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Original title: Diabolik
Diabolik, Eva Kant, Ginko, Gustavo Garian, King, Elizabeth "Tina" Gay
Author: Angela and Luciana Giussani

Publishers: Astorina
: Italy
: 1962 mm
Gender: Noir comic
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Diabolik was born in 1962 from an idea of ​​the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani and soon became a "cult" comic of the 60s, so much so as to inspire a film with Totò: "Totò diabolicus". The authors present Diabolik as "a man with an out-of-the-ordinary intelligence and audacity that knows no bounds". Diabolik he is a thief with a thousand disguises and a thousand tricks. Thanks to special plastic masks, Diabolik he manages to change the features of his face and body, so as to make him a kind of chameleon capable of camouflaging himself as he likes and escaping from his opponents even in very dangerous situations.

The profession of Diabolik it is that of the thief, therefore his activities are all aimed at the realization of ambitious criminal enterprises for the sole purpose of accumulating wealth. A bit like Batman (although he cannot be compared to this character in the least as he is more realistic), Diabolik uses the most modern electronic and medical devices and if to these we add audacity, cunning and an enviable acrobatic agility , a character comes out able to intrigue us with breathtaking plots and endless twists. He doesn't have the Bat-mobile, but he still moves with his fantastic car: an inseparable Jaguar E-type. Diabolik he can take the form of any person, he fights with his fists and dagger or with mechanical devices, but he never uses firearms. His companion in adventure is the beautiful Eva Kant, a lover of wealth and especially of jewels. Eva is not limited to a passive role in the adventures of Diabolik, but in many stories she becomes the protagonist, she too disguises herself in tights and like Diabolik, she resorts to a thousand disguises, thus becoming a skilled shoulder in all respects.

The # 1 opponent of Diabolik is Inspector Ginko of the Clerville homicide squad. In almost all adventures, the policeman manages to come close to defeating Diabolik, but in the end he is inexorably beaten. But Ginko is an anomalous "villain", in fact his morality and his good intentions give the stories that depth that ennobles the very figure of the main character, the protagonist at times of "not very clean" actions. As well as for Diabolik there is Eva, for Ginko there is Altea, Duchess of Vallemberg, his eternal girlfriend, beautiful and determined in many stories will give our protagonists a hard time. The Diabolik series has been going on for several years now and has always enjoyed considerable success, not only in Italy but also abroad, where Diabolik's stories are translated and sold. There are many designers who in all these years have carried on Diabolik's comics, among these we remember the first Enzo Facciolo and Gino Marchesi. In 1968 Diabolik was also the protagonist of a film directed by Mario Bava, and starring John Philip Law. But it is mainly thanks to the new cartoon series, that Diabolik managed to capture the attention of the new generations. Thanks to the episodes produced by Saban International, broadcast from 7 September 2000 to 28 January 2001, a new enthusiasm has been created around this figure. The cartoon series, having been created for a very young audience, has changed the characteristics of the characters. Indeed it is Diabolik that Eva are younger in appearance and do not work as thieves to get rich, but to steal money or jewels from other criminals. The Jaguar itself was replaced with a more technological car. The enemy is still Ginko, but other new adversaries have joined this.

The character of Diabolik, names, images and registered trademarks are Copyright © Angela and Luciana Giussani and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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