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rog of Magog - Wunschpunsch

Original title: Wunschpunsch
Bubonic (Beelzebu Malospirito in the book), Tyranny, Maurizio, Jacopo, Maggot, Nonna Noè, Mr. Kappa, Mrs. Kappa, Kip, Kelly, Mayor, Barbara Blatera, Boccalarga, Goat, Pig, Lioness, Monkey, Cuckoo clock , Chief Hydrant, Zampagrossa
Author: Michael Ende
CinèGroupe, Saban Entertainment
Regia: Philippe Amador
Country: United States
Year: 2000
Broadcast in Italy: 2005
Gender: Fantasy
Episodes: 52
Duration: 30 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

rog of Magog - WunschpunschMagog's Grog cartoons air on Italia 1 dal Monday to Friday at 7,30. The original name of the series (unpronounceable) is Wunschpunsch and it aired for the first time in July 2005 on the Jetix satellite channel. Magog's Grog is based on the children's story Michael Ende, the author of La storia infinita e momo, the cartoons were produced in 1989 by Cin Groupe and Saban Entertainment under the direction of Philippe Amador. The series consists of 52 episodes lasting 25 minutes each.

Grog of Magog is the story of the two crazy wizards Bubonic and Aunt Tyrannia who act on behalf of the evil Maledictus Maggot. Bubonic is a surly and grumpy 700-year-old sorcerer, with poor health, constantly looking for a potion that will make his hair grow back, while Aunt Tyrannia is almost 900 years old and still persists in being fashionable. Their aim is to send spells on the city of Megalopolis, using magical spells they call wunschpunsch in order to generate chaos. Everything would go according to their plans were it not for the cat Maurizio and the crow Jacob, two undercover agents in the service of the Council of Animals, who always avert the curse before seven hours, that is, when it becomes permanent in all respects. With each defeat Bubonic and Tyrannia are punished by the severe Maledictus that forces them to study new magic.

In the episode "Sand on Magalopolis" the crow Jacop helps Aunt Tyrannia to carry the golf clubs, while the sprightly witch prepares to play, even if cheating with some little tricks. Meanwhile, Bubonic takes care of its carnivorous plants. Maledictus abruptly interrupts their hobbies to remind him that as per contract, they must commit to a new spell that after seven hours can become irreversible and immune from any conjuration. Bubonic and Aunt Tyrannia they have fun preparing a spell based on sand by inserting ingredients related to this element such as, a tire of the rally in the desert, a cactus, an old hourglass, a cd with exotic music, etc .. Meanwhile Maurizio and Jacob digging a tunnel underground at the order to get to the laboratory. But they arrive too late as the sandstorm is already underway and as it passes it devastates the whole city, reducing it to a sandy desert. Maurizio is gripped by thirst and begins to have hallucinations. At the council of animals, Grandmother Noah the turtle sorceress tells the riddle formula to avoid the spell before it becomes irreversible. On board a camel Maurizio and Jacob look for a body of water as indicated by the riddle. Using a wooden divining stick, Jacopo searches for water. The two finally find a fire hydrant and after opening the valve, the spell that destroys the spell and returns the city to its splendor as if nothing had happened, comes out instead of water. Maledictus to let off some steam, he enjoys playing golf using Bubocic and Tyrannia as balls.

All characters and images of Grog by Magog - Wunschpunsch are copyright Cin Groupe / Saban Entertainment, 2000 and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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