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Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball
© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation / Shueisha


Dragonball is a series been born in Japan in the 1984 from the brilliant mind of Akira Toriyama, Dragonball has become the most famous animated cartoons, of the last years. The history of Dragonball begins with a child of name son Goku that inhabited in one small house, dispersed in one forest with to the grandfather son Gohan. In point of mort and the grandfather, it gives to Goku a sphere with four stars . A day, while it tried of the food, encounter in the forest one child of Bulma name. This was to the search of the 7 spheres of drangon, such spheres according to an ancient legend, once re-united, would succeed to evoke dredges Shen Long, able to realize greatest desire of its owner.Bulma notices very soon that Goku, a little child from the innocent air is in truth an extraordinary being, beyond to being equipped of a prodigious force, possesses also a tail and an extensible stick with which fights. In its turn made curious Goku from Bulma and not wanting themselves to separate of its sphere in order to give it to the girl, decides to follow it, therefore six spheres are put to the search of the others. Bulma for this its search also has been equipped of a powerful detector of spheres, from constructed same she. During the travel this Goku and Bulma will meet many creatures bizzarre to likeable. One of these is master Muten, famous like "the genius of the turtles" which it possessed a sphere, these give to Goku the cloud that allows it to fly. An other nose-dive is dedicated to little pig Olong, initially it comes seen like a gigantic monster that terrorize a population, in fact this small and innocent personage (to part the being "pig" in all the senses), has the property to transform into a minute in any creature or object, maintaining but the same force. It comes unmasked from Goku when it decides to face it in the cloth of the monster. Olong decides to join to the company in lost in love how much of Bulma. Therefore it is the time of Yamcha, a warrior of the desert and its friend Pual, a being similar to Olong. Yamcha, enters in conflict with Goku, but although its ability in the fight, must surrender to the obvious superiority of the adversary, in fact Goku, above all after to have eaten, he becomes imbattible. Yamcha, has uncovered the secret of the spheres, therefore it decides to follow them hidden.

 Goku, Bulma, Olong, Yamcha and Muten
© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation

Our composed company therefore from Goku, Bulma, Olong, Yamcha and Pual, arrives to the castle of a student of master Muten, stregone of the Taurus, than practical the Kamehameha (the energetic wave), a particular technique of fight, of which Goku remains fascinated, it decides therefore that become its student, after to have recovered the spheres. Quì knows Chichi, the daughter of wizard (the its future spouse). But in all this there is perfidious a genius of the evil that follows the movements of our protagonists:

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation

it is Pilaf, a small ominide that being in possession of the other spheres, it wants to take those of Goku and Bulma in order to become landladies of the World. Pilaf succeeds to lead our protagonists in its castle and although these succeed to exceed numerous obstacles, thanks to Goku and in Yamcha, it succeeds to imprison them and to re-unite therefore the spheres evoking I dredge, but it does not succeed to formulate its desire, why Olong precedes it, in fact the incorreggible pig had already fulfilled the only desire, asking Dragon the panties of Bulma!!! Olong was successful to escape from a hole opened in the wall from the Energetic Wave of Goku.

 Goku scimmione
© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation

They come newly imprisons to you, but during the Goku night it endures an incredible mutation,in fact as soon as it watches the full moon is not transformed, becoming an enormous scimmione, that it destroys all, but only when Pual the ransom the tail, returns normal.
Once free, Goku and companions, inasmuch as the spheres have been dispersed in four points of the world and will have to pass a year before being able to formulate an other desire, Bulma is moved in city with to Yamcha (hour its boyfriend), Olong and Pual, while Goku decides to o from the "genius of the turtles", where student, the small Crilin, a child without hats and with of the large one meets an aspiring other soracciglia, that he will become its better friend. After to have old the admission test, finding a beautiful girl disposed to make from housewife the old Muten, the two begin the course of training and after a year of debilitating training and combats, they decide to enroll itself to the famous tournament of martial limbs Tenkaichi. Once exceeded from both the eliminatorie contests, enter in the final phase. But there is sure a mysterious Jackie Chun that seems imbattible and knows to use the energetic wave better than they, these defeats Crillin. In truth draft of Muten, mask in order to strike its students, because they do not mount the head. Unaware of Goku but of all fights with its master in a debilitating fight who continues until evening and to the appearance of the moon that will newly transform Goku in a big monkey, but Muten destroys the Moon therefore Goku returns normal. The fight seems to end in parity, in how much it is Goku that the genius of the turtles falls at the same time to earth, but Muten is raised for first and wins.

Once ended the tournament, Goku decides to try the sphere he present from the grandfather who has been dispersed. It succeeds to find the six spheres after to have defeated the quartier general of the Red Ribbon, but in order to find the last sphere, one addresses to the old one sibilla. Oed from she it must but face its 5 warriors, for being able to have one answer; Goku succeeds to defeat them, the fifth warrior is son Gohan, the grandfather of Goku, come down in earth for a day thanks to Baba, the sibilla. Goku discovers therefore, that the last sphere is newly in hand to Pilaf, but oed from he, defeats it easy. Re-united the Goku spheres wishes of resuscitare the father of its friend Upa. Goku goes to train itself in turn for the world, while Crillin and Yamcha o from the genius of the turtles.

