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Cow and Chicken
Cow and Chicken

Original title: cow and chicken
David Feiss
Cow, Chicken, Red, Flem and Earl, Mom and Dad, Sow, Spineless Chicken, Snail, Black Sheep
Production: cartoon network
Regia john mcintyre
Country: United States
Year: 15 July 1997
Broadcast in Italy: 2000
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 52
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Pollo, an 11-year-old male chicken, constantly tries to excel over everyone, both over his sister Cow and his schoolmates, Flem and Earl. His combative temper often leads him into trouble, luckily on these occasions his little sister "Supermucca" always manages to solve situations. As often happens between siblings, the two nurture a sincere affection for each other, despite their quarrels and their misadventures in a world populated by humans. Cow loves her brother, but she just can't understand why he tries to get her away from school. Pollo certainly loves his sister, but he thinks he has to be tough when his friends are around ... which is very difficult when he is suffocated by Cow's "heavy" hugs.

· The inspiration for the Cow and Chicken series came from a story that David Feiss had invented to put his daughter to sleep.
Cow is big and strong and has a huge heart, a strong sense of ethics and the ability to be amazed (by anything) typical of children. She is 7 years old, weighs about 230 kg and is 1.80 m tall.
Pollo is a small, bony bird with a domineering and self-centered personality. He is 11 years old, weighs less than 2 kg and is about 30 cm tall.
· Cow's alter ego is "Supermucca", a real superhero complete with a cape.
Cow would always like to dress Chicken in doll clothes.
· Pollo is a miniature rebel who likes to use "grown-up words" without even knowing the meaning.

POLLO is a typical 11 year old boy. He is constantly in search of the "limit" with the typical enthusiasm of adolescence, trying to prove himself to be tough. He does not like being called "chicken" and so accepts all the courageous challenges that his friends throw at him. His character, combined with the disadvantages of being a chicken, means that Pollo often finds himself in very serious trouble. When he really doesn't know how to get by, he is forced to leave his pride aside and ask his sister Cow for help and protection.

COW is 7 years old and all the innocence of a little girl, despite her already adult body. He adores his brother Pollo and loves being by his side in his unlikely adventures. She is deeply selfless when it comes to helping the family, for example filling the carton with her milk every time it runs out. Cow has a strong and courageous spirit which manifests itself in its alter ego "Supermucca", a fearless bovine who saves Pollo when the unwary gets into trouble.

Cow and Chicken


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