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Dare Devil

The comic

Original title: Daredevil
Matt Murdock / Daredevil, Karen Page, Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson, Claire Temple, James Wesley, Ben Urich, Leland Owlsley,
Vanessa Marianna, Wilson Fisk, Doris Urich, Serg. Brett Mahoney, Turk Barrett, Frank Castle / Punisher, Elektra Natchios, Electro, the Owl, the followers of Fear, Stilt-Man, the Cobra, Mister Hyde, the Beetle, Torpedo, Stunt-Master
Authors: Stan Lee, Bill Everett

Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: 1964 mm
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After the extraordinary success of Spider-Man and gods Fantastic Four, Stan Lee together with the inseparable Jack Kirby and Bill Everett, in 1964 he decided to launch another superhero: Dare Devil (or Daredevil if you prefer). Like most Marvel superheroes, Dare Devil also has super problems and the very characteristic that makes him an extraordinary man is actually his most serious handicap. We have already seen these problems in the x-men mutants, in the monster-man the incredible Hulk, in the war veteran Captain America and so many others. In the case of Dare Devil his problem = superpower is blindness.

Dare Devil's first comicThe story of Dare Devil is that of little Matt Murdock, a red-haired boy son of boxer Jack Murdock. Matt has lost his mother and lives with his father a difficult life in the slums of New York. The father is forced to fight in the ring to pay for his son's education in order to make him a lawyer. Jack, however, was also involved in the local underworld who enlisted him to convince local traders to pay the "protection money", but he is deeply ashamed of his existence and hiding his involvement in the underworld, teaches Matt to be a model boy , thus avoiding resorting to violence to solve problems. Little Matt, despite everything, esteems his father and becomes the best student in the school, which provokes the envy and ridicule of his classmates, who to mock him call him "Daredevil", which in English means reckless or daredevil. Matt then decides, unaware of his father, to dedicate the night to hard gymnastic training and to the knowledge of boxing and martial arts, but he never stops studying during the day and therefore continues to be the model boy ever. But soon something happened that radically changed his life. One day he saw a truck that was about to hit a blind man, with an admirable heroic gesture Matt threw himself on the elderly gentleman and saved him from the bad accident, but a container of radioactive material was thrown from the truck that hit the boy on the head and made him losing sight. Poor Matt was now in the same condition as the gentleman he had saved, but there was something different about him that he had already noticed during his hospitalization. His senses had developed enormously, due to the radioactivity. His touch had become so sensitive that he could read a book simply by passing his fingers over the page, perceiving the very slight relief of the ink. Matt can now recognize people by their natural smell, albeit altered by perfume.

Give Devil and ElektraDare devil he also manages to perceive the arrangement of the objects around him, from the thermal radiation they emit. Intact his father, deeply distressed by the serious incident that happened to Matt and determined to redeem his figure, rebels against the underworld bosses by winning a boxing match, despite having been paid to lose him.This unleashes the fury of the organizers who manage to ambush him and kill him.An angry Matt decides to avenge his father, but resorts to a disguise to hide his true identity. He dresses in a costume, half black and the other red, with a D on his chest and swears that from that moment he would fight to bring justice under the name of Dare devil, the very one with which his schoolmates called him to mock him. Thanks to the use of an extendable stick, he manages to climb buildings and skyscrapers with surprising agility. Dare DevilUsing his extraordinary senses and fighting prowess, he manages to defeat the crime gang and avenge his father. Matt continues to hide his dual identity as a superhero and in everyday life, he is seen as a blind invalid. Meanwhile he manages to graduate in law and together with his inseparable friend Foggy Nelson opens a law firm to practice as a lawyer. The two hire the beautiful Karen Page, a friend of theirs, with whom they are both in love, as their secretary. But the fragile and taciturn Matt Murdock continues his fight against crime under the guise of the incredible Dare Devil. Then face supervillains with superpowers, we remember Electro, the Owl, the followers of Fear, Stilt-Man, the Cobra, Mister Hyde, the Beetle, Torpedo, Stunt-Master and many others. For a time when Matt Murdock moved to San Francisco, Dare Devil was joined by a very glamorous Russian super-heroine named Natasha Romanova, but meglioknown as "The Black Widow". Love was born between the two, but it soon ended after Matt returned to New York, while Natasha remained in San Francisco, but the two continued to remain friends and in some episodes even to fight side by side.

The stories of Dare Devil continued following the classic narrative vein of marvel superheroes, in which writers of the caliber of Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich and Gerry Conway alternated, while for the drawings in addition to the great Gene Colan who made most of the numbers, remember Johnny Romita, Syd Shores, John Buscema, Tom Palmer, Dan Heck, Barry Smith, Mike Esposito, Bill Everett, Joe Orlando, Vince Colletta, Waliace Wood and Jack Kirby. But it was in 1981 that this character had a stylistic change thanks above all to the legendary Frank Miller who created the numbers from 168 to 191. He is responsible for the characterization of the beautiful character of Elektra, a fascinating Greek super-criminal, former flame of Matt Murdock, who is recruited to kill Devil by the psychopath Bullseye. Elektra acknowledges Dare Devil and refuses to kill him, but for this she is punished with death. This will mark a deep wound in Matt's heart. The success of this character is such that he later wins his own head. Another episode that marked Dare Devil's life was during the confrontation with Mysterious, aka Nicholas Macabes. It happened that this criminal he hired Bullseye to kidnap Matt's sister Margaret, believed to be an antichrist. But Karen Page in an attempt to defend the child is killed by the criminal. Dare Devil will manage to defeat too mysteriousand to free the child, but the death of Karen, the most important female figure in his life, marks him for life.


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