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The story of Dragon Ball Z - second series
Dragon Ball Z - Trunks, Goku. Junior

Original title: Doragon Boru Z
Conclusion Goku, Bulma Brief, Master Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Vegetate, Trunks, Son Goten, Shenron the dragon, Porunga the dragon, King Enma,
King Kaioh, Kaiohshin, Pilaf, Red Ribbon, Demonic family, Saiyan, Freezer Empire, Cell, androids and cyborgs, Majin Bu, Babidy
Production: Toei Animation, Bird Studio, Fuji TV

Regia: Akira Toriyama
: Japan
Year: April 26 1989
Broadcast in Italy: April 26 2000
Gender: Action / Sci-Fi
Episodes: 291
Duration: 23 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

If you're passionate about the first dragon ball saga,... well then hold on tight, because dragonball z is a true masterpiece of fantasy, suspense and endless twists and turns. Here we will shed light on who he really is Goku and who will be his descendants.

It all starts five years after the wedding of Goku, when a strange spaceship lands on our planet carrying a powerful warrior with extraordinary strength. He collides with Junior and defeats him, but his goal is Goku, therefore he heads to the Kame house, where our protagonist is reunited with his friends Krillin, Bulma, Roshi and his son, Son Gohan, born of his marriage to Chi-Chi.

He resembles his father in all respects, even in the tail (if it weren't for the hair, it would be difficult to distinguish him from Goku small). The super-powered alien who suddenly swoops down on the group is actually the brother of Goku: Radditz, who reveals a big secret. Goku he is an extraterrestrial, a saiyan born on the planet Vegetate. Radditz wants his brother Goku join him, but given his opposition, to convince him, he decides to kidnap Son Gohan.


To recover his son, Goku, accepts Junior's invitation to ally with him, furious against Radditz and determined to avenge the previous defeat. We then arrive at the moment of the very hard battle, where Radditz shows all his power, in fact Junior loses an arm (but has the power to regenerate, therefore it grows back), Goku knows what the weak point is and therefore squeezes its tail defeating it. But the loyalty of Goku it is certainly not similar to that of his brother, in fact after freeing him, Radditz cowardly strikes Goku, taking him by surprise. At this point Son Gohan enters the scene, who furious, shows all his power by throwing it on Radditz, he is surprised and Goku he takes the opportunity to block him from behind.

At this point Junior launches the very powerful Makankosappo (demonic cannon with a piercing light) and kills the two brothers. Junior tells the dying Radditz the secret of the dragon balls, while the latter warns that in a year two other saiyans will arrive, much stronger than him in order to take the balls. The body of Goku is taken away by the Supremo, while Junior decides to train Gohan.

Goku - Dragon Ball Z

Goku, in the afterlife, he meets king Kaioha, the king of the world and decides to train and strengthen himself with him, learning new techniques, such as kaioh ken and Genkidama. Meanwhile the warriors of the famous tournament Tenkaichi: Yamco, Tenshinhan, Jiaozi, Krillin and Yajirobe prepare for the arrival of the Saiyans, training with The Supreme.
After a year, the saiyans arrive, who claim that in reality Junior is an alien, coming from the planet Namek. The clash between all the strongest earthlings and the two saiyans is very violent. These kill Yamco, Jiaozi, Tenshinhan, The Supreme and it would also have been the turn of little Son Gohan if it hadn't been for Junior, who sacrifices his life to save him. Goku he decides to return from the afterlife to defeat the saiyans, sure of his strength which has been enhanced by the training and tricks learned from King Kaioha. He injures the alien Nappa, but has to deal with Vegetate, the other saiyan even stronger than the previous one.

Being a saiyan, Goku he will have to collide with his own kind. Goku while fighting with Vegetate, uses the kaioh ken (strengthening technique), Vegetate in response, he creates an artificial moon and transforms into an ape, striking hard Goku. Yajirobe, knows about the weak point of the saiyans, mindful of the tales of Goku, therefore, cut the tail a Vegetatewhich returns as before. At that time Goku hits Vegetate with the Genkidama, the very powerful ball of energy, but despite the very violent impact, Vegetate manages to resist. The son of Goku, Gohan looking at the Moon created by Vegetate, he too becomes an ape and invests Vegetate, with its tremendous strength. Vegetate is spared from Goku and his fellow survivors Krillin and Yajirobe.

Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

From the stories of the aliens, it seems that on the planet Namek, there are other dragon balls, the thing does not escape the great researcher Bulma who, in the company of Krillin and little Gohan, decide to go to this planet, without Goku still recovering from the hard fight. Here they discover that the planet has been occupied by super powerful aliens, commanded by the evil Freeza, who is in search of the spheres, in order to express the desire for eternity. Vegetate he rebels against Freeza when he discovers that his planet has been destroyed by the latter, because he feared the power of the Saiyans, so he decides to take possession of the spheres too. He succeeds in his intent by stealing the five spheres found by Freeza, while Krillin has a sphere much larger than the terrestrial ones as a gift from the head of the planet Namek and can obtain three wishes. MeanwhileYamco, Jiaozi, Tenshinhan and The Supreme, in the afterlife they train from the same master of Goku: King Kaioha.Freeza sends the Ginew team to Namek, made up of five very strong elements and each one with a particular power and fighting technique.Krillin and Gohan, thanks to the help of Vegetate they manage to defeat Guldo, a being capable of stopping time. But another even stronger enemy arrives, it is Likoom, he defeats Gohan, Krillin and Vegetate, which, however, are saved thanks to the providential intervention of Goku, who in the meantime had joined them aboard a spaceship capable of enhancing his strength.Goku he also manages to defeat Butter revealing an extraordinary power.Squad commander Ginyu, fearing a direct confrontation with Goku, reverses its body with that of Goku, which however he cannot handle well, given the particular power of the saiyan. At this point it intervenes Vegetate that hurts him and Goku he takes advantage of it to recover his body.Gohan and Kuririn thanks to the sphere (expressing only two wishes) manage to resurrect Junior and transport him to Namek, he merges with the strongest warrior on this planet: Nail. Freezer and Vegetate meanwhile, they clash in a tough battle. Seeing the strength of Vegetate and in difficulty thanks also to the arrival of Junior-Nail, Frieza decides to transform and enormously increase his power.The only way to defeat him is to transform into super-saiyan and that's how Vegetate he gets himself injured to be treated by Dende.Seeing this Frieza kills Dende thanks to his third transformation, which makes him practically invincible, he also kills Vegetate and defeats Junior and the others.Deathbed Vegetate reveals to Goku that Frieza is the architect of the destruction of his planet and his Saiyan people.Then comes the moment of the clash between Goku and the invincible Frieza.After a tough fight, Goku he decides to use the Genkidama, the very powerful ball of energy, which however must be charged over too long a time, therefore Junior comes to his aid, who distracts Freeza, Goku he can thus emanate his gigantic power by making Freeza disappear.However, these reappears killing Junior and making Krillin explode, the greatest friend of Goku.
It's at that view Goku goes crazy, transforms into the legendary Super Saiyan. Afraid Frieza starts destroying the whole planet.Goku drives away all his friends, who return to earth thanks to the earthly Mr. Popo, as he manages to resurrect all the people killed by Freeza, including the old chief and Dende who express the last of the three wishes of the sphere, that precisely, to bring those killed back to life. Meanwhile Goku, Super Saiyan manages to defeat Frieza. But the planet Namek is destroyed and di Goku traces are lost.

Super Saiyan Goku

After a year, Trunks makes his first appearance, a Super Saiyan boy from the future, son of Bulma and Vegetate. These after accompanied Goku from friends, reveals that in three years very strong cyborgs will appear, created by the scientist Doctor Gelo, and that Goku he will die of a heart disease if he does not receive the right medicine to heal it, which he himself brought him from the future. The warriors then decide to resume training to prepare for the coming of the cyborgs.But three years pass quickly and the Z warriors soon hear of cyborgs killing innocent people. Yamcha is saved by Goku who, however, during the clash with the cyborg 19, has the first symptoms of heart disease. He is in turn saved by Vegetate who transformed into Super Saiyan, launches the Big Bang Attack against the opponent.

Meanwhile Dr. Gelo, creator of cyborgs, to avoid defeat at the hands of dangerous enemies, decides to free his strongest creatures: c17, c18 which, however still imperfect, kill Dr. Gelo himself, activating the experimental model c16. They are addressed by Vegetate but he is defeated by c18 and saved by his son Trunks. Meanwhile, Junior proposes to the Supreme to join him to strengthen the strength against the opponents.
The Supreme decides to accept Junior's proposal and they join forces after learning of the news of a monster destroying entire populations. Junior goes to the monster who is actually Cell a being from the future, created by Doctor Gelo; his body contains the cells of all the strongest fighters.The particularity of Cell is to absorb the strength of other beings, therefore he decides to take the powers of c17 and c18. Thanks to the new powers, Junior manages to defeat Cell, but he escapes. He warns the other z warriors of the danger, who go to Cell's laboratory and destroy the machines by recovering the data sheets of the cyborgs, in order to identify their weak points. Goku, Vegetate and Trunks, followed later by Goku and Gohan, go to the sanctuary of the Supreme, where there is a room called Room of Spirit and Time, here an earth day is equal to a year.Vegetate and Trunks enter first. Cell manages to defeat Junior and absorb c17, also defeating c16 who was trying to stop him. Its power is now therefore enormous. Not satisfied yet, he also wants to absorb c18, but his project goes up in smoke thanks to the powerful Shinkikoho (cannon of the soul) of Tenshinhan, a technique learned in the afterlife by King Kaioha.

