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The story of Dragon Ball GT - third series
Dragon Ball GT

Original title: Doragon Boru Ji Ti
Pan, Gil, Red Shenron, Dark Shenron, Baby, Doctor Mieu, General Lilde, Luud, Motte Motte, Leon, Super C-17, Evil Dragons, Gogeta, Don Kir, Lezik, Zounama, Dol Takki
Authors: Izumi Todo
Production: Toei Animation, Bird Studio, Fuji TV

Regia: Osamu Kasai
: Japan
Year: February 7 1996
Broadcast in Italy: April 5 - December 18 2001
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Episodes: 64 mm
Duration: 23 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

BreadIt's been ten years since the last episode of Dragon Ball and Goku continues to train Uub, to maximize the young man's power, in order to be able to confront him. Meanwhile, Pilaf (to refresh your memory go and read the Dragon Ball saga) has returned to the hunt for the Dragon Balls and manages to discover them in the palace of Dende. Goku is warned and goes to the palace to stop him, but it is too late, in fact Pilaf has recovered the spheres and summoned the Dragon to make the wish. Seeing his arch enemy Goku, Pilaf goes out of his mind and immediately changes desire, asks the Dragon to make Goku return as a child, believing he can easily defeat him, he fulfills his will. Normally, when a wish was made, the spheres disappeared to reappear in seven different places on the Earth, where they had to be found, but this time their discovery is even more difficult, as they have dispersed into space and as if that were not enough, if these are not found within a year, the Earth will explode as a supernova. Goku leaves with Bulma, Trunks and Pan (Goku's granddaughter). They find the first sphere on the planet Donquia, where, however, the evil Don Kia hinders them in their search. The second sphere is located in the planet of the giants, but despite everything, they manage to recover it. The third sphere is identified in the planet of the evil Mochi Mochi, a worshiper of the god Ruudo who manages to turn people into dolls. Mochi Mochi clashes with Goku who, thanks to his transformation into super sayan, manages to defeat him.

Goku Super Saiyan IV - Dragon Ball GT

In support of Mochi Mochi, however, comes the god Ruudo himself. Mochi Mochi had learned the power of transforming people into dolls from his divinity and in fact this, immediately shows his level of strength managing to transform Pan into a doll and take his power that greatly enhances him. Pan manages to act inside Ruudo and hit him in the heart with the help of Goku. Our heroes are thus able to recover the sphere. During the trip, the group manages to recover the seventh sphere on a desert planet.But it is the turn of the planet of robots, made up exclusively of metallic substances. The robots of Rirudo, the master of the planet, manage to steal the spheres of Goku and his companions. In this planet our heroes are in great difficulty, in fact Rirudo is endowed with the power to control the metal molecules of his planet. Transform Trunks into a metal block and to defeat Goku and Pan manages to absorb the power of the entire planet. Goku and Pan are captured and taken to Dr. Myuu, who wants to discover the secret of the Saiyans. They are then released by Gill, but Trunks learns of the existence of a hideous creature of Dr. Myuu tries to destroy it. It fails, as it is discovered by Dr. Myuu. The three Saiyans arrive to help Trunks and simultaneously launch an energy wave. Myuu still manages to save his creature but then he rebels against his own creator and later, he leaves for space. Our heroes now have to research the Dragon Balls again. They land on a planet and here they meet the terrible creature of Dr. Myuu: Baby. He has the power to control minds, but is defeated by Trunks who transforms into super sayan. Once they leave this planet, they continue their search. On earth, however, Baby arrives who after defeating Goten and having him mentally controlled, wants to find out who is the strongest man on earth. Goten reveals that the strongest man is Vegeta, so Baby goes to his house, where he finds Gohan being attacked by Goten (under Baby's mental influence). Baby then manages to subjugate Gohan's mind too.

