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Oliver y Benji Campeones


Holly-Oliver Hutton

Original title: Captain Tsubasa
Holly (Oliver Hutton), Benji (Benjamin Price), Tom Becker, Mark Landers, Bruce Harper, Julian Ross, Danny Mellow, Alan Crocker, Roberto Sedinho, Maggie Hutton (Holly's mom), Michael Hutton (Holly's dad), Jack Morris, Ted Carter, Philip Callaghan, Johnny Mason, Ed Warner, Theodore Sellers, Jeff Turner, Muppet Coach, Peter Colby, 1st New Team Manager, Jonathan Gunnell, 2nd New Team Manager, Second New Team Manager, Patty Gatsby, Arthur Foster , Ray Thompson, Toho Coach, Match Speaker, Initial Narrator and Doctor Harada

Production: Tsuchida production
Author: Yoichi Takahashi
: Hiroyoshi Mitsunobu, Isamu Imakake
: Japan
Year: October 10 1983
Broadcast in Italy: 19 July 1986
Gender: Sportsman
Episodes: 128 mm
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Born in 1981 for a comic series by the talented Japanese Yoichi Takahashi, soon, after some success with the public, it becomes an animated series. The official name of the series is Captain Tsubasa, but in Italy they have been renamed as Holly and Benji and here, given our passion for football, they have had greater success than Japan and other countries. It is the story of two young boys, aspiring footballers. Holly is a boy who moved with his mother to an important city, at the foot of the great Mount Fujiama, here he attends the schools that train the football champions. He hardly ever sees his father, because he is a naval officer always on his ship, his mother always eagerly awaits him. Benji, on the other hand, was born in this city, and is the son of a rich and powerful family.

Holly is a formidable striker, while Benji is an unbeatable goalkeeper.

Benji-Benjamin Price

The two meet for the first time as opponents, in fact Holly promises his friend Arthur to play alongside him in the Niupi school team to beat goalkeeper Benji's very strong San Francisco. Holly and Benji compete, throwing a small bet. Holly promises to score a goal for Benji after having dribbled the whole team and in fact, to the amazement of the public, succeeds in her feat. Benji and Holly, after a 1 to 1 rematch, decide to merge into a single team: the Newteam, a team that also includes Tom Becker, a very strong midfielder who has already played in many other teams in Japan. Be Holly and Benji they would like to become world youth champions with the Japanese national team. Thanks to Holly's goals and Tom's prowess, Newteam wins its first championship by beating Mappet, the very strong team of champion Mark Lenders, in the final, thus becoming one of the strongest youth teams in Japan. Among the other teams that have been challenged we remember the Flainet, the Otomo of Patrick Everett, the Hot Dog of the acrobatic twins Derrik and in particular the Mambo where the strongest Japanese youth player plays: julian ross. However, being heart-sick, he can only play a few minutes per game. Unfortunately, the Newteam does not always maintain the same formation, in fact Benji moves to Germany, while the good Tom continues to follow his father on his travels. In the second final that they will always play with Mappet, the match will end in a draw and the two teams will share the trophy.

the Newteam - Holly and Benji's team

The best players of the tournament are selected for the youth world championship. The national team consists of: Holly, Benji, Tom, Mark Lenders, Philippe, Ed, Danny, Bruce, the twins Derrick, Yuma and Julian Ross. Holly dreams of playing in Brazil and joining her great friend Roberto Cedinio. Mark Lenders of Mappet, chasing a scholarship, to be able to support his family. Our protagonists are therefore seen in comparison with the strongest teams on the planet: Argentina, France, Italy of goalkeeper Zoffetti, but above all Germany of the "Kaiser" i Schneider, according to the critics the youngest football player strong in the world. Match after match, goal after goal, against all odds, the team of Holly and his companions manages to reach the final and face Germany. Here, after a heated match full of emotions and twists, he manages to beat her, thus winning the under 16 world cup.

the Newteam - Holly and Benji's team

All names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Yoichi Takahashi and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Video of Holly and Benji