The Cyborgs - C16, C17, C18

Vegetate and Trunks after exiting the Room of Spirit and Time, head towards Cell and with their super strength, they defeat him, but Cell challenges Vegetate, telling him that if he absorbed c18's powers he would become perfect and he could fight a perfect being. Vegetate he cannot resist the temptation of such an enthralling fight and despite his son Trunks' attempt to dissuade him, he allows Cell to realize his intention.Vegetate he can then fight with this perfect body. Very soon Vegetate he realizes that he has sinned by naivety and given the difficulty encountered in the fight with Cell, he decides to hit him with the Final Flash, a terrible blow. Cell regenerates thanks to the powers absorbed by Junior and thus defeats Vegetate.
Cell gives a respite. He decides to organize a martial arts tournament where he can fight alone against all the z warriors.

Then the tournament begins. They will also participate in this Goku and Gohan who came out of the room of Spirit and Time, regenerated. The first to face Cell is a certain Mr Satan who makes everyone believe he is the strongest man on earth, but is quickly defeated. The second challenger is right Goku who with his new power manages to destroy the upper half of Cell, but he has the power to regenerate himself, again thanks to Junior's powers. It's now Gohan's turn. During the fight between Cell and Gohan, c16 intervenes against Cell, who however defeats him by destroying him and creating many small Cells to face the z warriors. Gohan then enraged, transforms into Super Saiyan II and destroys all the Cell Juniors, to then fight again against Cell. With a blow of incredible power he manages to make Cell expel the body of c18, thus making him lose part of the strength of he. Seeing himself in clear difficulty, Cell thus decides to destroy the earth by destroying himself. Despite Goku teleports to the afterlife together with Cell, he has the strength to strike both Trunks and Vegetate. Gohan then faces Cell again and after a clash between Cell's energy wave against Gohan's, Cell is defeated as Gohan's is more powerful. All the z warriors leave the battle site and Mr. Satan takes credit for defeating Cell, continuing to pretend he is the strongest man alive and saved the earth.


A few years have passed since the clash with Cell and meanwhile Krillin married c18, Goku had the second son, Goten. After returning to the future, Trunks is now in the present and is eight years old. The Tenkaichi tournament will also be held this year Goku, having trained in the afterlife, will be able to participate in it for a day, thanks to Baba's help. The tournament begins with the junior stage, where only children can participate. Here Trunks beats Goten. In the adult tournament Krillin beats Punter. Junior, on the other hand, will have to deal with none other than Kaioh-shin, the god of kings Kaioh who came from the afterlife and in fact loses. But a new threat hovers over the land and the z warriors. Indeed Kaioh-shin, after trying to steal Gohan's energy through the fight of one of his pupils, reveals that a very strong creature called Majin Buu, locked up in a container, can be awakened by Babidi, the son of the wizard who gave rise to this being.

Majin Bu

The warriors rush to locate Babidy's spaceship and face his followers. Krillin and Junior are turned to stone. Babidy transforms Vegetate in a Majin Vegetate which collides with Goku and defeats him. During the battle, Majin Buu awakens and trouble comes for the z warriors. Goku become a Super Saiyan III faces Majin Buu, but gives up the fight. Later this kills the son of its creator, Babidi and tries to set fire to the planet and exterminate the earthlings.

Goku , having expired his period of permanence on earth, he returns to train in the afterlife and here he meets Gohan, who found himself there following a clash with a follower of Kaioh-shin, who trains with the Z Sword,in order to increase its power. Meanwhile, on earth, Goten and Trunks merge, and transform into a single being called Gotenks, a very strong warrior. Majin Buu goes to theroom of Spirit and Time to increase his strength, but meets Gotenks with whom he has a very violent clash. Gotenks turns Super Saiyan and forces Majin Buu to flee. Gohan later returns to earth very strong, but Majin Buu manages to absorb Junior, Gotenks and Gohan. Goku is resurrected by Kaioh-shin and joins a Vegetate, transforming himself into the powerful Vegetto, but instead of defeating Buu, he decides to be absorbed to free all the friends contained in Majin Buu's body, including the good part of the latter (the fat Majin Buu). After freeing all Majin Buu he turns into a cruel being that destroys the Earth. They just save themselves Goku, Vegetate, Mr. Satan, Dende, Senior Kai and Young Kai. Vegetate but he has an idea: he has Dende recover the new dragon balls on the new planet Namek to express the desire to make the earth reappear with all its inhabitants. Thanks to the energy of all earthlings, Goku builds a Genkidama super sphere and eliminates Majin Buu. The only thing left of Majin Buu is the good part of him (the fat Majin Buu) who goes to live with Mr. Satan.

Ten years go by and Goku and his friends want to participate in the Tenkaichi tournament again, here they meet an innocent-looking boy called Uub. It is actually the incarnation of Majin Buu, which however Goku he decides to train so that tomorrow, having become very strong, he can fight against him.

All names, images and trademarks are copyright Akira Toriyama and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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