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Captain Miki

Original title: Captain Miki
Captain Miki, Doctor Salasso, Double Rhum, Susy
Author: EsseGesse (Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon, Giovanni Sinchetto)

Publishers: Editorial Dardo
: Italy
: 1951 mm
Gender: Western comic
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

In 1951, a character from the western comics was born in Italy, intended for an audience of very young people: Captain Miki. This character published by Editrice Dardo, was created by the award-winning Turin company called "Esse G Esse" (same authors of the commander Mark need Blek Boulder) aka the writers and designers Sinchetto, Guzzon and Sartoris. To this group were added other Italian historical designers such as Franco Bignotti and many others. Captain Miki is a boy who at only sixteen is already an officer of the Nevada rangers. His story begins when as a child, orphaned after the death of his parents, he was raised by Clem, his guardian, who was later killed by a gang of shady killers.

Captain Miki fights against the Indians

Miki decided to avenge the death of the man who represented her adoptive father and armed with a gun and courage to spare, vanquished the gang and restored order to the village of Coulwer City. Later he was enlisted in the Nevada Rangers corps and thanks to his courage, his ability and above all his intelligence, he managed after glorious exploits, to win the rank of officer and to be charged by the commander of Fort Coulwer to solve the most difficult. As in all EsseGEsse comics, much of the success of their stories is due to the characterization of the characters and in particular of the supporting actors. In the case of Captain Miki we find some hilarious shoulders like Double Rhum e Professor Salasso. Doppio Rhum, as the name indicates, is an avid drinker of and represents the classic grandfather of the west (remember John Ford's movie "Red Shadows") who spends most of his time in the saloon draining bottles and making funny discussions and exclamations ; his typical phrase is "For the corks of three thousand carboys!" or "For all the hangover!". Professor Salasso is instead the classic "doc" (doctor) of western films, drunkard and approximate in his treatment, as his friend Doppio Rhum spends most of his day in the saloon and his typical exclamation is "For my aunt's rheumatism Clotilde! " or "For two thousand appendicitis and five hundred laryngitis!". Despite everything, the two are very faithful adventure friends of the intrepid Captain Miki and on more than one occasion they managed to get him out of trouble.

Professor Salasso and Doppio Rhum

The enemies facing our heroes are mostly bandits, Mescaleros Indians, grappling with assaults on stagecoaches, shootings and ambushes of all kinds. Captain Miki he is a lightning fast gunslinger with unerring aim he is a formidable fighter and casually lands Indians and bandits of all kinds using both punches and fighting techniques similar to martial arts and wrestling. During his long journeys in the Nevada desert, Captain Miki gallops on his inseparable horse Napoleon, a black thoroughbred. Like any boy of his age, too Captain Miki courts a sixteen year old girl, this is her name, Susy has blonde braids and is very jealous of the beautiful Elen Gordon, the teacher of Coulwer City, with whom Captain Miki often and willingly stays to talk.

Susy the young girlfriend of Captain Miki

The readings of Captain Miki's comics today appear very naive and simple, in fact the distinctions between good and bad are always very clear and the Indians are almost always bad and associated with bandits. The typical exclamations of Captain Miki I'm like "Caspiterina!" or "Wow!" or "Wow!", which would make young people smile these days, but we believe that its strong point lies in this world, if we want a little naive, but for this very reason enjoyable and clean. Captain Miki represents a historical comic that has contributed, as well as many others to spread the comic in Italy and still boasts a large group of passionate readers and collectors.

Captain Miki, the names, images and trademarks are copyright EsseGesse and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video by Capitan Miki

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