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The series of Dragon ball continues and Goku, Kulilin and Yamcha, after a few years, decide to participate again in the XNUMXnd Tenkaichi tournament. Here they will meet an old rival of the master Roshi, the hermit of the Crane, with the two students Jaozi and Tenshinhan. For the preliminary round they will face: Tenshinhan against Yamcha, Jackie Chun (Muten) against wolf man, Kulilin against Jiaozi, Goku against Pamput. Yamcha is defeated by a very strong opponent; Jackie Chun easily defeats the wolf man, while Kulilin manages to defeat Jiaozi, despite these uses of strange powers. Needless to say, Goku easily defeats Pamput. The crane hermit has an outstanding account with Goku, as the latter killed his brother Taobaibai. The last quarter-final clash sees Goku's easy victory. The first semifinal is between Tenshinhan and Jackie Chun, Tenshinhan shows himself very strong and after a few hits the master decides to retire, not out of fear but because he is happy to have seen such a strong young warrior. We then move on to the clash between the two friends Krillin and Goku, but Goku without a shot defeats Krillin simply forcing him to leave the ring, after having turned at surprising speed. It is the turn of the two finalists Goku and Tenshinhan. Goku seems to have the worst of it, but when Tenshinhan prepares for the final blow, the Kikoho (cannon of the soul), Goku with a big jump, launches the energy wave, but is equally defeated as he ends up outside the ring. Tenshinhan and Jiaozi become friends with Goku and his team

After the tournament, a very serious event happens. In fact Krillin is killed by a monster, who steals Goku's sphere. This monster was sent by the Great Little Wizard, the other malignant half of the God of the earth, awakened by Pilaf, as well as archenemy of the master Roshi. Goku meets the monster who killed his friend and manages to kill him on the second attempt. But the Great Little Wizard is really a tough nut to crack and after defeating Goku, leaving him dying, he also kills "the genius of the turtles" and Jiaozi, the Great Little Wizard gathers the spheres and expresses the desire to become young again, after which he kills Shen Long, the dragon himself, so that no one can summon him anymore. Once recovered, Goku, at Karin's invitation, drinks a miraculous water, which strengthens him. Goku with so much anger in his body, decides to face the Great Little Wizard again. Needless to say, the fight is very hard, but Goku with a very powerful punch pierces his chest; before dying Al Satan throws an egg where his son (Piccolo) is contained, who will have to avenge him.

GodGoku will go to God, to resurrect the dragon of the seven spheres: Shen Long, killed by the Great Little Wizard. God resurrects him and with him all those killed by the demon (including Krillin and Master Roshi). Goku decides to stay with God to train until the next Tenkaichi tournament.

Three years pass and Goku and the others now grown up, all find themselves at the twenty-third Tenkaichi tournament. The son of Piccolo, Piccolo, will also participate here. After the preliminaries the final phase begins. Tenshinhan, who is now a cyborg, collides with Taobaibai and defeats him. In the second fight Goku beats a mysterious girl, who turns out to be Chichi, the daughter of the sorcerer del Toro, his betrothed. In the third battle Krillin is defeated by the overwhelming power of Piccolo, the son of the great Al Satan. In the fourth fight, Yamcha is defeated by the elderly Divo, but in reality it is God who came to defeat Piccolo.
The battle between Piccolo and Divo is very tense, their strength is almost equal, but Piccolo manages to lock God in a bottle, which he then swallows. Meanwhile in the first semifinal Goku beats the cyborg Tenshinhan. The final battle begins and Piccolo, motivated by his aim of revenge, attacks Goku with violent energy waves, but Goku cannot do the same because hitting him would also hit God who is inside Piccolo's body. But Goku thinks of resurrecting him with the dragon spheres, so he throws a super energy wave at him, but Piccolo resists and becomes gigantic, Goku bravely enters his mouth and retrieves the bottle that contains God
After returning to normal size, Piccolo is defeated by Goku who leaps behind him and using the floating technique, hits him with the head and sends him out of the ring, thus winning the match. Goku decides to spare the enemy, because he finally believes he has found a worthy opponent
. After the tournament, Goku leaves with Chichi, finally his bride.

153 episodes were made throughout this first series.



All Dragonball names, images and trademarks are copyright Akira Toriyama they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Based on the popular book series written by Sonia Holleyman and later developed by Hyawim Oram, “Mona” follows the adventures of Mona Parker, a lively ten-year-old girl with a wild imagination. Mona, along with her faithful feline companion Scratch and her best friends Lily Duncan (the Giant Princess) and Charley Bones (the Shock Man), find themselves involved in extraordinary and supernatural situations.

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