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Ox Tales

Ox Tales

Original title: Geragera Busu Monogatari
Alvaro the ox, Camilla the turtle, Toby the dog, Gertrude the ostrich, Ele the elephant, Rambo and Rambina the gorillas,
Modigliani the giraffe, Ruler the zebra, Rino and Rina the rhinos, Scavabuchi, the moles, Bidon the pig, King Din Don the lion, Borsello the crocodile, Old River the alligator, Molly and Mary the cows, Breathtaking the skunk, Pink the sow, Potamo the hippopotamus
Porte-enfant the stork

Production: Telescreen Japan Studio, Teleimage, Meander Studio

Author: Wil Raymakers, Thijs Wilms
: Hiroshi Sasagawa
: Japan
Year: April 7 1987
Broadcast in Italy: March 1989
Gender: Comedy
Episodes: 51
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

The cartoon fantazoo, also known as "Ox Tales" and "The Merry Adventures of Alvaro" was broadcast for the first time in Italy in 1989 on Odeon TV. The series is a Dutch and Japanese co-production created by the Telescreen, Teleimage and Meander Studio studios. Based on the Dutch comic "Ox Tales" created by Wil Raymakers and Thijs Wilms, the animated series consists of 102 episodes each lasting 10 minutes. The main protagonist is the Alvaro ox that lives in a forest together with a great variety of animals: horses, elephants, rhinos, lions, ostriches, moles, etc.

Ox Tales

His inseparable friend is the tortoise Camilla, who always runs after him, often losing his shell along the way. Alvaro is a hard worker, strong, ingenious and always full of optimism. Alvaro is also very altruistic, but most of the time in trying to help the other animals of the forest ends up complicating everyone's life, including himself by creating comic situations that see him as the protagonist. Alvaro knows how to try his hand at various jobs: he cultivates the land, builds houses and does not disdain to try his hand at impossible feats such as that of snake charmer, but ends up deafening all the animals of the forest.

In one episode we find him trying to collect honey, trying to avoid the stings of bees. He will be able to start a beekeeping business, but a bear greedy for honey will arrive to steal all his production.

Ox Tales

All characters and images of Fantazoo are copyright Telescreen, Teleimage, Meander Studio, Wil Raymakers, Thijs Wilms and the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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