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Geronimo Stilton

Original title: Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo Stilton, Tea Stilton, Kuk, Benjamin Stilton, Trap Stilton, Patty Spring, Pandora Woz, Nonno Torquato Travolgiratti, Pinky Pick, Pina Topozzi, Nose Squitt, Aunt "Lippa" Eulippa Merletti Stilton, Uncle Spelliccio, Tenebrosa Tenebrax, Subterrasorci Tenebrax, Brividella, Grandma Crypta
Production: Rai Fiction, Moonscoop Productions, Atlantyca Entertainment
Regia: Guy Vasilovich
Country: Italy, France, United States
Year: September 15, 2009
Gender: Adventure
Episodes: 78 mm
Duration: 23 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Starting from Tuesday 15 September 2009 on Rai Due at 7,25 The cartoon series of Geronimo Stilton has begun, the famous mouse of children's books by Edizioni Piemme, born from the imagination of Elisabetta Dami. After having sold thousands of volumes all over the world, the cartoon arrives on the screens with a considerable consensus of the very young audience and parents, who appreciate the didactic quality of the stories.
The series consists of 26 episodes lasting 30 minutes each, and was produced by Atlantyca Entertainment and Moonscoop Productions, in collaboration with Mike Young Productions and with the participation of Rai Fiction.

Geronimo Stilton is a journalist from the city of Topazia on the Island of Mice, who directs the newspaper L'eco del rodente, but his greatest passion is writing adventure books and jokes, while sipping a cup of hot tea.
Although he is lazy and has a great fear of traveling, as he suffers from seasickness, motion sickness, plane sickness etc ... he is involved by his family and friends who take him around the world, discovering some mystery to be solved thanks to his unsurpassed wit.
He is accompanied by his inseparable sister Tea, with a decidedly opposite temperament to that of Geronimo Stilton, as she is very athletic and dynamic. The charming little mouse knows how to drive all kinds of aircraft, cars and motorcycles, and is an expert in martial arts.
During his adventures Geronimo Stilton is also carried away by the enthusiasm of the volcanic Trappola, his greedy and joker (but also slacker) cousin who always gets into trouble.
Geronimo Stilton's greatest admirer is his nephew Benjamin, who dreams of becoming a famous writer like him. Moreover, he certainly does not lack imagination and inventiveness, since very often it is he who solves the most intricate and difficult situations, especially when dealing with technological equipment. Benjamin is always accompanied by his best friend and schoolmate Pandora, a mouse who loves listening to music and engaging in breathtaking adventures.
To put a spanner in the works for Geronimo Stlton there is always the corpulent Sally Rasmaussen, editor of the newspaper "La Gazzetta del Ratto", competitor of "L'Eco del rodente" and therefore willing to do anything to blow the latest news to his rival. For this he resorts to a thousand tricks, disguises and all sorts of deceptions.

In the episode "The Great Tournament of the Topitsu Warriors" we find Geronimo Stilton and his friends who head to the top of the Ice Fur Peak Mountain, to attend a martial arts tournament. Our protagonist will have to solve the mystery that lies behind the disappearance of the winners of each race. Geronimo, Tea and Trap will also have to contend with the warlike warriors Topitsu and be able to remain unharmed from this adventure.
In the second episode "Operation Shufongfong", Geronimo Stilton will have to figure out who is the thief who stole the very rare Shufongfong lizards from the Topazia museum. His research will take him to the Bandala Jungle to investigate Prince Noguda.

All characters and images are copyright Elisabetta Dami, Edizioni Piemme, Atlantyca Entertainment, Moonscoop Productions, Mike Young Productions Rai Fiction and of those entitled. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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