© Akira Toriyama / Toei Animation

The series of continuous Dragonball and Goku, Crillin and Yamcha, after some year, decides to participate newly to 22° the tournament Tenkaichi. Here they will meet an old one avails again of master Muten, the hermit of the Crane, with the two students Jaozi and Tenshinhan. For the elimination contest they will have to be faced: Tenshinhan against Yamcha, Jackie Chun (Muten) against wolfman, Crillin against Jiaozi, Goku against Pamput. Yamcha comes defeated the opposing strong; Jackie Chun defeats the man easy lupo, while Crilin succeeds to defeat Jiaozi, nonostate these uses of the strange powers. Useless to say that Goku defeats Pamput easy. The hermit of the crane has an account in suspended with Goku, in how much this last has killed it the Taobaibai brother. The last crash of the quarters sees easy the Victoria of Goku.The first semiend is between Tenshinhan and Jackie Chun, strongest Tenshinhan the extension and after little blows the master decides to withdraw itself, not for fear but because content to have strongly seen a young person guerriero therefore. It is passed therefore to the crash between the two friends Crilin and Goku, but Goku without blow to hurt defeats Crillin simply forcing it to exit from the ring, after to have turned to amazing speed. Is the time of the two finalists Goku and Tenshinhan. Goku seems averre worse, but when Tenshinhan is prepared for the definitive blow, the Kikoho (gun of the spirit), Goku with a great jump, nozzle the energetic wave, but comes equally defeated in how much ends outside from the ring. Tenshinhan and Jiaozi become friends of Goku and its square

After the torneo the most serious fact happens. In fact Crilin comes killed from a monster, that it steals the sphere of Goku. This monster has been sended from the Great Small Wizard, the other malignant half of the God of the earth, awakened from Pilaf, nonchè acerrimo enemy of master Muten. Goku meets the monster that had killed its friend and succeeds to kill it to according to attempt. But the Great Small Wizard is truly a hard bone and after to have defeated Goku, leaving it in life end, he kills also "the genius of the turtles" and Jiaozi, the Great Small Wizard re-unites the spheres and expresses desire to return young, dopodichè kills Shen Long, dredges same, so that nobody can more evoke it. Once ripresosi, Goku, on I invite of Karin, drinks a miraculous water, than it reinforces it. Goku with much anger in body, decides to face the Great Small Wizard newly. Useless to say that the crash is hardest, but Goku with the most powerful fist trapassa the chest; before dying To the Satan nozzle an egg where its son (Small is contained), which will have to revenge it.

 God Goku will o from God, in order to make to resuscitare dredges of the seven sfere:Shen Long, killed from the Great Small Wizard. God resuscita and with he the all those victims of a murder from the demon (comprised Crilin and Master Muten). Goku decides to remain from God to train itself until the next torneo Tenkaichi.

Three years and Goku pass and the others by now grown, find again all to ventitreesimo the torneo Tenkaichi. Here the son of the Great Small, Small Wizard will participate also. After the eliminatorie he begins the final phase. Tenshinhan that hour is a cyborg, meets with Taobaibai and it defeats it. In according to Goku crash he strikes a mysterious girl, than she reveals herself to be Chichi, the daughter of the stregone of the Taurus, its promise spouse. In the third Crilin crash he comes defeated from the Small superpower, the son of the large one To the Satan. In the fourth Yamcha crash it comes defeated from the Divo old, than but in truth is come God to defeat Small.
The crash between Piccolo and Divo is much stiff one, their force is nearly equal, but Small it succeeds to lock up God in a boccetta, than then it swallows. While in first semiend Goku it strikes cyborg the Tenshinhan. It begins the final crash and Small, motivated from its scope of vendetta, it attacks Goku with most violent energetic waves, but Goku cannot make equally why hitting he it would hit also God that stà within the Small body. Goku thinks but of resuscitarlo with the spheres of I dredge, therefore the nozzle against a super energetic wave, but Small resists and becomes gigantic, Goku bravely, it enters to it in mouth and it recovers the boccetta that God contains .
After to be returned to the normal dimensions, Small it comes defeated from Goku that balzandogli to the shoulders and using the floatation technique, hits it with the head and it sends it outside from the ring, gaining therefore the encounter. Goku decides to save the enemy, why finally it thinks to have found a its worthy adversary . After the torneo, Goku leaves again with Chichi, finally its spouse.

In all this first series has been realizes 153 episodes to you.

All the names, images and mark of Dragonball are copyright © Akira Toriyama and come here use exclusively to scopes cognitive you you and disclosed to you.

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