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The Monster Kid
Original title: Kaibutsu-kun
Carletto, Hiroshi, Wolf Man, Frank (Frankenstein), Count Dracula, Sis, Doctor No, Kaiko, The Fish Man
Author: Fujiko Fujio
Production: TBS, Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Shin'ei Doga
Regia: Hiroshi Fukutomi
Country: Japan
Year: 1980
Broadcast in Italy: 1983
Gender: Comic / Horror / Comedy
Episodes: 96
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Carletto, prince of monsters (original title Kaibatsu kun) is the humorous cartoon based on the manga comic by Fujiko Fujio (also authors of Doraemon), produced by Shinei Doga in 1980 and broadcast in Italy for the first time in 1983 on Italia 1. Consisting of two series (50 and 47 episodes) for a total of 104 episodes of 24 minutes each, Carletto is remembered above all for the nice theme song sung by Monsiciattoli. Carletto is also the protagonist of two animated films entitled: "The sword of the demon" and "Invitation to the land of monsters".

The series tells the story of little Carletto the prince of the Land of Monsters, of a distant planet called Monsterland, where all the monsters of the imagination are found. The king of Monsilandia has opened an embassy in Japan inside an old abandoned castle, therefore he has sent his son Carletto to earth, in the company of Count Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man, who are actually the caricatures of the monsters of the horror cinema, which have terrified several generations. Count Dracula does not suck people's blood, but is greedy for tomato juice, Frankentein, known as Frankie is the classic all brawn and no brain, endowed with superhuman strength, but also with a very sweet feeling is Carletto's butler, l 'Wolf Man called Wolf is instead a very skilled cook, who knows how to prepare excellent gastronomic specialties. Like the real Wolf Man, Wolf can transform with a full moon, taking on brown fur, but even if he is enchanted to look at other circles, in this case his fur turns gray. Carletto is also a monster, in fact he can stretch out of proportion, take on any appearance and, if necessary, display an impressive strength. In Japan he meets Hiroshi, a child who lives near the embassy of Monsilandia, with whom he will establish a beautiful friendship and will be catapulted into the middle of the adventures that will see Carletto struggling with evil monsters. In each episode we find a monster that haunts some human being, in particular Hiroshi, terrifying him, such as the Mummy, the flying octopus, the invisible man, the dinosaurs, the mosquito man and many others. Carletto, as prince of monsters, will have the task of making him understand that evil always leads on a bad road, so once they become aware of their mistakes, monsters will be able to make friends with men, who in turn will learn to don't be afraid of them anymore. During his adventures Carletto flies aboard a broom, while Frankie and Wolf on a flying carpet.

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Episode titles Carletto, prince of monsters
01. Let's become friends
02. Carletto changes house
03. A dangerous kidnapping
04. Research in monology
05. A matter of style
06. A cat looking for ears
07. Monstrous music
08. A united family
09. A fan of wind
10. The sleepy monster
11. The flying octopus
12. The three little angels
13. the count's cloak
14. Beware of water
15. The wax museum
16. A sardine of three quintals
17. The monsters go to work
18. A crowded lake
19. The puppy
20. A rigged car
21. Monsters have hearts
22. The sad wolf
23. Doctor No and Doctor Yes
24. Uncle Frank
25. A plastic operation
26. The snow monster
27. A new year out of the ordinary
28. The pupil surpasses the teacher
29. A horse, a genius and a carpet
30. The three wishes
31. A monstrous mind
32. All tastes are tastes
33. Joe of June
34. The power of wickedness
35. The head hunter
36. The cactus came from afar
37. Beware of the dog
38. The importance of being Hiroshi
39. The invisible man
40. The genius of sand
41. The mummy
42. Yawn
43. Mr. shadow
44. Moscow
45. Dinosaur stuff
46. ​​The day of the trees
47. At magic school
48. A diabolical plan
49. The portrait
50. Underground adventures
51. Carletto's girlfriend
52. The sickness of Africa
32. The dollhouse
54. The great cook
55. The prince of mummies
56. The flying saucer
57. Challenge the monsters
58. The kidnapped cat
59. The magic bubbles
60. Maniwa and the devil
61. The count against the mosquito man
62. The energy monster
63. The army of monsters
64. The shell man
65. Polaris
66. Olympics
67. Famedoro
68. Famedoro goes to town
69. the hat of satan
70. Adventure at the bottom of the sea
71. The old man and the smoke
72. The meeting of the monsters
73. Mold
74. A strange castle
75. The hunter
76. Monsters on the Prairie
77. Siamese brothers
78. The carnivorous rose
79. The piran boys
80. The paladin of birds
81. A trip to the sea
82. The invasion of green beans
83. The lucky charm
84. King penguin in search of the cold
85. An opportunity not to be missed
86. Barney the pea
87. Carletto hairy
88. On the set
89. Monsters in search of an author
90. The seven samurai dwarfs
91. the living sculptures
92. Adventure in the forest of monsters
93. Beware of women
94. The boy in the mask
95. I dream or am awake
96. A successful skeleton
97. The fantastic Dr. Quack
98. A trip to the spa
99. The moles
100. The magic mirror
101. The Snowman
102. A mischievous lightning
103. Jokers
104. Back in the family
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The initials of Carletto "What fear makes me"


Carletto, prince of monsters is copyright Tokyo Movie Shinsha / Shinei Doga. All rights reserved.

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