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Dora the explorer

Original title: Dora the Explorer
Dora Marquez, Boots, Swiper, Backpack, Diego Marquez, Baby Jaguar, Map, Fiesta Trio, Isa the iguana, Tyco the squirrel, Benny the bull, Sabrina, Strega
Authors: Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh Valdes, Eric Weiner
Production: Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Regia: Katie McWane, Allan Jacobsen
Country: United States
Year: 14 August 2000
Broadcast in Italy: February 1, 2005
Gender: Educational / Adventure
Episodes: 172
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Dora the explorerThe cartoons of Dora the Explorer (original title Dora the Explorer) have been on air since June 5, 2006 on Italia 1 dal Monday to Friday at 8,20. The Dora the Explorer series is produced by Nick Jr. Productions and consists of 74 episodes lasting 25 minutes each.

Dora is a nice 7-year-old girl, sweet and curious about the world around her. During the various highly didactic episodes, Dora and Boots, a little monkey with red boots, will entertain children, with games, songs and surprises that will lead them to discover the magic of words, mathematics, music and science. During their adventurous journey, they will have to overcome numerous obstacles, with the help of Dora's precious magical backpack and an animated map. The program is interactive and young viewers will be invited to answer the questions that Dora will propose, even with physical movement in order to help her in her adventures. The cartoon is mainly aimed at preschoolers, who will be stimulated to learn thanks to the brightly colored drawings and catchy music.

Dora and Diego in "Rescue Mission"
From 25 to 31 October 2010 on Nick Junior

A week of special programming arrives on Nick JR in October with a series of episodes that will see Dora the explorer and her cousin Diego together in many fun adventures! Not everyone in fact knows that Dora has a cousin!
His name is Diego, he is 8 years old and he too is a courageous “rescuer of animals in danger”. In fact, in each episode Diego explores the rainforest and runs to the aid of every baby animal in difficulty. Watching the series “Vai Diego” you also learn many words in English; the animal that must be saved is studied in its characteristics: the direction, the color, the way of moving, the environment where it lives, and at the end of each episode you will see a photograph of it!
During Nick Jr.'s special week entitled Dora and Diego in "Rescue Mission" you will be able to see over twenty episodes in addition to the special "Dora Giramondo" in which our two friends will be involved in saving many trapped animals, but to save them all they will need as always of your help!
Furthermore, Diego's character often turns to the viewer, asking what is the best thing to do, showing the possible options; in this way an interactive involvement is also created, which stimulates children's curiosity for animals and nature. All interspersed with pleasant songs in Italian. In this third season Diego, helped by the puppy Baby Giaguaro and his other friends, will be called to save a gorilla, a flying squirrel, a camel that lives in Egypt and even a polar bear!

"Dora and the Christmas adventure"
At Christmas only on Nick JR. at 9.45 am and 15.40 pm

A special Christmas adventure from Dora the Explorer is coming to Nick Jr.!
It's Christmas Eve and everyone is ready to celebrate, but the arrival of the clever fox Swiper, who wants to steal the presents, risks ruining the party for everyone.
Santa Claus decides to put him on the list of naughty children. Swiper is very sorry and would love to be forgiven to be able to get off that list. Dora decides to help him and together they face a new adventure: they have to travel through time, first in the past and then in the future to try to change Swiper's behavior. The company is difficult, but thanks to the help of his friends Swiper he manages to complete the card that Santa Claus gave him and so in the end he also manages to make the true spirit of Christmas his own, realizing that giving to others is much better than to steal!

Dora the explorerDORA'S FRIENDSHIP WEEK!
From 21 to 27 June, many episodes dedicated to friendship on Nick Junior!

Get ready to celebrate friendship for a whole week in the company of Dora the explorer and her best friend: Boots, the cute little monkey with pink boots! At the end of June Nick JR offers a special program with many episodes dedicated to the theme of friendship: from Monday 21 to Sunday 27 June space for the adventures of the curious Dora with her friend Boots, but also for those of the three superhero puppies of Wonder Pets and of lively Ni Hao Kai-lan, in the company of their best friends!


Disembark on Nick JR. at the beginning of September a new and colorful adventure of Dora the Explorer, entitled "The great adventure for Dora's birthday".
In this double special episode, Dora's birthday finally arrives!
Her family and friends have prepared a big party for her with lots of good things and lots of surprises, but Dora and Boots are far away, imprisoned in the world of magic from which they will not be able to escape until they express a real, great birthday wish.
Will our two little heroes, with the help of the children at home, be able to pass this test and arrive in time for the party?

All characters and images of Dora the Explorer are copyright Nick Jr. Productions and their rights holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video of Dora the Explorer

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