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cleveland show
cleveland show
Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Richard Appel, 20th Century FOX
Original title: The Cleveland Show
Cleveland Brown, Donna Tubbs, Cleveland Brown Jr., Roberta Tubbs, Rallo Tubbs, Bear Family, Krinklesac Family, Rickter Family
Authors: Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Richard Appel
Production: 20th Century Fox, Fuzzy Door Productions, Film Roman Productions
Regia: Seth MacFarlane
Country: United States
: 2009
Broadcast in Italy: 2010
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 88
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

The Cleveland Show landed on Italia 1 (from Monday to Friday at 13.40pm from May 19th 2013)!
The animated sitcom, created in 2009 by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry and Richard Appel, is one spin off de The Griffins (Family Guy, 1999). The references to the mother series are many and in some episodes we witness the incursions of Peter, Lois or Chris Griffin (in episode 17 of the first series, for example, Cleveland's ex-wife, Loretta, dies because of Peter). Rallo Tubbs, Cleveland's stepson, appears to be a sort of alter ego of Stewie (`` The Black Stewie '', as he is called). Concluded in the States on May 19, 2013 (after 4 seasons from 22/23 episodes each), The Cleveland Show presents a comedy, with softer tones than the Griffins, which springs from the surreal situation of a modern family and from the absurd characters that gravitate around them (first of all Tim, Arianna and Reymond l�Orso: a real one bear family, neighbors of the protagonists' houses), as well as by the continuous references to the American contemporaneity (there are countless quotes from Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City ...)

Cleveland brown
Cleveland Brown Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Richard Appel, 20th Century FOX

The series begins with the episode Return home . Cleveland Brown, already a secondary character of Family Guy, after divorcing his wife Loretta, decides to move to California with his son Cleveland Jr., a fourteen-year-old overweight and with low self-esteem. During the journey, they stop at the home of Tubbs woman, his old high school flame, to whom he had sworn eternal love. She too is divorced from her husband Robert and is the mother of two children. At the sight of her, Cleveland feels the fire of adolescent love burning again and, making acquaintance with family and neighborhood, thinks about a possible life with her. At the end of the first episode, Cleveland and Donna get married.
This creates an improbable extended family, made up of adults and three children. In addition to Cleveland Jr., who also appeared in Family Guy in a different guise, there are Roberta Tubbs, a teenager who loves to appear and Rallo Tubbs, a 5-year-old boy, more mature than his age, often in conflict with Cleveland. Enemy-friend of son and stepchildren, in the course of the episodes, Cleveland finds work as installer of TV systems (fourth episode), the siblings clash and require the attention of their parents, they hate each other and make peace, in a continuous alternation of feelings supported by ironic MacFarlane-style gags. In episode number 12 `` War between gangs '', for example, Cleveland wants to lead a bunch of thugs into Junior's school on the right path. Founded the Crazy Eight club, the bullies are committed to making and selling homemade cookies, with the help of Cleveland and son. The proceeds are skyrocketing and another gang steals their goods and money. The Crazy Eight then confess that they have never sold cookies, but heroin and cocaine. Having discovered everything, Cleveland steals drugs from the boys, but the latter, to get it back, kidnap Junior. Cleveland, who has disposed of the goods, goes to the boys to save his son, but in turn becomes the target of the bullies. Fortunately, his brother Broderick comes to the rescue, just returned from Afghanistan with 100 kg of cocaine.
The first series ends with the discovery by Cleveland Jr. that he is the only heir on his mother Loretta's will and with the second marriage of Cleveland's parents, LaVar and Cookie.

cleveland show
Cleveland Show Seth MacFarlane, Mike Henry, Richard Appel, 20th Century FOX

Like Family Guy and American Dad !, The Cleveland Show is also a concentrate of American culture in style pop. Unlike the two previous series (more anomalous family, unlikely but paradoxically realistic that of The Family Guy; more irreverent political tones those of American Dad), the style of The Cleveland Show appears more Environment, going back in time, to black comedies of the 70s. The crude comedy typical of MacFarlane is only hinted at here. The same Cleveland character, already not particularly strong in Family Guy, is less marked temperamentally than Peter Griffin. He is a man to be discovered slowly, who wants to show the world his value, anonymous but familiar at the same time.

by Gianluigi Piludu

Cleveland Show all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Seth MacFarlene, Mike Henry, Richard Appel, 20th Century Fox Television and those entitled, are used here for information and disclosure purposes.

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