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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Original title: Shin seiki Evangelion
Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Soryu Langley, Toji Suzuhara, Kaworu Nagisa, Mari Illustrious Makinami, Gendo Ikari, Kozo Fuyutsuki, Misato Katsuragi, Ritsuko Akagi, Ryoji Kaji, Shigeru Aoba, Makoto Hyuga, Maya Ibukia
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
Production: Gainax, Tatsunoko
Regia: Hideaki Anno
Country: Japan
Year: October 4th 1995
Broadcast in Italy: December 12 2000
Gender: Science fiction / Robot / Drama
Episodes: 26 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

NEON GENESIS GOSPELNeon Genesis Evangelion was produced in 1995 by Studio Gainax and is certainly one of the most beautiful souls that have been broadcast, especially for the fact that the plot with a biblical background, must be read from different points of view and leaves the viewer with unsolved questions, in particular about the "Angels" and their mission. Excellent animations, shots and carefully studied music, ranging from Pink Floyd style atmospheres to classical music. The saga is divided into three episodes: "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Evangelion: Death & Rebirth" and "The end of Evangelion". Given its complexity, we will try to summarize the events.The story begins in the year 2000 when a giant asteroid falls in Antarctica. It is actually a gigantic living organism called Adam the first "Angel", and it is the sign of a "warning" for the entire human race. Scientists try to study that strange being, but their experiments lead to the coming of the second Angel and thus to the "Second Impact" on Antarctica. The cataclysm has gigantic proportions. The continent of ice is reduced to a thousand pieces, the earth's axis shifts and the heat caused by the explosion is so intense that the ice of Antarctica melts causing a flood on the entire surface of the planet, the waters swallow the coastal cities, the Earth is devastated by earthquakes and every other kind of natural disaster. Mankind has come close to extinction. As if that were not enough, the Angels had in fact specified during their short stay that they would return to Earth to verify that the earthlings had learned their lesson (the story in this regard leaves several questions ..., is it perhaps genetic manipulation?). In fact, in the year 2015 the 3rd Angel appears who engages the Earth Defense Forces in terrible battles.

Battles that, despite the use of formidable weapons such as N 'bombs, see the Angel unharmed and the poor men defeated. There are, however, people who already knew of the forthcoming coming of the Angels, and they have prepared themselves. Thanks to the remains of the first "Angel", NERV, a secret organization created specifically to face these creatures, has created the Evangelions, gigantic humanoids controlled via a neural interface. There are three Evangelions: EVA-00 EVA-01 and EVA-02. These monsters (even if they remember them, they are not robots as we are used to, but real living creatures,) with their anthropomorphic form can use an unlimited number of weapons and the use of special optional equipment make them able to operate. in prohibitive conditions (for example, while diving). They are electrically powered through a powerful cable inserted in the back and they need precise neural synchronization with the rider in order to fully exploit their incredible power. Gendo Ikari, the cool commander of NERV and the director of the mysterious "Human Complementation Project" established in 2001 AD he used a program called "Marduke" (a program made by Seel) to identify the pilots destined to lead the Evangelions. The program identified three pilots, all fourteen years old: Rei Ayanami (EVA-00), Soryu Asuka Langley (EVA-02) and Shinji Ikari (EVA-01) the only son of Gendo. As it has been said, pilots are special people, their ability consists in the synchrony between their body and their brain with that of these creatures. It is therefore clear that more than personal skill, it takes precise characteristics of the DNA structure. After a hard fight, the Evangelions defeat the Angel, but at a high price, Asuka, the skilled EVA-01 pilot, ends up in a coma. Shinji, one of the protagonists of the film, is an introverted boy with a past full of heavy bitterness. Orphaned of a mother and with a father not attentive to his life, he is now increasingly depressed by the situation in which his friend Asuka finds himself. In the hospital he tries to wake her from her coma and cries all over herself, believing that the girl's situation is because of him. Shinji's friendship with Asuka is strengthened by the same troubled childhood they experienced.  During a conference between NERV and SEEL, events are destined to precipitate. The members of the Seel point to the fact that now that the Angels have been eliminated, the time has come to start the latest evolution of the human race, therefore they would like to force men to merge with the "Angels" in order to give rise to one perfect being (according to their theory). director of SEELE says that the experiment on Eva 01 must be carried out to carry out this experiment.