The two brothers manage to find Vegeta and attack him at the same time. Vegeta is in trouble and Baby manages to join him too. Vegeta, however, has a flaskback and remembers Baby, in fact he had seen it on the planet Plant because it was built by its inhabitants who intended to defeat the Sayans, this before the creature entered the laboratory of Dr. Myuu. in the meantime Goku and companions, RESPONSIVEUpon returning to earth, happy and content for having recovered all seven Dragon Balls, they meet Gohan and Goten who attack them, while Baby collides with Trunks again and captures him. Goku has to contend with Vegeta now subjugated by Baby and to defeat him he is forced to transform into super sayan III, despite all Vegeta manages to unload a violent energy that makes him lose consciousness.Vegeta under Baby's order takes the Dragon Balls and expresses a desire to rebuild the planet Plant, the enemies of the sayans who should also destroy the earth. All Grounders are then transferred to Plant. Meanwhile Uub, Goku's pupil decides to attack Vegeta. But Uub notices Vegeta's incredible strength and is saved by Buu, with whom he merges to become Ultimate Ub,but although Buu is immune to Baby's powers and Ultimate Uub has gained a lot of power, it is transformed into chocolate by Baby who eats it in one bite. On Plant, however, Goku arrives, greatly enhanced thanks to the care of Kibito (the merger of Kibith with Kaioh-Shin) who manages to transform him into Super Saiyan III.

Despite everything, Vegeta is still too powerful and Goku Super Saiyan III is defeated, but at a certain moment he looks at the earth, which on Plant looks like the moon and begins his transformation into ape, with the golden fur given his level of Saiyan . As usual, in these situations he loses control of himself and explodes in superhuman violence, even hitting his granddaughter Pan. Pan bursts into tears and the ape Goku softens and regains consciousness, although no one has cut off his tail, but passes to an even higher level of Saiyan: becomes a Super Saiyan IV. He now has red hair, hypertrophied muscles and evil eyes. His strength is devastating and Vegeta can do nothing against him. He tries to throw the most powerful blow of his repertoire, the Revenge Death Ball, but Goku remains immune. Goku is about to give Vegeta the final blow, but at this point he intervenes bulma, Vegeta's wife, who to save her husband, thanks to her invention, directs some light with special lenses on him, which allows Vegeta to be transformed into Super Saiyan IV ape. The clash is now even.

Vegeta tries to destroy the earth, but Goku manages to save her and the clash between the two is so violent that they are both stunned. Vegeta, however, gets up first and hits Goku, who is saved by his granddaughter Pan.Meanwhile, Kibito returns to earth and goes to the sanctuary of Dende Choo-Sui, in order to free Vegeta and the others from the power of Baby, who has imprisoned their minds.Kibito manages to free immediately, the minds of Gohan, Goten and Trunks, who throw themselves against Baby and try to give their energy to Goku, but are temporarily defeated in one fell swoop by Baby, who however begins to have a strange malaise. The cause of this is Uub, who after getting eaten, in the form of chocolate, hits Baby from the inside, forcing him to expel Vegeta. This greatly diminishes his power and despite trying to escape, he is hit and defeated by Goku.But the earth blows up with Junior inside, who didn't want to leave it. This is restored thanks to the Dragon Balls, which allows the earthlings to return to the planet.

