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The story of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Original title: Doragon Boru Supa
Son Goku, Jaco, Monaka, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Son Goten, Shenron the dragon, Polunga the dragon, King Enma,
King Kaioh, Kaiohshin, Pilaf, Red Ribbon, Demonic family, Saiyan, Freezer Empire, Cell, androids and cyborgs, Majin Bu, Babidy
Production: Toei Animation, Fuji TV

Regia: Akira Toriyama
: Japan
Year: 5 July 2015
Broadcast in Italy: 23 December 2016
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Episodes: 72
Duration: 23 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Starting from last 23 December 2016, episodes of the new cartoon television series are broadcast on Italia 1 Dragon Ball Super. This is an event long awaited by lovers of a Japanese saga that has fascinated the world for decades, thanks to protagonists who have entered our collective imagination.

Dragon Ball Super is framed between the penultimate and the last episode of the saga of Dragon Ball Z and it seems created specifically to replace the series GT, little appreciated by the purists of this anime. The events are dated from about four years after the conclusion of the epic of Majin Bu, the pink demon destroyed by Goku with the help of spherical energy. Peace is reigning on Earth and most of the Z warriors are on absolute hiatus. Everybody except Goku Vegetate, who prepare for new and eventual challenges despite their wives disagree. Tranquility is undermined by the arrival of the cruel Beerus and his teacher whis, who has every intention of defeating a titled creature Super Saiyan God. The latter is a very powerful warrior who is activated only after a complicated procedure e Goku manages to embody it, even if in the end he loses the battle against his rival and planet Earth is still spared.

Vegeta - Dragon Ball Super

The episodes go on with the incredible return of Freezer, one of the most dangerous tyrants in the history of the series and defeated by Goku on the planet Namek several years before and then by Trunks coming from the future. The warrior reaches Earth with the obvious goal of destroying it. The umpteenth duel between the two main enemies begins, with Goku touching the victory before being hit by Sorbet Ice Cream, the one who brought Freeza back to life. The latter manages to disintegrate the terrestrial globe, but Whis makes time go backwards and Goku can beat Freeza with an energy wave. So, the blue planet has to deal with yet another threat. After Freeza's death, two new demons of devastating power arrive. Directly from the sixth universe, there are Camp, Beerus's brother, and Fords, Whis' sister and Champa's assistant. The two are very fierce and challenge those who are part of the seventh universe, led by Beerus and with Goku as the main protagonist. After a long series of spectacular duels, Champa's team succumbs and the world is saved for the umpteenth time. 

Dragon Ball Super continues with the return of Trunks, coming once again from the future. This time he must defend himself against the attacks of the fearsome Black, who does not hesitate to challenge Goku before being defeated and returning to his era. In the meantime, we start talking about the so-called rings of time held by the powerful gowasu, whose assistant Zamasu is defeated by Team Z. Meanwhile, the threat from Black it becomes more and more founded and it is discovered that the latter can reach truly extraordinary powers, reaching the state of Super Saiyan Ros . Goku, Vegeta and Trunks find Zamasu, who in the meantime has received immortality as a gift with the Super Dragon Balls. The three warriors are defeated and go to train, but Black and Zamasu choose to join forces to create a practically unbeatable warrior. Goku and Vegeta merge and are about to inflict the final blow to the dangerous warrior, but their fusion ends on the most beautiful. After a long series of vicissitudes, it appears out of nowhere Zeno which makes sure that everything returns to normal and that no one comes from the future or the past anymore.

Vegeta, Junior, Tenshinhan, Trunks

Everything is ready to witness a total of well 72 episodes in the name of pure adrenaline, especially for lovers of a truly timeless genre. The creator and author of the manga also worked on this new work Akira Toriyama, who this time dealt personally with the subject and character design. There are many curiosities concerning the Italian dubbing team of the various episodes of Dragon Ball Super. For example, the advent of Claudio Moneta as Goku's new voice actor, who replaced the historian Paul Torrisi. The latter tragically passed away in 2005 and was also the director of dubbing. In the latter role, he was taken over by Graziano Galoforo. At the same time, the language has not undergone particular differences from previous series. The very powerful and famous kamehameka once again translated with the expression energetic wave, while Junior it continues to be called that, although in other versions it is known by the name of Small.

Bulma, Chicchi, C 17 and Kulilin

Maybe not everyone knows that actually Dragon Ball Super was initially born as a new version of two special films from the Dragon Ball series. The first is called The battle of the gods and is characterized above all by a series of battles that see the usual Goku against the God of destruction as the protagonist Bills, which is none other than the already mentioned Beerus. The second film title is The resurrection of F, which narrates the events relating to the return to life of the terrible Freezer and its fixed goal of defeating everything and everyone, destroying the planet Earth and any other life form. So the series Super goes on with all new and undiscovered stories for DB lovers. In Japan, the first screening of the episodes of the new saga on the Fuji TV broadcaster made several purists turn up their noses for the rather poor quality in the graphics sector in several episodes. For our version, every mistake has been corrected.

6 January 2017

All names, images and trademarks are copyright Akira Toriyama and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Dragon Ball Super video

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