Italy, having a resounding success with the public, especially female. In fact, this belongs to the genus called Shoujo, intended for a female audience.

The story of candy Candy

The story of candy Candy begins, when on a cold snowy night, near an orphanage called Casa di Pony, two abandoned girls were found. The two headmistresses, Miss Pony and Sister Maria, named those two little girls Annie and Candy. The two girls grow up happy and carefree, becoming friends with the other children in the orphanage and in particular with Tom. Candy Candy also raised a little raccoon that she called Clean and who from that moment followed her in all her adventures, without ever abandoning her. Annie and Candy Candy immediately showed two very different personalities, while Annie was very shy, Candy was much more enterprising and behaved like an undisciplined tomboy, climbing trees. The two found affection and understanding especially from Miss Pony and Sister Maria. It happened one day that Candy, to relieve Annie from the sadness of their friend Tom's departure, decided to organize a picnic. On this occasion they met Mr Brighton, a man sad for the loss of his daughter, who won over by the sympathy of the two girls, at the suggestion of his wife, decided to adopt Annie, after the refusal from Candy Candy. For a short time Annie and Candy wrote touching letters to each other, but then Mrs. Brighton prevented Annie from replying to Candy as she still tied Candy to her past.

Candy Candy Heartbroken by the separation of her best friend, she goes to Pony Hill, a place where she finds peace and serenity to cry and reflect. She suddenly heard the sound of bagpipes and when she looked up she saw a beautiful blond prince dressed in Scottish clothes, who consoled her by saying her words:You're prettier when you laugh than when you cry!> . Soon after, the young man disappeared and Candy found him a medallion with a strange royal effigy. All these days Candy Candy does nothing but think about that meeting and the boy's words. One day the butler of the rich Legan family arrived at Pony's house and presented Miss Pony with a request to adopt Candy. Candy, looking at the luxurious car, recognizes the medallion's coat of arms and she decides to be adopted by that family, thinking of meeting the beautiful Scottish prince again.

But things didn't go as Candy thought, in fact the Legans had adopted Candy in order to act as a companion to their two children Neal and Iriza. Neal and Iriza turned out to be two spoiled and evil kids, who accused Candy of their misdeeds and tried in every way to humiliate her and make her look bad in front of their parents. One day Candy fled into the woods out of desperation and made friends with two very nice boys, one was Arcibald, called Archie by his friends, a dandy with long hair and a clean face, the other was Stear, a boy with glasses with a passion for the inventions, but they only rarely worked and caused a lot of trouble. The two invited Candy to a party that was to be held in their villa, at Andrew's house. Here Candy had an encounter that made her heart flutter: she met a young blond man with blue eyes, who although he was not dressed in Scottish clothes, she recognized him as the prince of Pony Hill. This young man was called Anthony and he was Archie and Stear's cousin and after a round of waltzes, a deep friendship and a tender feeling was born between Candy and Anthony. In those days Candy also met a strange character, with long hair, a thick blond beard and dark glasses, he was a wanderer who loved to live surrounded by forest animals such as squirrels, deer, hares etc... his name was Albert .

But inside the Legan house, Neal and Iriza, deeply jealous of Candy, managed to convince her parents to send her away from their home, so Candy was transferred to Mexico. But during the journey there was an attempted kidnapping, but Candy managed to escape and took refuge at Anthony's house. Here it was revealed to her that the kidnapping had been staged by Mr. William, head of the Andrew family, in order to adopt Candy, after pressing requests from her nephews Anthony, Archie and Stear. Inside the Andrew house, Candy lives wonderful days, surrounded by the affection of her friends and in particular Anthony. The latter proves to be a very tender and romantic boy, who has a passion for growing roses. He gives Candy a very special rose which he calls "Sweet Candy".

The Andrew family organizes the classic fox hunt, the favorite sport of English nobles, in which Anthony and Candy also take part. It was precisely when Anthony met the fox that his horse inadvertently put its foot in a trap, at this point the animal, mad with pain, unhorsed Anthony who fell to the ground and after a violent blow to the head died under the desperate eyes of Candy. Distraught by the loss of her beloved Anthony, Candy returns to Pony's house, but soon received an order from her uncle William (whom she still doesn't know personally) to leave to study in England at the Saint Paul School. Embarked on the ship that takes her from America to England, Candy meets a mysterious and charming young man with long black hair who reminds her of Anthony. His name is Terence, he plays a harmonica on the deck of the ship and is dressed in black clothes. She soon realizes that he has a markedly different temperament from Anthony, in fact he proves to be rude and disrespectful towards him by calling her "Miss all freckles".

