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"KUNG FU CHICKENS - Chop Socky Chooks"
On Cartoon Network from Monday to Friday h. 7.40, 15.55 and 20.15
Saturday and Sunday h. 8.55, 18.40 and 19.55

Original title: Chop Socky Chooks
Chick P, KO Joe, Chuckie Chan, Dr. Wasabi, Bubba, Ninja Monkeys, Omnioni, Kobi / Kobura, Oni / Deadeye, Professor Shericon, Citizens of the Wasabi World, Cabbage Woman and
Author: Sergio delfino
Production: Aardman Animations, DHX Media
Country: United Kingdom, Canada
Year: 8 September 2008
Broadcast in Italy: November 3, 2008
Gender: Action, Adventure
Episodes: 26
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Welcome to the world of CHOP SOCKY CHOOKS,
a world where three kung ku-expert chickens come together to fight
villain Dr. Wasabi, a mutant fish determined to dominate the universe!

Unpublished in Italy, the awaited co-production by Aardman Animations (winner of 4 Oscars, known for the feature films Hens on the Run and Wallace & Gromit), Cartoon Network Studios Europa and Decode Entertainment will be broadcast exclusively on Cartoon Network, SKY channel 606, starting from November 3rd.

In the POLLI KUNG FU series the coolest team you have ever seen will be in action, the CHOP SOCKY CHOOCKS, in an explosive mix of great 3D animation, compelling stories for everyone, martial arts to go, fun and pop beats. The first season broadcast by Cartoon Network consists of 26 episodes of 22 'each. Author and director, Sergio Delfino.

Even on the fun will be with Kung Fu shots. A MINISITE full of news about the show, emoticons for Instant Messenger, unpublished games and many exclusive videos will be dedicated to the new series. Furthermore, until the end of November, the COMPETITION which offers 10 weekends with multidisciplinary Kung Fu stages and many other prizes.

Chukie Chan, Kappa-O Joe and Chick P are the three mysterious Chop Socky Chooks, three brave kung fu experts who live and work in the Wasabi World, a Las Vegas-style shopping mall with the mood of a chaotic Hong Kong.

The kung fu chickens use a perfect combination of martial arts, espionage skills and witty intelligence to defend the citizens of the Wasabi World from the megalomaniacal plans of its owner, Dr. Wasabi, a mutant fish that directs the empire of evil within of its gigantic and ultra-technological glass bowl, on the top floor of the shopping center.

In each episode, Chukie Chan, Kappa-O Joe and Chick P thwart the plots of Dr. Wasabi, who is determined to expand his estate and take control of the universe. The three often face the enemy directly, but also fight against his henchmen, including bodyguard Bubba, a large albino gorilla with little brain, the gang of dangerous Ninja Chimpanzees and Cyber ​​Samurai.

The three hide their true identity as action heroes in the guise of ordinary law-abiding citizens but, when the time comes, they don't hesitate to restore justice with kung fu blows. By passing through the mall's ventilation ducts, our daredevil friends are able to appear anywhere at the right time, just when they are needed!

Always calm and focused, Chuckie Chan is a wise master who follows the path of kung fu truth in search of enlightenment. His knowledge of martial arts is great. The idealistic attitude towards life is expressed through bizarre proverbs that require some interpretation.

With the unmistakable afro-hippy crest, Kappa-O Joe practices shotokan, a martial art based on speed and strength. In everyday life, Kappa-O Joe owns a comic shop.

The only (and fundamental) female component of the Chop Socky Chooks is Chick P who possesses a witty spirit and great technical skills refined thanks to the use of wing chung, a combat invented by a Shaolin nun. Equipped with small gadgets (from fans to Chinese sticks), she will be able to bring any situation to her advantage. The work of Chick P, the center's maintenance engineer, gives her access to the most hidden corners of the Wasabi World.

Chop-socky is the American colloquial term used to define the films of the 60s and 70s on martial arts and originating in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Coined by Variety Magazine, the term plays on assonance with chop suey (Chinese for mixed pieces), combining the English chop used to indicate a move in karate (karate chop) and socky, intended as punch.
Chooks, on the other hand, is colloquially used and means chicken.

THE QUOTES: The series borrows atmospheres and citations of the most interesting cinematographic products of recent years, from Truman Show to John Carpenter's urban films, from James Bond films to those of Jackie Chan (obviously quoted very often).

THE ANIMATION TECHNIQUE: The cartoon combines traditional and 3D animation. The characters, in fact, were entirely made in computer graphics (CGI), while the settings of the shopping center are the result of a skilful mix between 2D and 3D. This allows you to recreate, in a realistic way, the chaotic and smoky metropolitan atmospheres, perfectly rendering the effect of an overpopulated and frenetic city. The contrast between typically urban landscapes, with foggy and subtle silhouettes, and the decisive and realistic graphics of the characters, allows the viewer to concentrate completely on the action, the great protagonist of the series (together with the humor of the dialogues).

THE CONTRADICTIONS THAT CHARACTERIZE THE SERIES: The show brings to the screen some contradictions that are particularly distinctive and that become the springboard for the comedy side of the cartoon. In fact, they live together the contemporary and real world of the shopping center with the characters and situations born from the imagination and creativity of cartoonists; tradition, represented by kung fu, with today's modernity; the courage and strength of the expert kung fu team with their being chickens, actually notoriously cowards.

The Cobra Strikes:
"The path of enlightenment can be very cold. So better bring a sweater!"
Big Bad Bubba:
KO JOE: "How do you get ideas like that when you've just been crushed by a giant gorilla?" CHUCKIE: "The wise man thinks better under pressure."
Game Over Chooks:
"Even the gnat is likely to be bitten if it wants to sleep on the tiger's tongue"
Double Trouble:
"He who quarrels with himself can say that he has found a worthy opponent."
Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Breath:
"The man who blows guns ends up with holes in his sandals."

