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Family Guy
The Griffins

Original title: Family Guy
Seth MacFarlane
Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Vinny Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, Joe Swanson, Loretta Brown, Bonnie Swanson, Mr. Herbert, Adam West, Carter Pewterschmidt, Seamus, Tom Tucker , Diane Simmons, Mort Goldman, Neil Goldman, Jillian Russell, Angela, Consuela, James Woods, Joyce Kinney, Jerome
Production: 20th Century Fox, Fuzzy Door Productions, Film Roman Productions
Regia: Seth MacFarlane
: United States
Year: January 31 1999
Broadcast in Italy: November 5 2000
Gender: Comedy / Comedian
Episodes: 231
Duration: 21 minutes
Recommended age: Adults aged 20 years and over

Family Guy The animated series for adults by Seth MacFarlaneThe Griffins (Family Guy in the American original) were created by the American cartoonist Seth MacFarlene. It is a cartoon that traces in a humorous key, the vices and virtues of the average American family, a bit like the Simpsons. Due to the topics covered and the dialogues this cartoon it is not suitable for children. The Griffin family consists of Peter Griffin, the burly head of the family (so to speak), the main character of the series, who embodies the most classic characteristics of the common man: he loves being with friends drinking beer, telling jokes, being glued in front of the TV and not taking into consideration the tiring housework of his wife. Peter Griffin, in the course of situations, loves to remember his past life with several flashbacks, which bring him back to some crazy and funny situations, which make this cartoon really hilarious and "crazy".

Peter Griffin is married to Laws, an adorable wife, intelligent, refined and humble who very often forgives the various shortcomings of her husband (now almost resigned), as she is very much in love. Lois dreams of being able to perform as a singer and play the piano in the theater in front of her audience, with her husband giving her a bouquet of roses. But the reality is very different and Mrs. Griffin has to do the most sacrificing housework, without the slightest help from Peter. The two spouses have three children. Meg Griffin is a 16 year old girl, obsessed with her inferiority complexes due to her physical appearance, not very "flashy". Chris Griffin he is the second child, about 12 years old, very similar to his father Peter both in IQ and in his overweight. He adores his father and supports him in the decisions he makes for him. Finally we find the little one Stewie griffin a child of about 1 year of age, who is gifted with exceptional intelligence and who has the ambition to dominate the world. He has delusions of persecution and imagines finding enemies on all sides and finding himself at the center of international plots, on which the fate of humanity depends. For this Stewie griffin invents and designs sophisticated weapons and machines that can also travel through time. Unlike all normal children, he has a visceral hatred towards his mother Lois, whom she insults and despises whenever she lovingly cares for him. To complete the family could not miss the dog and this is Brian. He is a dog of an unspecified breed, best friend of Peter Griffin, who talks like a mature man and does not hesitate to give valuable advice to his owner as he is much wiser than him. He was found by Peter Griffin at a traffic light, as a bum and window cleaner, and after being welcomed and refreshed he became a full member of the Griffin family. He is secretly in love with Lois with whom he shares a sensitive and artistic soul.
In one episode Peter Griffin had some problems with the law and was forced to stay under house arrest with the electronic bracelet. This is because during the football match of his son Chris, he punched a pregnant woman, whom he had mistaken for a man, after she had insulted her son, guilty of having committed the tenth handball in the area. of rigor. His wife Lois, always full of initiative and good intentions, decides to have a romantic dinner with her husband to make him forget his condition, but when Peter goes down to the cellar, the ghost of beer appears, suggesting that he use that space. to make a brewery, so that he can host all his friends. Forgetting the romantic dinner, Peter Griffin transforms the cellar into a kind of saloon, so he can host his friends without leaving home. Her wife goes on a rampage, but she does not lose heart and takes advantage of the piano, to sing and dance in front of her husband's friends, who are enchanted and fascinated by Lois, causing the awkward Peter to worry a lot. .
Very often, in the course of adventures and gags, show business or political characters such as Liza Minelli or Lola Falana appear, who contribute to making this cartoon always full of funny shots. Anyhow it is certainly not a cartoon suitable for children, as it is not "politically correct" because of the bad words and some scenes understandable only to adults.

Griffin All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Seth MacFarlene and of those entitled, are used here for information and dissemination purposes.

Family Guy Videos

Episode titles

1 Season

01. Money from heaven
02. The couch potatoes
03. Matter of teeth
04. The man in white
05. Hero not by chance
06. Not just scouts
07. Brian: portrait of a dog
08. Lord Peter
09. War is war
10. Dinner with the mafia
11. The Pope and the Father
12. Little innocent lies
13. The mystery of the disappeared clam
14. The old lady
15. The king is dead!

Season 2

16. Incontinence therapy
17. Peter's roar
18. Merry Christmas, Griffin!
19. Lando the myth!
20. How not to pay taxes
21. The end of the world
22. Family Guy Talent
23. 15 minutes of shame
24. Get away from the pupae!
25. Fat is good ... but not too much
26. The president
27. Traveling with Brian
28. One against all
29. First page
30. Wasted talent
31. A father on rent
32. The thin white strip
33. Lethal weapon
34. My fair Eliza
35. Red light Hollywood
36. Death seeks wife
37. Lost love penis

Season 3

38. Issue impossible
39. Kiss me stupid
40. A love nest
41. The black knight
42. The monster of the bay
43. The ancestors
44. Olympics and surroundings
45. Don't wake the sleeping dog
46. ​​Down there in the deep South
47. Super glued
48. The madness of the theater
49. The Boneless, Supergriffin, Little Griffins
50. Trip to Europe
51. Death has a shadow

Season 4

52. The two faces of passion
53. It all happened in a school
54. The ugly duckling
55. Blind ambition
56. Friendship betrayed
57. Delayed genius
58. Brian the bachelor
59. Fair trade
60. Getting away seems easy but ...
61. Supermodels
62. My best friend
63. Perfect shipwreck
64. On the run from problems
65. Down with the complaint
66. Brian returns to college
67. Daddy's love
68. If I'm not crazy
69. Life is a swing
70. Father, son and spirit Fonzie
71. Marry today
72. Fat is beautiful
73. The great player
74. New talents
75. Peterotic
76. Now you can also kiss ... the boy
77. Strange appearances
78. The rambling history of the Griffin family

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