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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop - Spike

Original title: Kauboi Bibappu
Spike Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed, Ein, Mao Yenrai, Vicious, Julia, Lin, Shin, Punch and Judy, The Three Elderly, Laughing Bull, Bob, Ani
Author: Hajime Yatate
Production: Sunrise
Regia: Shin'ichiro Watanabe
Country: Japan
Year: April 3 1998
Broadcast in Italy: October 21th 1999
Gender: Science fiction / detective
Episodes: 26 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Cowboy Bebop is certainly one of the most beautiful animated series that have been made by very good Japanese animators. The anime conceived by Shinichiro Watanabe consists of 26 self-closing episodes lasting 25 minutes each, which were made by Sunrise animation in 1998. Of note is the beautiful soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, which varies from jazz Bebop to blues and embellishes every dynamic and adventurous scene. Currently it is broadcast on MTV from Monday to Friday at 19,30pm

The main character is Spike Spiegel, a young bounty hunter, in a future where Grounders have moved to space bases. The next criminal to catch is a certain Asimov Solensen on which hangs a bounty of 2.500.000 Woolon. It is part of the organization that controls the northern sector of the asteroid. Spike and his colleague Jet Black (equipped with a bionic arm), they live in space aboard a space plane called Bebop, which travels through ghostly called galactic highways GATE, where the spacecraft can reach very long distances in a short time and where there is a toll for stopovers at space airports. There was a clash between mafia for drug control and Asimov took the opportunity to kill one of his men and flee by taking refuge from Katalina, a woman from Tyuana. Jet - Cowboy BebopPur being a science fiction world, with sophisticated cities and super-tech aircraft, most of the city population is forced into strenuous jobs such as mining, so their lifestyle is similar to the cowboys of the old west, where there are people they spend their meager savings playing poker in saloons and drinking alcohol. There is also no shortage of Indian shamans who predict the future. Asimov enters with Katalina, his beautiful girlfriend in one of these saloons and tries to sell some bloody eye to the barman. The bloody eye is a particular drug that sprayed in the eyes, dilates the pupils and alters the visual and sensorial perception of reality, multiplying the reflexes to the nth degree. Meanwhile, the mafiosi who followed Asimov enter the room for their showdown, killing people with their machine guns. Thanks to the use of this drug, Asimov manages to eliminate the criminals and escape with his girlfriend. Meanwhile Spike lands with his Bebop on that place and meets Katalina, while jealous, grabbing him by the neck leaves him unconscious on the ground. The two try to escape to Mars, the technologically advanced planet where the rich live who lead a comfortable and trouble-free life, but first they will have to get the money by selling the deadly bloody eye. Spike, disguised as a Mexican, with a poncho and sombrero, passes himself off as a bloody eye buyer and forces Asimov out of the closet. Then there is a clash between the two, (underlined by a captivating swing soundtrack) where despite the criminal's excellent quick reflexes, Spike shows off a superfine fighting technique, which is based above all on kicks and punches. At that moment the mobsters arrive and the shooting begins, but Asimov and his girlfriend manage to escape by heading to Mars, aboard their space plane. Pursued by Spike aboard his Bebop and by the police, the two will have no escape and in order not to end up in the hands of the law, Katalina first kills her husband (now out of her mind due to the effect of drugs), then gets riddled with shots from police bullets.

Faye ValentineIn the second episode Spike and Jet will get to know the Ein dog, who will become their inseparable mascot. Spike manages to snatch him from a famous animal thief Abdul Hakim skilled in disguises, on which hangs a size of 8.000.000 Woolon. The dog has an invaluable value as it deals with a Data Dog on which scientific experiments have been made, which have made him acquire an extraordinary intelligence.
Spike and Jet, despite their work, always find themselves with little money in their pockets (and a great hunger) and when they have no work they resort to gambling, in an attempt to recover some woolon, but luck is certainly not their best virtue. and Spike sees his few savings vanish, at the casino game table, where he meets Faye Valentine, a beautiful girl who works at the black Jack game table. Faye Valentine was commissioned by Gordon, the owner of the restaurant, to retrieve a chip, which contains a precious microchip inside. Faye Valentine thinks that Spike is the one who owns the chip, so she has the club guards chase him. Luckily Jet manages to free him and the two, after managing to escape, capture Faye Valentine, to ask her for an explanation. On board the Bebop, the two discover that Faye Valentine has a 6.000.000 Woolon bounty, so they try to deliver it to the police, but Gordon's plane arrives and proposes to get back the chip for Wollon's 30.000.000. During this negotiation Faye Valentine, thanks to her technological bracelets, will be able to recall her Redtail plane and escape with the microchip money in her pocket, demonstrating all her skill against Spike and Jet who remain with an inch of nose. Soon in the course of the other adventures Faye Valentine hunted by criminals, will join Spike and Jet aboard the Bebop and with them will be the protagonist of exciting adventures. The group will also be joined by Ed, a 13-year-old girl, hacker and computer pirate, who will be able to solve all the problems related to the coding of computer data.
Spike's enemy number 1 also appears within the series. It is Vicious, a former friend of his, belonging to the Red Dragons, who wants to kill Spike because he is guilty of having betrayed their gang, but perhaps at the base there are disagreements due to a woman called Julia, who both loved. Vicious eliminates the leader of the Red Dragons, Mao Yenrai whom Faye Valentine chases to get the bounty. However, she is kidnapped by Vicious and Spike comes to his aid. During a firefight with Vicious, Spike is injured and falling into the void, he will remain in a state of coma for several days. Here he will have visions that will bring him back to the past and some points will be clarified on the mysterious figure of the character of Spike.

Cowboy Bebop is copyright © Sunrise and of the right holders, the names and images are used here for informative and informative purposes.

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Episode titles
01.Asteroid Belt Blues
02.Stray Dog Strut
03.Honky Tonk Women
04.Gateway Shuffle
05.Ballad Of The Fallen Angels
06. Sympathy For The Devil
07.Heavy Metal Queen
08. Venus Waltz
09. Jamming With Edward
10. Ganymede Elegy
11.Toys In The Attic
12.Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)
13.Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)
14.Bohemian Rhapsody
15.My Funny Valentine
16.Black Dog Serenade
17. Mushroom Samba
18. Speak Like A Child
19. Wild Horses
20. Pierrot La Fou
21. Boogie Woogie Feng-Shui
22. Cowboy Funk
23.Brain Scratch
24. Hard Luck Women
25.The Real Folk Blues (Part 1)
26.The Real Folk Blues (Part 2)
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Cowboy Bebop videoCowboy Bebop video

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