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Alias: Sensei Chan, eccentric owner of the dojo.

Raised in a monastery where he learned martial arts, as a chick Chuckie Chan had no contact with the city. For this reason, having arrived in the Wasabi World, he found himself in great difficulty, so much so that he was immediately fired from his first job at Burger Kong. Later, he found his way when he opened a dojo and began to pass on his knowledge to the numerous students, who do not suspect that one of the members of the Chop Socky Choocks is hiding behind their teacher. However, he continues to have problems with modern society: it is certainly easier for him to explain the mysteries of the Universe than to program the video recorder.

Fighting style: Wu Shu, a traditional and elegant martial art.
Strengths: Pao Kung, a mystical strength, and the ability to "see without seeing".
Weaknesses: little familiarity with modernity and thinking too much before acting.

Alias: JJ, hip-manager of the "Super J Comics" shop.

He is well recognizable by his huge afro. Behind the imposing body, however, there is a tender heart: he feels great tenderness towards the weakest, such as children and animals. Orphaned as a child, Kappa-O Joe lived with his grandfather and had to grow up fast to survive in the dangerous streets of the Wasabi World. No one knows better than him the daily problems of the society created by Dr. Wasabi. In everyday life he runs a comic shop, right next to Chuckie's dojo.

Fighting style: Shotokan, a mix of martial arts based
on speed and power.
Strengths: Fighting spirit and pure physical strength.
Weaknesses: Impetuous nature.

Alias: CP or Ms Pao, pragmatic mall maintenance engineer.

She is the only female element of the group, but this does not mean that she should be underestimated: whoever provokes her must deal with her explosive anger. In addition to the desire to avenge the abuses, Chick P also has personal reasons in choosing to fight Doctor Wasabi together with the Chop Socky Choocks. When she was little, in fact, her family was evicted from the house in which she lived and had to settle in a modest rented apartment, precisely because of the tyrant. Thanks to his work as a maintenance engineer of the Wasabi World, he is able to know the technical organization from the inside.

Fighting style: Wing Chung, a fighting style originally conceived by Shaolin Nun.
Strengths: Technological skills and IT knowledge.
Weaknesses: Explosive temperament

To compensate for his sense of inferiority (after all, he's simply a pet fish), Dr. Wasabi must devise megalomaniacal plans to take over the world. To do so, he has equipped himself with powerful ultra-technological gadgets to make the best James Bond pale. After all, he too did not have a happy past: when he lived with humans, he was thrown down the toilet for trying to take control of the house. Being essentially a coward, he prefers to entrust the dirty work to his underlings, such as the ninja chimpanzees and his bodyguard Bubba.

An albino gorilla weighing nearly 300 pounds, Bubba is strong but not particularly intelligent, apart from some surprising flashes of clarity. For example, he is the only one who suspects that the leader of the Chop Socky Choocks is behind Sensei Chan, but his theory is always ridiculed by his boss. In addition to loving small animals, she has a soft spot for Chick P, who uses her charm to sneak into forbidden areas of the mall.

When Dr. Wasabi needs a job well done, he turns to them. Always dressed in black, they are normally led by Bubba and emerge from the shadows to complete their task. Their fighting skills make them fearsome opponents, also because they never seem to be short of components. Among themselves, they speak with a very narrow and almost incomprehensible accent.

THE WASABI WORLD - to be considered among the characters of the show
The action takes place inside the Wasabi World shopping center, where an endless series of buildings and shops offer citizens the opportunity to satisfy all their needs (obviously at exorbitant prices). The place is a veritable labyrinth of intricate paths and secret passages, and probably nobody knows how many levels it winds along. The World of Wasabi represents a microcosm of the entire planet: there is therefore no need to go beyond its borders to discover new realities and forms of life. The atmosphere is similar to that of an amusement park, with huge billboards and neon lights. The huge metropolitan area is bordered on its borders by a layer of smog, which hides the desert that surrounds it.

Founded in 1972 and currently directed by Peter Lord and David Sproxton, Aardman Animation Studios are located in Bristol and are today leaders in the creation and creation of animated products: from films to TV series, from commercials to web content, both for the English and international markets.
The Studios have won more than 400 international awards, including 4 Oscars.
Aardman productions are stories that aim to entertain kids, and not only them, with characters characterized in a brilliant way by a team of cartoonists who are experts in the sector.

Cartoon Network Development Studios in London were born in 2007 for the development of new animation projects for European talents.
Strengthened by the decades of experience of the American Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank California, the European Studios, in addition to creating new original series for the channel, continue to co-produce cartoons such as The Fantastic 4 (together with Marvel), the television hit Robot boy ( with Alphanim) and the brand new Chop Socky Chooks (made in 2007 with Aardman Animations and Decode Entertainment).

Sergio Delfino graduated in Graphic Design from the University of Bristol in 1990 with a major in illustration and followed a postgraduate course in animation.
In 1996, Delfino joined Aardman as a model maker and assistant animator for Wallace and Gromitt: A close shave and went on to work for the Company as a stop-frame animator for various commercials. Having become the main animator in 1997 with Galline in Fuga, he also worked for Tortoise and The Hare. In 2001, Delfino joined Aardman's Computer Graphics division as an animator.
Since then he has animated and directed commercial commercials in computer graphics and has collaborated in the training of the animators of Creature Comforts. At the same time, he created and developed the Chop Socky Chooks TV series for Cartoon Network.

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