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Ernesto Quickshot

Original title: Quick Draw McGraw
Ernesto Sparalesto, Babalui
Production: Hanna and Barbera
Regia: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
Country: USA
Year: 1959
Gender: Comedian / Western
Episodes: 45
Duration: 7 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Ernesto Sparalesto and Baba Looey

From 1957 Hanna and Barbera left Metro Goldwyn Mayer and set up on their own, creating the famous company "Hanna & Barbera". From here began the very famous cartoons with the characters we all know. After the already mentioned Praccobald Bau and the mice Pixie and Dixie in 1958, on 28 September 1959 it was the turn of Ernesto Sparalesto and Baba Looey. Ernesto Sparalesto (Quick Draw McGraw in the original version) plays the role of sheriff and has the mission of safeguarding peace in the frontiers of the West. But our protagonist is ... a horse - moreover with very slow movements! He can hardly get his gun out of his belt and, when he does, he inevitably hurts the wrong man ... ah! If only he listened to the advice of his inseparable friend, the Mexican donkey Baba Looey. But there is nothing to be done, Ernesto always chooses the wrong direction, walking calmly towards comic catastrophes. Among various episodes that have amused children all over the world we remember those with the masked avenger El Kabong, a sort of Zorro, who instead of the sword uses a guitar, beating her in the head on the unfortunate on duty, after having dropped from a rope.

Ernesto Quickshooter El Kabong

A personagcharacteristic is Snuffles, a dog with an infallible nose who helps Ernesto Sparalesto and Baba Looey only after receiving his favorite dog biscuit, once eaten for joy, he indulges in some hilarious coaxing: he hugs himself, floats in the air and lands on the ground like a feather in total ecstasy. In the course of his adventures he will meet the classic characters of the old west as bad and spiteful bandits, Indians, girls to be saved, but there is no shortage of ghosts and various monsters.

Ernesto Sparalesto's cartoons are currently broadcast on Italy 1 at 18,00 and Boomerang at 11,45.


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Video by Ernesto Sparalesto

Quick Draw McGraw video


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