Gendo feared commander of the NERV e Shinji's father is not convinced and supported by the deputy commander Fuyutsuki, he opposes with great determination , saying the death of a creature will never lead to anything constructive. Keel angered by Nerv's opposition to their project officially declares war on him. Misato, director of military operations of NERV, believes that there are still several truths to be discovered about the angels, so she tries to find the missing pieces in Nerv's computer, but is warned via cellphone, by Lt. Makoto, telling her, that the government has issued the Special Order, with which all the special protections it had are removed from Nerv. To take possession of the Eva, Seele contacted the Japanese government telling them that Nerv wants to destroy the world by unleashing the "Third Impact". The government, confident in the Seel, has therefore ordered all Nerv offices around the world to attempt a cyber attack against the Japanese Nerv MAGI to take control. When the IT operators are unable to cope with the invasion, it is decided to call the r back into serviceresponsible for the Evangelion project Ritsuko, this gets to work and manages to stop the cybernetic invasion at the last moment by restoring normal control. But Gendo and Fuyutsuki know that Seele will not give up so easily, and indeed.

 After the first cyber invasion attempt fails, Keel orders the government to attack Nerv with all the military weapons of the army. Thus, in a short time the area around the Nerv was surrounded by soldiers, who were ordered to occupy the institute, recover the Eva, and kill everyone, including the wounded. The attack begins and Misato then orders to transfer Eva and the pilots to a safe place. Asuka despite her state of coma, is transferred to 02, given the fact that staying there is no longer safe. Misato has 02 sent to the lake near the Nerv. Shinji and Rei have disappeared. Shinji is in serious danger within the Nerv. In fact, the soldiers who have already penetrated the Nerv take no prisoners and could kill even those who surrender. Misato orders to flood the corridors with special Bakelite, hoping to be able to slow down the army men, then loads her gun and, after giving Makoto the command, runs to Shinji.
  The army approaches, and Makoto and Shigeru pull out their weapons, just as an explosion announces the arrival of the soldiers. Shigeru passes a gun to Maya, but she, the defender of life at all costs, refuses to shoot humans. The soldiers, on the other hand, have no such feelings of guilt, and continue to shoot. Meanwhile Rei is in the room where there are the remains of the clones where she is joined by Gendo who invites her to escape. Some soldiers find Shinji and point their weapons at him. But in that moment Misato arrives who manages to free him. Then he grabs Shinji and drags him towards his car, since the boy even more closed in his despair, has no desire to get up or to live. Meanwhile, the attack continues, and the army occupies the underground base of the Nerv. Misato leads Shinji to the place where her EVA-01 was brought. During the trip he tells him what he has discovered about Seele's intentions, revealing to him the secret of humanity. Men are actually children of Lilith (an angelic entity that has been recovered from Nerv), and therefore the whole of humanity can be considered as the eighteenth Angel. The previous Angels, also born of Lilith, were alternative evolutions to the human form. Meanwhile, inside 02, Asuka in a coma, inside continues to fight with death. Suddenly, to his invocations not to want to die, a female voice begins to answer; it is the mother who appears to him in a dream. Then he understands that his mother's spirit is in 02, and when he gives her his hand, he wakes up from a coma and his synchrony rate with 02 goes back to a sudden high. So 02 awakens, and once on the surface it attacks the army. Asuka feels protected by her mother. The Seele, responds to the attack of 02 and thus makes "its" Evangelion units come into action: thus, nine planes launch nine white Evangelion, equipped with a continuous energy engine. The nine Eva land surrounding Asuka's 02, and Misato tells her they need to be shot down. Asuka notices that there are just over three minutes to go until the energy of her 02 runs out, despite everything, she launches an attack against them.
The 9 Eva of the Seel fly above the Eva02 like the vultures on their meal.

