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Original title: droopy
Tex Avery
Droopy, Tom and Jerry
Production: Hanna-Barbera
Directed by:Tex Avery, Dick Lundy, Michael Lah
Country: United States
Year: 1943
Broadcast in Italy: 1958
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 24
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The dog Droopy is the cartoon character conceived and designed by Tex Avery on March 20, 1943, for Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the same production company of Tom & Jerry.


Initially his name was Happy Hound (which means Happy Hound) until 1949, as he introduced himself to his audience with the phrase: "hi kind happy ... you know what? I am a hero". The characteristic of Droopy is that of being a dog always sleepy, with a typical speech of unresponsive and lazy people, but despite the appearance Droopy always proves to be an intelligent and cunning dog, which makes life impossible for the swindler on duty manages to throw him in jail or make him look bad.

In his first cartoon, we find Droopy on the trail of a thief escaped from prison and his voice was entrusted to actor Bill Thompson, but later several voice actors alternated in this role, which strongly characterizes Droopy's personality. His most famous cartoon is undoubtedly "The Police Dog of the Northwest", in which Droopy appears in all the places where the thief tries to escape, disguised as a policeman, as a cowherd and using many other tricks.


When the thief was exhausted and at the end of his strength, Droopy with his usual phlegm, said the phrase "You know what? All this exasperates me!" after which the escapee, he locked himself in jail out of desperation. After a year off, Tex Avery resumed production of Droopy cartoons in 1951, until 1953, the year of his retirement from Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Droopy was taken over by Michael Lah, who collaborated with William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. To him we owe the 1957 Oscar for the best cartoon with "One Droopy Knight" ("The Droopy Knight"). In 1970 the production of Droopy cartoons for television was started, directed by Frank Welker, while in 1990 they were taken over by Hanna and Barbera, who conceived Droopy's son called Dripple and with him a whole series of gadgets, toys and merchandising aimed at children. Later there was the production of Droopy Master Detective which was broadcast by the satellite broadcaster "Boomerang". Droopy also made an appearance in the famous animated live action film."Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". As for its transposition to comics, Droopy had the honor of having been drawn by Carl Barks (The author of Scrooge McDuck and many others Disney goslings), which in Italy were published by the Cenisio publishing house.

Droopy is Copyright © Tex Avery - MGM - Hanna & Barbera and of the right holders and is used exclusively for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles
1943 - Dumb-Hounded
1945 - The Shooting Of Dan McGoo
1945 - Wild And Woolly
1946 - Northwest Hounded Police
1949 - Señor Droopy
1949 - Wags To Riches
1949 - Out Foxed
1950 - The Chump Champ
1951 - Daredevil Droopy
1951 - Droopy's Good Deed
1951 - Droopy's "Double Trouble"

1952 - Caballero Droopy
1953 - The Three Little Pups
1954 - Drag-A-Long Droopy
1954 - Homesteader Droopy
1954 - Dixieland Droopy
1955 - Deputy Droopy
1956 - Millionaire Droopy
1957 - Grin And Share It
1957 - Blackboard Jumble
1958 - Sheep Wrecked
1958 - Mutts About Racing
1958 - Droopy Leprechaun

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