Once she arrives in England at the Saint Paul School she meets her two old friends Archie and Stear, who were also sent to study in England by her uncle William. She also sees her dear friend Annie again, sent to study by the Brighton family and meets Patty, a shy and problematic girl. Unfortunately, however, the Legans also sent their children Neal and Iriza to study at Saint Paul School and trouble begins for Candy. In fact, Iriza does everything to ruin the friendship between Candy and Patty, but luckily she doesn't succeed. At Saint Paul School she also meets Terence, the mysterious boy from the ship, who even at the collage will prove to have transgressive and irreverent attitudes towards the strict rules of the school run by the very strict Sister Grey.

Candy finds an ally in Terence who defends her from the constant harassment of Neal and Iriza, even if he continues to make fun of her by calling her "Tarzan all freckles", due to her climbing trees, in order to follow her inseparable bear Clint. In those days Candy realizes that something has broken with Annie, her childhood friend and suffers from the fact that she has a detached attitude towards him. She actually discovers that Annie has a feeling of jealousy towards Candy who is loved and considered by everyone and in particular by Archie, with whom she has fallen in love. In those days Candy makes a pleasant discovery, she meets Albert the tramp again of the woods, who works at the London Zoo and entrusts him with Clean, as he could not keep him in the collage.

But the surprises don't end there, in fact one day, while inside the Saint Paul School he is looking for his friends Archie and Stear, he accidentally enters Terence's room and here he discovers that he is actually the son of the very famous theater actress Eleonor Baker. Terence arrives furious at having been discovered and makes Candy swear not to reveal his discovery to anyone. Meanwhile, Candy has not yet forgotten Anthony, she sees him again and imagines him in a thousand circumstances. One night, hearing the noise of horses, she rushes down, in an attempt to stop that figure who reminded her of Anthony, during the race she falls and loses consciousness. The knight was none other than Terence, who rescues her and takes her to the infirmary. The young man, however, realizes that during his unconscious state he continued to pronounce Anthony's name.

Candy's character is always combative, in fact one day to defend her friend Patty from the headmistress of the college, who wanted to deprive her of her beloved little turtle, she was locked up in a punishment room with the imposition of not being able to participate in the May festival, which would take place in the next few days. The following days Candy entrusts the turtle to the care of her friend Albert, confiding in him about her problems. Meanwhile, Terence begins to feel a strange feeling towards Candy, he can't stand her attachment to Anthony and soon a decisive event happens.

On the day of the May feast, while Candy was in the punishment room, she received a gift from her uncle William. These were the masquerade costumes of Romeo and Juliet. Candy disguised as Romeo still goes to the May festival and after donning the role of Juliet she is invited by Terence to dance. Suddenly Candy remembers the notes of that waltz, they were the same as the dance she did with Anthony and not being able to contain her amazement, she talks about it out loud to Terence. The indignant man stops and kisses her, but Candy gives him a slap. Terence doesn't give up and decisively forces Candy to overcome Anthony's trauma, making her get on the horse and shouting forcefully that Anthony was now dead and that she had to forget the past and stop living on memories. Candy thus begins to understand and she begins an increasingly engaging relationship with Terence. Candy understands that behind that young man with his abrupt and transgressive ways, lies a fragile soul wounded by the rejection of his parents and in particular of her mother, the actress Eleonor Baker. Terence confides to Candy his great passion, that of pursuing a career as a theater actor, the same as her mother's. Meanwhile, Archie confides in Candy that he has fallen in love with her, and it is at this moment that Annie arrives, hearing everything about her. Annie runs away upset and Archie, Stear and Candy look for her.

Archie understands his mistake and above all understands what Annie felt for him, which affects him deeply. A deep bond thus begins between Archie and Annie and Annie reconciles with Candy, becoming her great friend again. Meanwhile, Iriza falls in love with Terence, unaware of the feelings he has for Candy. During a boat trip, in an attempt to follow the two, Neal and Iriza fall into the water and Terence, realizing their difficulty, dives in and saves them. Meanwhile, Terence meets his mother and thanks also to Candy's intervention the two are reconciled. Having been saved, Iriza decides to throw a party in honor of Terence, but he prefers to be with Candy and deserts the party. Iriza, furious, goes looking for Terence and finds him in the act of giving a kiss to Candy's forehead. She then decides to act cunningly. Thanks to some fake messages written by her, she brings the two young people together at night in a stable, but here waiting for them is Sister Grey, the director of the school with Neal and Iriza at her side. Candy risks being expelled from school, but Terence takes all the responsibility and abandons boarding school, fleeing to America: here he plans to pursue his career as a theater actor.

