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Coconut Bill

Original title: Coconut Bill
Cocco Bill, Trottalemme horse, Bunz Barabarunz, Kuknass Brothers, Osusanna Ailoviù
Author: Benito Jacovitti

Publishers: Children's Day
: Italy
: 28 March 1957
Gender: Western Comic / Comic
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Coconut BillCoconut Bill was founded in 1957 by one of the most brilliant Italian comic artists of the 900th century: Benito Jacovitti. Jacovitti, former creator of the successful series of Pippo, Pertica and Palla, was commissioned by the Milanese newspaper "II Giorno", to invent a character intended for an audience of children, to be included in the color supplement "Il Giorno dei Ragazzi ". Taking a cue from the western genre that was very popular in those years, thanks to the legendary films of John Ford, Jacovitti decided to design a cowboy gunslinger, in his own way. Thus it was that Cocco Bill saw the light, an archetype of the so-called "spaghetti-western", that is, an Italian western that in those years had a foot in our country, just think of Sergio Leone's films, the many comics such as Tex or Blek Macigno or the films of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. QA few years later Cocco Bill was published in the legendary "Corriere dei Piccoli" and then moved on to other newspapers such as Linus and Comix and then found a new permanent home at "Il Giornalino", of the San Paolo editions, on whose pages it is still published today.

Cocco Bill is a formidable gunslinger and in juggling the two guns he manages to do truly amazing things. Contrary to the classic cowboys who drink whiskey, Cocco Bill is a great guzzler of ... chamomile! Punctually, when he enters some saloon and orders a cup of that drink, there is always a cowboy on duty who laughs out loud and teases him, but the unfortunate does not know what awaits him and soon he will end up being slapped or punched. by Cocco Bill. Cocco Bill's inseparable steed is Trottalemme, a very nice white horse who thinks and reasons like a human being. Instead of the classic rope tied to the saddle, he has a drawing square and we often find him smoking a few cigarettes. But we know that where there is a hero there is also a woman to be saved and in the case of the adventures of Cocco Bill, the girl on duty is called Osusanna Ailoviù who is always saved from the clutches of some group of bandits. Miss Osusanna is in love with Cocco Bill, but unfortunately our hero at the wedding, prefers to continue galloping the green prairies with his Trottalemme. As in all the stories of the magical Jacobite world, even in the drawings of Cocco Bill we find salami, fish bones (did you know that this is Jacovitti's pseudonym?), Pencils sticking out of the ground, vermicelli with a lot of hat, fingers , bees or strange insects, which help to give a humorous edge to the character. Despite all the Far West of Cocco Bill respects all the canons of the classic frontier tales: we find the Indians, generally great funny guys, like the Ciriuacchi, who speak a strange half Indian and half Neapolitan dialector like the Barefoot Feet, which are such because, the bad guy on duty stole his moccasins. Then there are the inevitable bandits who punctually end up dead, among these we remember Bunz Barabunz, the evil mayor of Chattanuga Chu Chu and the Kuknass Brothers, seven gunslingers each dressed in a different color. There is no shortage of American soldiers and Southerners who speak our southern dialect or the classic assaults on stagecoaches or herds of oxen and bison.

But now we can enjoy the adventures of Cocco Bill also in cartoon, in fact his cartoons are broadcast on RAI DUE within the GO Cart transmission.It is about fifty episodes made by the cartoonist Pierluigi de Mas, former directoradvertising carousels, by Cocco Bill for the advertisement of Eldorado ice creams.Cocco Bill also appeared in the now legendary SuperGulp television show "Comics on TV .

Among the other successful characters created by Jacovitti we also remember Tom Ficcanaso, Zorro Kid, Baby Tarallo, Gionni Galassia, Martin Padella, the Spaccabue family.

All names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright © Jacovitti, and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video by Cocco Bill

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