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Paperino lives in a small house with a garden in the city of Duckburg and arranges to do a thousand jobs from the fireman to the ice cream maker, from the snake charmer to the fishmonger, etc.. He travels in a red and blue "Cabriolet" style car with license plate 313, thanks to which he ventures into breathtaking situations and stories that excite and entertain readers. However, it was after the Second World War that other beautiful characters were added to the duck family, all splendidly characterized by Walt Disney. In 1947, thanks to the new and talented designer Carl Barks, Walt Disney gave life to many characters among which without a shadow of a doubt the very rich and very miserly excelled Scrooge McDuckuncle of Paperino: Uncle Scrooge, who in Italy was called Paperon de Paperoni (by Mario Gentilini, the director of Mickey mouse). It is a rich man who lives in a safe-shelter called "The Deposit" containing so much money that you have to count it with a completely exceptional unit of measurement: the zillion billion. All this money fills 90% of the deposit and Uncle Scrooge's favorite pastime (that's what he's called by Paperino and his grandchildren) is to dive into this sea of ​​gold coins, thanks to a diving board, but only he is able to dive in that way, in fact any other person would risk hitting his head and getting very hurt. During his "swims" he loves to repeat "I like to swim in money, like a whale fish, dig tunnels like a mole and throw it on my head like a shower!". Uncle Scrooge is terribly stingy and loves to accumulate money without spending a cent, neither for himself nor for Paperino and Qui, Quo, Qua, indeed he never misses an opportunity to exploit them and involve them in situations and adventures that should work in his favor, deluding them with the promise of obtaining lavish rewards once the mission is completed. Although they know very well that this will not happen and are enormously distrustful of their uncle's promises, Paperino and his grandchildren have a tender heart and are often catapulted into situations without even realizing it. Uncle Scrooge often loves to tell his nephews about his adventures in the Klondike, when he was still a poor gold digger and had to defend himself from thieves and swindlers of the worst kind. He loves all the coins in his deposit from the first to the last, as if they were his daughters whom he calls "blood of my blood", but the one he cares about the most is definitely "number one", that is, his first lucky coin. , thanks to which all the others came later. This coin is targeted by a witch who has identified its great magical power, it is Amelia the witch who amalia (Magica De Spell in the American original), a duck dressed in black, with long black hair that flies aboard a broom and possesses hypnotic powers. Uncle Scrooge, however, knows how to defend himself from these magical arts and often when he sees the witch fluttering over his deposit, he shoots her with an old arquebus that has been placed on the terrace. Uncle Scrooge has always been distinguished by a pair of favorites that frame his face and a pair of goggles over his beak, he always wears a frock coat, gaiters, top hat and walking stick. Thanks to Carl Barks, who in addition to the graphic creation of many characters, also wrote hilarious stories, several comic masterpieces have been created such as: "Paperino and the gorilla ", "Paperino and the mystery of the Incas", "Paperino and the time that was", "Uncle Scrooge and the Anathema Gem" etc...



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