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Flash, the superhero of comics

Original title: T
Flash, Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, Bart Allen
Authors: Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert
Publishers: DC Comics / Arnoldo Mondadori Publisher

Country: United States
: 1940 mm
Gender: Cartoon superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

The comic book superhero Flash was born in 1940 by the writers Gardner Fox, Robert Kanigher and was designed by Harry Lampert who was later joined by Sid Greene, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson. This character initially published by the National Periodical Publications inc, ceased its publications in 1951, but was revived in 1956 by DC Comics, the publishing house of the most famous superheroes in the world: Superman e Batman. The peculiarity or rather, the superpower that characterizes Flash is its extraordinary supersonic speed in the race, in fact the name Flash, translated from English means "Lightning". Initially the story of Flash That of the student Jay Garrick, who, after an accident in a chemistry laboratory and following the inhalation of heavy water vapors, acquires an extraordinary speed such as to become the fastest man in the world. At first Flash he wore a red sweatshirt with a lightning bolt on his chest, blue pants and boots with wings on his feet, but what most characterized him was a military helmet with flaps on the sides. Flash he fought against bizarre and diabolical criminals and super-villains that he was able to defeat punctually thanks to his super-speed, even faster than the bullets fired at him.

Flash in its first comic version

In the 1956 DC comics production, Flash was designed by Carmine Infantino and its original history was changed. The protagonist is no longer Jay Garrick, but the young chemist of the forensics Barry Allen, who was struck by lightning during an experiment in the laboratory that transforms him, as in the previous character, into the man faster than sound. Barry Allen realizes he has become like the famous comic book hero, so he takes the same name as Flash. His costume, much more "superheroistic than the previous one, is red with a yellow lightning bolt on the chest, enclosed by a white circle, has yellow lightning bolts at the wrists and waist, two small wings at the ears and a pair of boots. yellow in color Flash is enclosed within a tiny ring that Barry Allen wears on a finger and when he has to transform into the Flash, he triggers a spring that releases his costume which in contact with the air expands to the extent necessary to be worn, which it does thanks to its super vibrations. In fact, its speed is such that its own bodily vibrations allow it a molecular splitting which allows it to cross to pass through walls and objects in general, but it can also stop bullets and even travel in time, based on the theory of Heinstein's relativity, that is, when one approaches the speed of light, space contracts and time expands. Flash like all American superheroes, he fights super-villains in the service of the police and also hides his true identity.

Not even his wife, Iris West, a TV reporter is aware that Barry Allen and The Flash are actually the same person. The six supervillains world of The Flash is very similar to the bizarre and varied world of Superman and Batman. Among the villains who have put our hero in difficulty we remember first of all the Violinist, who appeared already in the first series of Flash. The violinist is the criminal Isaac Bowin, who thanks to his Stradivarius violin and his hypnotic arts that have been taught to him by an Indian fakir, manages to hypnotize the unfortunates with his music. Then we remember The Transformer Erik Razar, able to transform into any animal, such as tiger, rhino, eagle and gorilla. Then there is the fascinating Sapphire, coming from another dimension. This story begins when Dr. Maria Flura, while working in his laboratory one evening, a large elliptical object appeared to him. The object had a door with a purple-blue star depicted. The following day, Dr. Flura got in touch with the flash about the object, assuming that it came from the "secret city" of the Amazons.


Flash and Dr. Fluna decide to open the door and are then violently transported to another realm. Here they meet Sapphire, the princess of the Amazons who is in the world of the seventh dimension. His plan is to enter the terrestrial planet to destroy and dominate it. But that of Flash and Dr. Fluna is only a virtual projection as their real bodies are prisoners of the capsule that carried them, but thanks to its super speed Flash will be able to master this intricate adventure full of suspense. Another singular thief is Peter Merkel, better known as "The rag doll" as he carries out the robberies disguised as a puppet. The "Rival" is instead another Flash, disguised like him and with his own superpowers, but with much more evil ideas. It is actually his former teacher Dr. Clariss, who learned about the secret of heavy water vapors, which can transform people into super fast beings, but the effect of his super power has a limited duration. over time and after this period he returns to being an ordinary man. But the most diabolical mind that has put the Flash superhero in serious trouble is that of Clifford Devoe, better known as "The Thinker", a lawyer who puts his intelligence at the service of crime and who subsequently thanks to a hyper-technological helmet that upgrades his mental faculties becomes a real super-villain.

Finally we cannot fail to mention the charming super-villain Thorn "The Thorn". It has a similar speed to Flash and fights by throwing explosive and poisonous thorns. Her superpowers derive from rare flora toxins known only on Tashmi Island. It is immune to stings of any kind, including bullets, but its Achilles heel is its own inner conflicts.
As well as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, green Lantern, Hawk Man., Aquaman and many others, Flash is also part of the "Justice League", also known as the "Justice League" an association of superheroes that unites when the entire planet is in danger.


On the superhero Flash, in 1990 was also made a film directed by Robert Iscove with John Wesley Shipp, along with a series of 21 telefilms where the origins of the character are the same as the DC Comics Flash. In 1991 there was also an encore with the film "Flash 2 - Trickster's Revenge".

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