Candy, however, decides to follow Terence and escapes from Saint Paul School to clandestinely board a ship that will take her to America. Returning to Pony's house, she discovers that Terence had just passed by, because she wanted to see the place where Candy had lived. Reflecting on the joy she feels in helping others, she understands that her true calling is to be a nurse. Candy decides to attend the Mary Jane school in order to obtain the qualification that will allow him to carry out this job, but the strict rules of the school will put her enthusiasm to the test. Here she meets Flanny, a qualified nurse who treats people in a cold and detached manner and who tries to avoid dialogue even with Candy.

Meanwhile, he is entrusted with his first patient, a certain Mr. William and Candy enthusiastically believes that it is his benefactor, who will finally be able to thank him by giving him the necessary care. But she is wrong and that patient turns out to be a very grumpy and gruff old man. Despite everything, Candy grows fond of her and, seeing that her condition is worsening, she decides to grant him her last wish. Since she always said Mina's name when she was dying, she decides to track her down, but discovers that he was nothing other than a magnificent Saint Bernard dog, complete with a red bow. Despite everything, she takes Mina to the hospital and makes her meet her beloved owner again. The elderly gentleman, deeply moved by that girl's attitude, dies peacefully after thanking Candy. Meanwhile, the First World War breaks out and Archie and Stear are recalled to America, while Candy and Flanny are sent to a hospital in Chicago due to lack of personnel.

Here he meets his friends Archie and Stear in his uncle Andrew's villa, but Neal and Iriza are also there and from the latter he learns the news that Terence will have to go to Chicago for a charity show. Candy does everything she can to meet Terence, while the latter learns from Archie that Candy is in Chicago. The two chase each other and while Candy looks for him in the theater, Terence looks for her in the hospital, but unfortunately they don't meet. Once Candy returns to the hospital, she is accused by Flanny of not having fulfilled her duty by leaving the hospital to go see the show. In those days Candy receives a letter from Terence, with his farewell words for her departure from Chicago. Candy then rushes to the station and the two lock eyes just as the train began its journey.

Meanwhile Candy, happy for that meeting, returns to the hospital and here the director announces to them that in Europe there is a need for a volunteer to go and help the wounded in war. She offers herself Flanny and Candy discovers another side of that cold and insensitive girl. Flanny had spent an unhappy childhood with her alcoholic father and her absent mother, this had forged in her a character who was disenchanted with her life, but capable of compensating with her practical sense for the love and care that she had lacked. Candy and Flanny greet each other with the awareness that they respect each other and that they have exchanged very important values. If on the one hand Flanny had taught her seriousness and commitment to work, on the other Candy had taught her that without love and understanding you cannot help people fully.

One day Albert, Candy's friend, injured and without memory, arrives at the hospital. After the rough hospital treatment, Candy decides to take him to her house. But in those days she hears the news that Terence is in New York to play Romeo and Juliet. She then decides to join him. Meanwhile, something unexpected happens between Terence and Susanna, the girl who plays the part of Juliet and is in love with him. Susanna saves Terence from a piece of scenery that had become detached and in this heroic gesture loses a leg.

Candy when she arrives in New York she learns the news and goes to the hospital to see Susanna. Here, however, she does not find the girl but a note in which it was written that Terence could not love her, but only have pity for her as her heart belonged to Candy. The girl finds Susanna on the roof of the hospital in a suicide attempt, but she manages to grab her and save her. Candy understands the deep love that binds Susanna to Terence, to the point of stepping aside so as not to hinder her happiness with Candy. But her roles are reversed and Candy, although heartbroken, decides to leave Terence as she believes that Susanna is the one who needs the boy's care and comfort the most.

Candy and Terence meet and despite the boy's attempts the two realize the impossibility of loving each other freely. Candy returns to Chicago and learns from her friends Archie, Annie and Patty that Stear has volunteered for the war. Meanwhile Albert, who continues to stay with Candy, without having yet regained his memory, has a new accident: he is hit by a car and taken to hospital. After he wakes up she starts to remember something, but his mind is still confused. Albert recovers and continues to stay in Candy's house, improving his health, but not yet her memory, instead Candy decides to leave for the Greytown mine, both to forget Terence and to start gaining experience with her work as a nurse.

Here she meets hard men tried by the suffering of backbreaking work, but with her altruism and sympathy she will also manage to be respected and loved by these miners. After this adventure, she Candy returns to Chicago. Here she meets Neal, Iriza's brother who, however, begins to change and have strange feelings for Candy. Neal invites Candy on a date but Candy refuses. Neal, feeling offended by that refusal, threatens to tell the hospital director that Candy lives with a man (Albert), but Candy does not give in to blackmail. Neal, however, keeps his word and spreads the news which soon spreads to all the hospitals in Chicago where Candy is rejected as a nurse. Meanwhile Albert gradually regains his memory.

