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Sylvester cat

Original title: Sylvester J. Pussycat Sr
Sylvester, Tweety, Grandmother, Hector, Sylvester, Looney Tunes
Authors: Robert McKimson, Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng
Warner Bros
Year: 24 March 1945
Gender: Comedian
Duration: 8 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

One of the main and most famous characters of the Looney Tunes is without doubt Sylvester cat (Sylvester in the American original). It was conceived by the Warner Brows group of American designers (as well as other Looney Tunes characters) consisting of Robert McKimpson, Charles Jones and Friz Freleng. It is an always hungry black cat who continually tries to capture the canary Titty (or Tweety in the American original), locked inside a cage for birds, or fluttering around the house, but protected by a granny always ready to take. the poor man with an umbrella Sylvester cat whenever this threatens the bird's safety. Needless to say, Sylvester, no matter how often he comes close to it, never manages to catch and eat Titty, partly because of his bad luck, partly because of his awkwardness, but mostly because Titty is only apparently naive, in reality and very much. smart and ingenious. When Titty notices the presence of Sylvester cat in the neighborhood, perhaps disguised as a lamp or some other object, he says with his classic fluffy r "Oh, oh, I thought I saw her a cat!". In addition to the granny to Titty's rescue, Ettore also arrives, a stocky and muscular Bulldog, albeit with a very low IQ, who trims the unfortunate Sylvester Cat with loud waving.

The quartet of characters consisting of Sylvester, Titty, the grandmother and Ettore often finds itself in various parts of the world as the eccentric and adventurous grandmother likes to travel.



Famous is the cartoon set in Venice where Titty sings "The silver rod shines on evil ...", while the poor man Silvestro punctually ends up in the water of the lagoon (when it suits him). Granny is also a skilled detective and Sylvester eagerly awaits her moments of distraction to get her clutches on the canary, even though she always has to deal with Ettore. The plan of Gatto Silvestro, who knows the mental limits of the dog is always to try to immobilize, distract or make the bulldog Ettore go away, in order to get the green light with Titty, on the other hand Ettore is always wary of Sylvester cat and between the two there is always a close battle. Everyone wonders why Sylvester Cat, with all the cat food he could eat, always persists in chasing Titty. This happens because, the big cat still retains its innate instincts as a predator, to this is added also its stubbornness and its pride in going to look for prey almost impossible to reach. The central idea of ​​Gatto Silvestro is mainly due to Friz Freleng, who, inspired by his own paranoid house cat and frustrated by home life, tried to create a troublemaker character similar to a clown and this is evident from the red and round nose , with long tufts on the sides of the face and his classic "spittle" speech, which make Sylvester a sort of clown.

One of the most famous cartoons of Sylvester cat e titty it is "La Torta di Titi" where they make their first trip together (here Silvestro has been called "Thomas"), thanks to which Friz Freleng has managed to win numerous prizes. Also worth remembering is "A bird in a cage" in which Sylvester chases in a supermarket and "Room and a bird" in which Sylvester chases Titty through a hotel that does not even allow pets. But the adventures of Sylvester cat they not only take place with Titty, but also with other Looney Tunes characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Duffy Duck and especially Speedy Gonzales, whom the poor black cat tries in vain to capture. Gatto Silvestro will meet Speedy Gonzales in the cartoons "The Road to Andalay", "Dance of the Mexican Cat" and "Cats and Bruises" where he tries to catch the fastest mouse in Mexico on the occasion of the May 5th party. In another cartoon, the granny enlists Daffy Duck and Sylvester to chase away a mouse that is prowling around the house, unfortunately for the two the mouse in question is Speedy Gonzales, who will cause them to have a bad nervous breakdown. In some cartoons, Silvestro cat was accompanied by his son Silvestrino and the two gave rise to some really funny gags, in fact Silvestrino, a brave and unconscious kitten always gets into trouble sure of the protection of his father Silvestro who is instead a huge coward.

Sylvester and Titty

Sylvester cat A boxing expert baby kangaroo also appeared in the series, who Sylvester cat mistake it for a giant mouse, remedying disastrous blows. But in our opinion, one of the funniest cartoons is the one in which Silvestro takes refuge in the garden of a house to free himself from the dogs that chased him. Here he is found and "looked after" by a little girl who wants him as a playmate. The unfortunate Sylvester will be forced to eat the mud cakes prepared by the girl, will be washed and spun in the washing machine, will be ironed and subjected to other attentions. It will end up that in order to escape the "care" of the little girl, Silvestro will prefer to return to being chased by stray dogs. In Italy Gatto Silvestro became famous also thanks to the commercials of Carosello, which in the 60s and 70s saw him as testimonial together with Titty from DeRica, the cartoons was designed and animated by Carlo Peroni and when Titi landed on the product packaging Silvestro concluded with the famous phrase "Oh no, you can't on DeRica!". Years later, the cartoons the adventures of the cat Sylvester continue to amuse several generations of children and adults, making him rightfully one of the main cartoon characters of all time.

THE MYSTERIES OF SILVESTRO AND TITTI a truly original comedy-thriller. From distant Tokyo to green Ireland, Silvestro and his inseparable opponent, Tweety, will chase each other in hilarious and "yellow" adventures around the world. The improbable investigator Grandma Granny and her well-placed bulldog of few words, Ettore, will support Tweety and Sylvester in solving the many mysteries that will accompany our heroes in the whirlwind of crazy chases.

Gatto Silvestro all names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright © Warner Brows and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


Video by Gatto Silvestro

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