Episode titles Holly and Benji
First series

01. The big challenge
02. Two rival teams
03. The new team
04. My best friend
05. The showdown
06. The return of dad
07. Fight without stopping
08. The perfect couple
09. A match to the death
10. The day of the selections
11. The unexpected rival
12. A team of champions
13. A game in the mud
14. Patty's opponent
15. A test of character
16. The new captain
17. An exciting ceremony
18. Clash of captains
19. The best defense is offense
20. A tough battle
21. The winning goal
22. Two formidable brothers
23. Own goal
24. Friends and rivals
25. The maxi goalkeeper
26. Solidarity between opponents
27. The circle tightens
28. Sub zero training
29. Glowing semi-final
30. The farewell match
31. The goal of the advantage
32. The new team in a trap
33. Crisis of conscience
34. A difficult decision
35. Ross's sacrifice
36. Fight against time
37. A life lesson
38. The wait for the final
39. The great return
40. The secret shot
41. A dangerous tactic
42. Goalkeeper
43. Accident on the field
44. Mark's promise
45. A decimated team
46. All by one
47. Muppett's Rescue
48. A breathtaking game
49. In extra time
50. The goal disallowed
51. Battle of two
52. A new strategy
53. A long awaited moment
54. The Last Battle
55. Glory and farewell

Second series

56. Big starts
57. The training begins
58. The shooting of the hawk
59. Holly changes roles
60. Holly vs. patrick
61. A tough confrontation
62. A big win
63. Julian returns to the field
64. The revenge
65. Tom's decision
66. Julian's illness
67. Mark has lost his grit
68. Patty is in love
69. The tiger sharpens its claws
70. An iron defense
71. Holly injured
72. A great absentee
73. Come back captain
74. Acrobatic football
75. Who jumps higher?
76. A surprise shot
77. A sweaty victory
78. The quarter-finals begin
79. Whoever lasts wins it
80. An ideal collaboration
81. Critical moment
82. The great comeback
83. Race to balance
84. A silver pair
85. The rose of four
86. The semifinals begin
87. The recovery
88. Gritted teeth
89. A letter from Europe
90. Who will go to Europe
91. A new technique
92. The avalanche attack
93. The road to victory
94. Without respite
95. Sprint to the final
96. Goodbye Flynet
97. Mark's challenge
98. Remember
99. The paris tournament
100. Surprise on the pitch
101. Holly v. Pierre
102. The eve of the final
103. The attack of the emperor
104. An impossible recovery
105. Mark finally on the pitch
106. The last fight
107. All in midfield
108. Captains in comparison
109. The relentless mark
110. The new team in crisis
111. And the miracle happened
112. Holly collapses on the pitch
113. An interesting proposal
114. Mark in defense
115. Yellow card
116. The goal of hope
117. Desperate struggle
118. Until the last breath
119. Shot against shot
120. The irreducible holly
121. To make a dream come true
122. Face to face
123. Final tightening
124. The cannon shot
125. Moments of glory

Third series

126. My great friend Benji
127. Tom, my teammate
128. An army of champions
129. The national youth team
130. A difficult start
131. The golden couple returns
132. The opening ceremony
133. The kick-off
134. The balloon artist
135. The great comeback
136. Roberto's dream
137. The semifinal
138. A team of heroes
139. The human wall
140. The challenge continues
141. The big day

Holly and Benji Forever

01. The son of the wind
02. Roberto's secret
03. A great coach
04. The impossible challenge
05. Face to face
06. What a couple guys!
07. Selection for the championship
08. Mark the great rival
09. Mellow the new talent
10. Challenge in the rain
11. At the last second
12. The recovery
13. The big rivals
14. A circle of fire
15. A ball for a friend
16. Struggle to the end
17. Fifteen minutes of happiness
18. Acrobatic duel
19. The head coach
20. Philip's cunning
21. The new goalkeeper
22. The challenge begins
23. The great Julian Ross
24. Holly's weakness
25. With the heart with the mind
26. The important thing is to participate
27. The night before the challenge
28. A random roll
29. The return of the tiger
30. The courage to try
31. Hanging by a thread
32. It won't end like this
33. The bitterness of a farewell


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