Candy learns from the newspapers that Terence's career is not going well and that his shows are having a total failure. She understands that this is because of him and decides to join him in Rockstown where he was performing a show. Here she finds another Terence, profoundly changed, as he has turned to alcohol and does not remember his lines on stage, inevitably provoking the audience's ire and booing. Terence, however, glimpses Candy in the audience and since then finds the strength to act and to put the show back on track.

Candy returns to Chicago and here she discovers that at the behest of her uncle William, Candy will have to marry Neal of the Legan family. Indignant Candy, also supported by George the butler of the Andrew family, decides to go to Lakewood to finally meet Uncle William and to talk to him. Finally Candy she will be able to meet her uncle William, the one who has always helped her. She then returns to the Andrews' large villa where inside a room with large windows she finds a person hidden behind the armchair.

Candy is a river in flood and with a strong emotion inside her heart she speaks freely thanking her uncle for everything he had always done for her, but who did not approve of his imposition of having to marry Neal. At a certain point Uncle William gets up and turns around, but to Candy's enormous surprise she discovers that he is actually...Albert. The latter, unaware of Neal's plan, understands the plot and goes to Chicago in front of the Legans and the entire Andrew family gathered, declares that he is William Albert Andrew, the only heir of the Andrew house and from now on he will replace the elderly aunt Elroy to the leadership of the family. The Legans, including Neal and Iriza, leave having no further say in the matter.

Candy decides to return to Pony's house where she will continue her work as a nurse and also help the teachers of the orphanage. But one fine day, while she was walking on Pony Hill and the nostalgia of those memories of her caressed her heart, also swollen with sadness at having left Albert, she heard the sound of bagpipes and a voice that she said < You're prettier when you laugh than when you cry > , he looked up and saw Albert dressed in Scottish clothes, complete with bagpipes like the prince of the hill. Albert was actually also the prince of her dreams, who Candy had mistaken for Anthony, given their resemblance due to kinship. Candy so with Albert's love, Uncle William will finally spend a life of joy and happiness.

Candy Candy characters

Candice "Candy" White Ardlay: Protagonist of the series, Candy is a blonde girl with freckles, found as a child at the "Pony's House" orphanage. Her life is marked by courage and generosity, although she is sometimes capricious and disinclined to follow the rules.

candy Candy

Annie Brighton: Candy's best friend, they grew up together in an orphanage. Annie is shy and reserved, adopted by a noble family. Her personality contrasts with Candy's: while Candy is dynamic and independent, Annie is more introspective and insecure.

Annie Brighton

Annie Brighton

Miss Pony (Sister Pony): A wise middle-aged woman who dedicates her life to the orphans of the "Pony House" together with Sister Maria. She is a mother figure and guide to many children in the orphanage.

Sister Mary (Sister Lane): A young nun who assists Miss Pony in running the orphanage. She is dedicated and kind, playing an important role in supporting children.

Miss Pony and Sister Mary

Miss Pony (Sister Pony) and Sister Mary (Sister Lane)

William Albert Andrew (William Albert Ardlay): Initially a marginal character, he turns out to be an important benefactor in Candy's life. He watches over her, significantly influencing her life path.

William Albert Andrew (William Albert Ardlay)

William Albert Andrew (William Albert Ardlay)

Iriza Legan (Eliza Leagan): Candy's main antagonist. Daughter of the Legan family, Iriza is characterized by an evil personality and a hostile attitude towards Candy, often driven by jealousy.

Iriza Legan (Eliza Leagan)

Iriza Legan (Eliza Leagan)

Neal Legan (Neil Leagan): Iriza's brother, shares her evil. He is a cowardly and less cunning character than his sister, and towards the end of the series he develops an unrequited obsession with Candy.

Neal Legan (Neil Leagan)

Neal Legan (Neil Leagan)

Archibald "Archie" Cornwell: Andrew family member, initially has feelings for Candy. He is a fascinating character who eventually falls in love with and marries Annie.

Archibald "Archie" Cornwell

Archibald "Archie" Cornwell

Alistear "Stear" Cornwell: Cheerful and inventive character, in love with Patty. His life takes a tragic turn during the war, demonstrating a strong sense of sacrifice.

Alistear "Stear" Cornwell

Alistear "Stear" Cornwell

Anthony Brown: Young man of noble origins, member of the Andrew family. Candy falls in love with him because of his resemblance to the "prince of the hill". His passion for roses and openness to his experiences make him a positive and fascinating character.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

Terence Granchester (Terrius "Terry" Graham Grandchester): Young rebel passionate about theatre. His relationship with Candy is complex and constantly evolving, characterized by moments of affection and tension. Their love faces many challenges, culminating in a painful separation.

Terence Granchester (Terrius "Terry" Graham Grandchester)

Terence Granchester (Terrius "Terry" Graham Grandchester)


All Candy Candy characters and images are copyright Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi and Toei Animation. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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