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Gigi the top

Original title: Dasshu Kappei
Gigi Sullivan, Thomas, Adam, Little John, Gloria, Anna, Solomon, Alan, Tomato, Dick

Production: Tatsunoko
Author: Noboru Rokuda
: Masayuki Hayashi, Seitaro Hara

Country: Japan
Year: 1981
Broadcast in Italy: 1983
Gender: Comedy / Sportsman
Episodes: 65 mm
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Gigi the top and AnnaIThe hilarious Japanese cartoon of Gigi la top (original title Dasshu Kappei) was broadcast for the first time in Italy on various local television stations in 1983. The series consisting of 62 episodes was produced by Tatsunoko in 1981, and is taken from manga comic Dash Kappei (which was published in Italy following the success of the cartoon) drawn by Noboru Rokuda.
Gigi the spinning top (real name Gigi Sullivan) is a short boy (practically a dwarf), but not limited to sports disciplines, in fact he is an extraordinary basketball player, as he is able to make prodigious leaps and crush to the basket ; not to mention the vast range of shots from outside and the tricks he devises to deceive his opponents, one of them being the balloon effect of his trousers, which by inflating allows him to fly.
Gigi la top is an American boy whom his parents sent to study at the Seirin high school in Tokyo, to discipline his rebellious and transgressive character. He is hosted by the family of Anna Akane, a very sweet girl with whom Gigi has fallen madly in love. Gigi does everything to attract the attention of the girl especially when playing basketball, as Anna is the assistant of Gloria, the coach of the school team. But what gives him an edge is when he is able to peek under the girls' skirts and look at their white panties (especially Anna's); at that point he becomes truly irrepressible and manages to win games by practically playing alone. Gigi the top and SolomonTo complicate Gigi's life, however, there is Salomone, Anna's dog who does everything to put a spoke in the wheel to the boy and have fun combining all kinds of teasing, as jealous and possessive towards his mistress ( who dreams of being able to marry). Gigi is included in the school basketball team, but initially sends his teammates and the coach into a rage, for his total anarchy to the most elementary rules. Here he meets Captain Thomas (known for his proverbial bad luck), Adam a beautiful boy in love with Gloria, Little John a tall and strong boy, but at the same time very good-natured, and finally Joe and Dick. Among the opponents we find Alan, Anna's ex boyfriend with great class and an extraordinary three-point shot and various characters all very original and with absurd and bizarre characteristics: ghost opponents, with sticky sweat, with hypnotic powers etc...

Gigi the topThere is no shortage of references to successful films like Star Wars or other cartoons like Kyashan. In order to win the school basketball tournament, Gigi must face a very strong team trained by a strange character, dressed as Darth Vader, the Jedi from Star Wars. Also attending the match are Gigi's parents, Gigiotto and Gigetta, two rather strange types who, coming from the American countryside, find themselves uncomfortable with the chaotic world of the city of Tokyo and combine many fools. The mysterious coach of the opposing team is actually Gigi's grandfather, the one who taught him all the secrets of basketball since he was a child, subjecting him to hard and exhausting training with a stick. Gigi the topFor this reason, Gigi's parents sent him to study in Japan, just to keep him away from his terrible grandfather, who now wants to take revenge on his basketball team and give his grandson a humiliating defeat. During the game Gigi the top, however, proves to be full of resources and tricks, which amaze his grandfather and lead his team to victory. Eventually the whole family will make peace and Gigi can be embraced by his grandfather. After winning the basketball championships, Gigi the spinning top tries his hand at other sports and here too he obtains excellent results. This arouses the envy and anger of his rivals, as while they apply themselves with grueling and tiring training to the various sports disciplines, Gigi always obtains the maximum result without athletic training. Gigi the topBecome a champion of running, Kendo, fencing, surfing and in particular of table tennis, where he engages in fun and heated clashes with the president of the Prescott club. Unfortunately the Seirin high school will have to be destroyed, as a beautiful funfair will be built in its place, however the manager of this business gives a chance to the students in protest: they will have to win the superman competition against a careful selection of all strong champions. and super athletics. All the best students will take part in this competition from Alan to Thomas, from Adam to Little John and of course Gigi the spinning top cannot be missing, who is initially happy for the construction of the Luna Park instead of the school, but who is later convinced from Anna to compete. In fact, it is thanks to the feats of Gigi that after a grueling competition, the thugs are defeated and the school is so safe. Thanks to this feat Gigi will see his dream of love fulfilled, getting engaged to Anna who finally fell in love with him.

by Gianluigi Piludu

Gigi the top is copyright Tatsunoko, Mondo Home Entertainment 2004 and of those entitled and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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Episode titles
01. The basketball star
02. Miss Anna
03. Gigi and Solomone
04. A system for winning
05. Gigi you are the strongest
06. Games in the air
07. How to win your love
08. The marathon
09. Shelley's secret
10. The rival
11. The exams
12. Alan's deadly blow
13. The old lady
14. The super shot
15. The great challenge
16. The kidnapping
17. The women's team
18. Gigi the star
19. Weight loss diet
20. The joke
21. The flying race
22. Gigi's grandparents
23. Gigi's parents
24. Solomon's revenge
25. Gigi is sad
26. An important game
27. A magical championship
28. Gymnastic lessons
29. Golf game
30. Ice hockey
31. Fever of love
32. A fairy tale for Gigi
33. The ping-pong club
34. Susan against Gigi
35. The rude Prescott
36. Anna in the club
37. Gigi on the counterattack
38. Gigi against Prescott
39. The Adams brothers
40. Anna's challenge
41. The electric man
42. The gorilla
43. Joe crocker
44. The ancient treasure
45. The giant bear
46. ‚Äč‚ÄčAdventure in New York
47. Space mission
48. Gigi returns home
49. Sumo school
50. The recovery exam
51. Fencing club
52. Secret workouts
53. Carlos the rival
54. Who will win?
55. The end of Carlos
56. The werewolf
57. The terrible wizard
58. Gigi against the robot
59. The destroyed school
60. The shark
61. Superman race
62. The super winner
63. Until the last breath
64. Lovers
65. Last act


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