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Dumbo and JumboDUMBO

This movie is the moving story of Dumbo, a baby elephant with the big ears, the son of Jumbo elephant. Dumbo is immediately ridiculed and humiliated by the elephants of the circus and to the staff of the circus, because of his ears that cause a lot of trouble. His mother to protect him, rebel against this situation, but will be imprisoned and separated from her baby. Timothy the mouseDumbo know the merry mouse Timothy, the only friend who understand, that his handycap is also his great talent. With a little luck, a lot of determination and outstanding courage, Dumbo learns to soar in the air, becoming the attraction of flying circus. The movie has moments of great creativity, as the dream of Dumbo, one of the best pieces almost surreal. Among the soap bubbles, Dumbo sees myriad of elephants, from many different colors, which make a wonderful "Silly Symphony". Dumbo is one of the most beloved movies, including those created by Walt Disney and was winner of the Oscar for best soundtrack.

Dumbo the flying elephant
Original title:  Dumbo
Nation:  U.S.A.
Release date:  1941
Time:  64'
Direction:  Walt Disney
Supervision:  Ben Sharpsteen
Production: Walt Disney
Distribution:  RKO Radio Pictures
Release :  October 31, 1941

All names, images and trademarks are copyright © Walt Disney

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