While Misato tries to convince Shinji to get on 01, she is wounded by the soldiers, but she manages to defeat. The two continue to talk. Shinji seized by his victimization, does not feel like getting on the evangelion again as it is because of him that Asuka finds herself in that situation. Misato scolds him, then tells him that only by piloting the Eva will she be able to find the answers to her questions. Misato gives Shinji the cross he wears around his neck, then gives him a kiss on the mouth, saying they will continue the conversation when he returns, then locks him in the elevator that will take him to drive 01. The wound caused by the soldiers and was deadly, and Misato dies. Shinji, in the elevator, feels the taste of Misato's blood in his mouth, realizes that the young woman's wound is fatal, then bursts into tears. Meanwhile, while Asuka continues to fight against the Eva of the Seele, Gendo and Rei arrive in front of Lilith, but there they find Ritsuko, who points a gun at them and announces that he has a remote control with which he will command the MAGI to destroy the Nerv. Ritsuko activates the command, but the explosion doesn't happen, so Gendo draws a gun and shoots it. Ritusko falls into the sea of ​​LCL that flows from Lilith. As he falls, he sees another Rei. Meanwhile, Asuka continues to fight alone against the Seele Eva, but Shinji, while listening to everything, continues to sit in the 01 hangar without doing anything. The energy of 02 is about to end, but despite Asuka commits herself to the spasm, the Eva of the Seele after having pierced her body with spears, launch themselves like vultures on it and tear it to pieces. At this point, Shinji pushed by the 01 that moves by itself, gets on board. Meanwhile, the 01 takes off, but Shinji sees the remains of the 02 devoured by the Seele Eva, so he screams with all his breath in his throat.Gendo decides it is time to carry out the experiment on Rei, and as he speaks the girl's left arm comes off. Gendo places his hand on Rei's chest: the hand penetrates the girl's body, and Gendo carries her down, saying that the time has come to abandon the useless bodies and unite all souls. Let's go where Yui is.Shinji falls into a state of tremendous despair and regrets not intervening to save Asuka and now he wants to die.As if he had listened to it, the real Lance of Longinus leaves the lunar orbit and falls on Earth, stopping a few steps from the neck of the 01.The Seele project can be accomplished, and the members begin to chant a kind of invocation, while their Evangelions reach 01 in the air and take it higher.The Geo Front begins to rise, as it incorporates the BLACK MOON, the place where Lilith was found, which is the place where humanity was born.While Gendo works on Rei, she feelsShinji's cry of pain. Taking off Gendo's arm and regenerating her Rei, she flies to Lilith, saying she's back home, and enters her while Lilith replies: Welcome back. Breaking free from the nails Lilith begins to grow and become gigantic, then reaches the EVA-01.Shinji, terrified, notices that the giantess is similar to Rei, and calls her by name: Lilith thus assumes the shape of the girl.The Eva of the Seele surround her, to assimilate her. Thousands of Rei's faces come out of the mouths of the Evangelion of the Seel, the face of Lilith deforms, and this increases the terror of Shinji, while on the body of the 01 her core appears. In order not to overly traumatize Shinji, Lilith changes shape, transforming into Kaworu, and Shinji is reassured by the sight of her best friend. in the meantimethe Lance of Longinus approaches the nucleus of 01 and as soon as it touches it, the EVA-01 transforms into a kind of gigantic cross, from which eyes emerge.Shinji begins to review the figures of his past.Men had the Fruit of Knowledge, and Angels the Fruit of Life. Now that 01 has both of them, he's like a god. If he becomes the Ark of Salvation or the Destroyer, Ikari's son will determine it. The Black Moon has passed the stratosphere, and Lilith takes her by the hands, spreading her wings. Thousands of Rei appear all over the place, transforming the bodies into LCL. Makoto, Maya, Fuyutsuki and Shigeru review their loved ones who died, Misato, Ritsuko and Rei respectively, before being all transformed into LCL including Keel.Gendo, on the other hand, is devoured by an apparition of 01, as an atonement for the evil inflicted on Shinji, despite the fact that he justifies himself and repents that his presence would only harm the boy.While the Eva of the Seele painfully pierce the cores with their spears, the men of all the earth are transformed into LCL.

Eventually, 01 is greeted by Lilith's gigantic body, inside which thousands of Rei float. The collection of men in the form of LCL liquid takes place within Lilith.Shinji and Rei find themselves in this sea, while the latter is about to assimilate her friend, placing her hands on his body.Shinji thinks back to Misato's cross and thinks that everything that is happening is not right. She takes Rei's arms and pulls them away from her body.Kaworu then appears, asking why Shinji wants everything to go back to the way it was before, despite his continuous past suffering. Rei replies that Kaworu and Shinji represent hope: the hope that people can love and understand each other.It is the hearts of the people that transform them and all those who have been transformed into LCL will be able to return to their human form if they want to in their hearts. The 01 comes out of Lilith's body, which begins to unravel, while the Eve of the Seele petrify and fall to Earth.Shinji sees his mother again who encourages him to life, because only with her is there the possibility to regenerate and find the paradise of happiness on earth. Yui goes, with 01, with the Lance of Longinus, in space, so that the universe knows that life on Earth continues.Shinji awakens on a shore of the earth. The LCL orbits the Earth, and Shinji sees Re i and Asuka again


All characters and images of Neon Genesis Evangelion are copyright Gainax / Project EVA - TV Tokyo - NAS. and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles of Neon genesis Evangelion
01. The attack of the angel
02. Unknown ceilings
03. A phone that doesn't ring
04. Escape in the rain
05. Rei, beyond her heart
06. Decisive battle in NeoTokyo 3
07. A work of man
08. Asuka's arrival in Japan
09. The instant, the thoughts, the harmony
10. Immersion in magma
11. In the still darkness
12. The value of a miracle
13. The invasion of the angel
14. Seele the throne of the soul
15. Lies and silences
16. Deadly disease and then ...
17. The fourth qualified subject
18. Selection of life
19. Men's battle
20. Form of the soul form of man
21. Nerv, the birth
22. At least human being
23. Tears
24. The last sacrificial messenger
25. A world that ends
26. The being that shouts I in the heart of the world
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