The second part begins with the Tenkaichi tournament, where, however, Goku, given his transformation by Pilaf, must participate in the children's tournament. A certain Papayaman and (strange but true) Mr. Satan arrive at the final of the adult tournament. Papayaman is actually Uub, so Mr. Satan can consider himself defeated from the start, but Uub, at Buu's suggestion, thinks of making him win the race to have him prove to the earthlings that he is the strongest man in the world and become the boss of their city. At one point, an injured Trunks arrives, barely pronouncing the word "number 17". The group understands that it is c17, in fact in hell dr. Gelo and Dr. Myuu encountering them, created a copy of c17 and managed to send it to earth thanks to a gap between earth and hell, from which all the enemies previously defeated by Goku and his friends can arrive. Goku is forced to go down to hell in order to close this gate, but he must face Cell and Freeza in their maximum demonic power, who cannot die because they are already dead. In his aid comes Junior who comes down from heaven to help Goku and creates another passage for him to return to earth and help his friends. Meanwhile Vegeta has to face Super 17, the union of the two c17s, but not even all the Saiyans put together are able to stand up to him. Then comes Goku who transforming himself into Super Saiyan IV faces Super 17, which however absorbs his blows and sends him to the mat several times. But to Goku's aid comes c18 who sends him a very powerful blow, Goku manages to exploit this energy and pierce him from side to side, defeating him. The dragon of the seven spheres is thus summoned to restore things as they were before, but an unprecedented thing happens. The dragon appears black and splits into seven other dragons that travel to various points on the earth.

Due to the constant desires required, the dragon has accumulated a lot of negative energy and has gone mad; the entire galaxy is now in danger.It will therefore be necessary to defeat the seven dragons and recover the spheres. Goku goes to the first dragon in the sea, created by the energy used to resurrect Bora, the father of Upa. The dragon turns the lake into a swamp, and this hinders Goku who is unable to transform into Super Saiyan. evil, therefore Goku senses that you have to hit him with pure water to defeat him and in fact succeeds in his intent.The second dragon is called Uu Shen Long, and is the one who brought Goku back to life after the clash with Vegeta and Nappa. The strength of this dragon is electricity and it is so powerful that only pure chance can defeat it. In fact, due to a heavy rain the dragon goes into short circuit.The third dragon is the one created by Olong's desire to have Bulma's panties, in fact it has a feminine appearance. His strength consists in creating whirlpools, but he is easily defeated by Goku. The fourth dragon is a giant mole that can create earthquakes that was created from the desire to resurrect the people killed by Vegeta who is possessed by Baby, who manages to absorb Pan, but Goku transforms into Super sayan IV and freeing his niece, he kills the dragon The fifth dragon is called Suu Shen Long and is found in the desert. It was created by the Great Mage Piccolo's desire to be young again. Its power is to reach very high temperatures, equal to those of the sun. When Goku seems to get the better of this dragon, San Shen Long intervenes, the sixth dragon who can freeze everything around him. Goku is locked in a block of ice, but manages to free himself and launch an energy wave, defeating him. Then comes the seventh dragon Li Shen Long, created after the clash with Majin Buu, to restore the Earth to its normalcy. Li Shen Long unintentionally kills the dragon Suu Shen Long, in an attempt to hit Goku, who is now very fatigued. His Saiyan friends then intervene and transmit their energy to him, which transforms him into a giant ape much stronger than the dragon. Li decides to merge with the seven dragon balls, while Goku doesn't hold the transformation for long and returns to his natural state. Vegeta arrives transformed into Super Saiyan IV by the lens system invented by Bulma and helps Goku in his battle, but this level is not enough.

Super Gogeta

He manages to recover the six dragon balls, but the seventh still remains in Li Shen Long's possession. The transformation of Super Gogeta does not last long and Vegeta and Goku return as before. Goku decides to swallow the sphere, which escapes from his forehead and transforms into the Suu dragon, purified from Goku's body. Suu good, collides with Li, but is defeated and Li takes over the seven spheres. He tries to destroy the earth with a giant sphere, but Goku blocks it and disappears with it. Goku makes all the inhabitants of the universe give their energy to increase the power of the sphere. Made very powerful it is thrown on Li Shen Long and destroys it. Gathered the seven spheres appearsthe good old dragon Shen Long, who resurrects the friends of Goku Krillin, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Pual, Jiaozi, Junior, the genius of the turtles. Goku finally merges with the seven spheres. After 100 years the new Tenkaichi tournament begins, and among the participants are Goku and Vegeta children. Thus ends the Dragonballgt series, but not of Goku preparing for new adventures.

All names, images and trademarks are copyright Akira Toriyama and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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