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Plush doctor

Plush doctor
ï ¿½ Disney Junior
Original title: Doc Mcstuffins
Dottie, Little dragon, White sheep, Hallie hippopotamus, Squeak the little fish, the snowman Nevino
Authors: Chris Nee
Production: Brown Bag Films, Disney Junior
Country: United States
Year: 23 March 2012
Broadcast in Italy: May 21, 2012
Gender: Didactic
Episodes: 52
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Disney Junior, the channel for children from 3 to 7 years old on its first birthday, presents the new animated series Dr. Peluche, broadcast on the preschool channel from the next 21 May 2012 from Monday to Friday at 19pm. Dr. Peluche features Dottie, a caring six-year-old girl who manages to talk to toys and cloth animals by taking care of them and medicating them where necessary.

Plush doctor
ï ¿½ Disney Junior

The characters and themes represented are easily related to small viewers and are designed to reassure children and facilitate their relationship with doctors. Many of the stories told help parents to deal with their children daily problems related to health, hygiene and medicine, in fact the animated series was created in collaboration with USC Annerberg Norman Lear Center and its experts who have contributed with the their important advice.

When Dottie uses her stethoscope, something magical happens, toys, dolls and soft toys come to life and she can communicate with them including the toys of her friends and other neighborhood children. Attending Dottie in her clinic are always her beloved plush friends: the proud Drake, the affectionate sheep Bianchina, Hallie, cheerful and caring nurse hippo, Squeak, alarmist fish with a ringing voice and the snowman Nevino who spends a lot of time in the clinic for her check-ups. Whether it's a loose seam, dead batteries, or a small crack, Dottie and her assistants are there to lend a hand by conveying to young viewers the importance of caring for themselves and others.

Plush doctor
ï ¿½ Disney Junior

Dott.ssa Peluche celebrates family values, which in the series is clearly represented through Dottie's mother, a doctor you can count on and to ask for confirmation of the diagnoses, the father, a chef who prepares delicious lunches for Dottie and her little brother of four years, Donny. Like all younger siblings, Donny looks at his sister with great admiration and although he is unaware of Dottie's ability to talk to toys, he knows that she is the best doctor around for stuffed animals and toys.

Music plays a leading role in Dr. Peluche, in fact each episode features an original song that summarizes the lesson that the protagonist and her friends learn that day, like washing your hands, putting on your pajamas, eating healthy and much more.


Plush doctor

ï ¿½ Disney Junior

All characters and images are copyright Disney Junior and rights holders. are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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