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Card Captor Sakura


Original title: Kadokyaputa Sakura: Kurou Kado heni
Sakura Kinomoto, Shaoran Li, Kero-chan, Tomoyo Daidoji, Touya Kinomoto, Yukito Tsukishiro, Fujitaka Kinomoto, Nadeshiko Kinomoto, Sonomi Daidoji, Eriol Hiiragizawa, Kaho Mizuki
Author: CLAMP
Production: Madhouse
Regia: Morio Asaka
Country: Japan
Year: September 7 1999
Broadcast in Italy: 1st February 2001
Gender: Comedy / Maghette
Episodes: 24 mm
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Draw your card Sakura (original title "Card Captor Sakura") is the Japanese cartoon that is broadcast from 26 June 2006 from Monday to Friday on Italia 1 at 16,50. The cartoon produced in 1996 was based on the manga comic created by CLAMP (also authors of Chobits) and published in Italy by Star Comics. The series consists of 35 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes. Later the second series was also broadcast entitled: Sakura, the game is not over, broadcast on Italia 1 in 2001, always consisting of 35 episodes.

The story of Peach your card Sakura has as its protagonist the young Sakura Kinomoto, a cheerful 14 year old girl who is in the 3rd grade and loves roller skating. Sakura is orphaned of her mother and lives with her father Fujitaka, a university teacher and her brother Touya, in a beautiful house in Tokyo. One day Sakura in the absence of her father, she starts to browse the library and here she finds a strange book entitled "The Clow". Intrigued, she decides to open it by breaking the seal that guarded it, so magical cards came out of its pages and scattered throughout the city with a gust of wind. Then Cerberus appears, a strange yellow lion-like creature with white wings, which she calls Kero Khan.

Cerberus is the guardian of the Clow Cards and admonishes Sakura by telling her the story of the magic cards. These were created by a powerful wizard named Clow Leed. Each card is alive and has a name, an aspect and a magical power. The cards that Clow created carry immense strength in them, as each card has a distinct personality and acts on its own. No normal person is able to stop it; therefore, Clow himself created the Book of Clow to imprison the cards. Those who do not possess the power of magic cannot open this book. If the seal of the Clow Cards is lifted, the world will be devastated by a catastrophe. Cerberus names Sakura as official Card Captor and gives her magical powers: she will have the task of recovering them all thanks to the power of the seal key that turns into a magical scepter and special cards. Sakura will always be assisted by Kero Khan, who in the form of a plush will never abandon her. Too bad that Sakura is not very brave and has a huge terror of ghosts. To capture every single card, Sakura will have to use a different power, based on her opponent and the advice given to her by Kero Khan. At each fight she will wear a new costume, made by her best friend Tomoyo, very rich and passionate about photography, who will film her during the fights. Sakura is in love with Yukito, a friend of her brother with a kind, likeable and great goodness, but in reality this is Yue, the one who defends the Clow Cards and hides his true identity to get to know his opponent Sakura better. Touya also manifests particular powers, in fact she is able to perceive souls and immediately feels the presence of something magical, in fact she understands that Kero Khan is not a simple puppet. Another friend of Sakura's is Li Shaoran, who is later discovered to be related to Clow Leed, the creator of the cards. Thanks to his powers he decides to help Sakura in her mission. So does Kaho Mizuki, the math alternate who will later give Sakura a bell, possessing the power of the moon. In the second episode Sakura will have to face the shadow card, which with its multiple shadows, will create a gigantic confusion inside the school, piling up all the desks and creating confusion among the students, Sakura together with her friend Tomoyo and the inseparable Kero Khan at night enter the school to face this spirit. Thanks to the brilliant intuitions of Tomoyo (who turns on all the lights in the school) and to the indications of Kero Khan, who advises her to use the wind card, the Sakura Card Captor manages to imprison the shadow card. In the third episode "Heartbreaking Appointment", Sakura will have to capture the water card that manifests itself in the penguin aquarium, harnessing the instructor in its vortex. Luckily Touya, Sakura's brother manages to free her immediately. The second manifestation of the card occurs during the first appointment between Sakura and Yukito, also at the aquarium, where the young man shows Sakura some areas he had not yet visited. Again the water paper tries to eliminate Sakura by breaking the walls of the aquarium and making her drown. In this case she is saved by Yukito, who with an emergency ax, opens some gaps to drain the water. Sakura, along with Kero Khan and Tomoyo who followed her, decides to take action, but she will have to use all the cards she has captured so far. With the flight card she will follow, with the air card she will attract her into a vortex that will lead her inside a fridge freezer, where the spirit of the water will be blocked and then captured by Sakura inside the card.

The series of Pesca your paper Sakura transmitted in 1998 by Italia 1 was abruptly interrupted, as homosexual themes could emerge, given the great admiration of Tomoyo of Sakura's confrontations, which he shoots with the camera and to whom he gives numerous clothes. In addition, many suspicions also fall on Touya, Sakura's brother and Yukito, his best friend, also united by deep friendship. Many scenes and dialogues were initially censored, until we came across key points for the purpose of the continuation of the story, in fact after the revelation of Yue, the second guardian of Clow's book it is understood that both Sakura and Sakura are in love with him. Li Shaoran.

All the characters and images of Card Captor Sakura are copyright CLAMP, Kodansha, NEP21, Mad House, Sogovision, NHK and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles
01. The mysterious book
02. My best friend
03. Heart-pounding appointment
04. This house is a jungle!
05. The cheerful plush shop
06. Memories of the past
07. The painting
08. The rival
09. A dangerous pin
10. A sweet flowery rain
11. The treasure chest
12. Time
13. Trip to the zoo
14. A busy evening
15. Friends again
16. A rainbow of memories
17. The test of courage
18. Festival of lights
19. The tasks of the holidays
20. From China with fury
21. The marathon
22. The congress
23. The singing ghost
24. A little adventure
25. Who are you really?
26. Mysterious labyrinths
27. A thousand memories
28. The cards of wishes
29. It doesn't get sweeter
30. At full speed
31. On the wings of fantasy
32. What a mess!
33. Ice skating
34. The treasure hunt
35. Merry Christmas!
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