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The comic

Original title: Hulk
Bruce Banner / Hulk, Rick Jones, General Thaddeus Ross, Betty Ross, She-Hulk, Morris Walters
Authors: Stan Lee, Jack Kirbyy
Texts: Stan Lee

Drawings: Jack Kirby
Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: May 1962
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Hulk was born in 1962 by the duo of wonders such as Stan Lee on the subject and Jack Kirby on the drawings. The name Hulk in the original American means big, clumsy, grotesque individual and in fact this character is the very symbol of brute force. The story of Hulk it begins when the American scientist Bruce Banner is commissioned by the American defense minister to test a gamma-ray bomb in the New Mexico desert. It happened, however, that during the countdown, before the explosion, the young Rick Jones, unaware of everything, wandered around that area, so with a heroic gesture, the scientist Bruce Banner, threw himself on the boy's body, throwing him into a moat and exposing yourself to the explosion of gamma rays. Bruce Banner, despite the violence of the radiation, survived, but something incredible happened to him. During the sunset, Dr. Banner turned into the incredible Hulk, a giant with gray skin and superhuman strength, while at the first light of dawn he returned to take his human form. Initially, therefore, the transformation only took place at sunset, but with the passage of time, at any time of day, if Dr. Banner suffered some strong emotion, like a fit of anger, he lost consciousness of himself and transformed into the incredible Hulk this time with the color of green skin, exploding in all his brute strength a hundredfold with anger. Due to this transformation, Hulk he is considered a danger to society, so the scientist Bruce Banner keeps secret what he considers his strong handicap (even here the superhero has super problems). Hulk is then persecuted by men and in particular by the military forces commanded by the relentless general Ross.

Hulk, as mentioned, it has various transformations. It can be green or gray. In its transformation with gray skin it reaches a height of 2,00 meters for a weight of about 400 kg, while in its transformation with green skin it reaches a height of about 2,15 meters and a weight of about 475 Kg of muscles.The superpowers of the Incredible Hulk are given by an extraordinary physical strength, superior even to that of the Thing, the man of stone of the Fantastic Four. Thanks to the enormous power in his legs, the Hulk can make prodigious leaps, managing to cover distances of several kilometers in a short time. In addition, the wounds that could be fatal for us, for him can heal in a short time as it has a high healing power.

For a short time the scientist Bruce Banner was able to control his split personality, managing to enter the consciousness of the Hulk even during his transformation, so he managed to reach a truce with the American armed forces who have stopped chasing him. In this time Hulk was part of the Marvel superhero group "The Avengers". But it happened that Dr. Leonard, a psychiatrist, expert in gamma rays, managed to capture the Hulk and separate the psyche of Bruce Banner from that of the green-skinned giant, profoundly changing his ego. This caused very serious damage to the Hulk's personality which, regressing, has returned to become a huge danger for humanity. Another psychiatrist instead, Dr. Samson managed to integrate Bruce Banner's intelligence with that of Hulk, thus creating an intelligent Hulk called "professor" Hulk.

Hulk together with Dr. Strange, a sorcerer expert in magical arts and Namor, the prince of Atlantis, form the group of defenders and periodically unite to oppose the forces of evil and in particular Yandroth, a powerful wizard who threatens existence. of the earth.Although defeated by the trio, the perfidious Yandroth on the verge of death has placed a curse on their heads.

In the 80s, the incredible Hulk he had a great notoriety above all thanks to the American TV series dedicated to him, but which had a different plot from the Marvel superhero. In fact, Dr. Banner, (played by the talented Bill Bixby) is a scientist who tries to study how gamma rays can affect the strength of an individual in a state of anger. However, it is hit by a radiation and then turns into the green-skinned monster, the Incredible Hulk (played by the legendary and hypertrophic Lou Ferrigno, award-winning bodybuilder). After the accident, which also causes the death of his wife, Bruce Banner is deemed dead, therefore obsessed with his split personality, he decides to flee and change his name, calling himself David.The only one who suspects his true identity is journalist Jack McGee, who pursues him in search of a passable scoop.

Hulk vs. Wolverine - Hulk vs. Thor by Sam Liu and Frank Paur, USA 2009, 2 episodes of 25 '(82')
The Incredible Hulk is engaged in two incredible battles: against Wolverine and against the mythical Thor. Hulk vs Wolverine: Alberta, Canada. The Hulk crossed the Canadian border leaving a trail of destruction behind him. He has to be stopped and to stop him you need who is the best at what they do even if what they do is not pleasant: Wolverine. The most famous of the X-Men, here as an agent of his own government, has one goal: to stop the Green Goliath at any cost. Hulk vs Thor: Asgard, kingdom of the Norse gods. For centuries the evil Loki has been trying to defeat his half-brother Thor, the god of thunder. But in all the battles fought only one creature on earth was able to match Thor's strength: the Incredible Hulk. Now that Odin, the king of all gods, rests in a restorative sleep, Loki can finally put his plan into action: once again the mythical Thor collides with the Green Goliath.


Hulk and SMASH agents

Hulk and SMASH agents

Hulk and SMASH agents a new cartoon series produced by Marvel Animation and broadcast on Disney XD - from 2th April su Rai 2 -, the protagonist of the series is the Green Goliath, better known as Hulk, flanked by friends and "enemies" of all time. The impact "Disney"you can see very well, so as to make everything simpler and more jovial, since the cartoon is intended for a young audience. The producers of the series are Joseph Loe e Joe Quesada, followed by a team that understands Todd Casey, Cort Lane, Henry Gilroy and Paul Dini.

The main character of the series is Hulk, aka the doctor Bruce Banner, which following an explosion was irradiated by Gamma Rays which transformed him into a green monster: Hulk. Following his transformation (due to anger), the Hulk destroys everything in front of him and not even the army is able to stop his fury. This uncomfortable situation, followed by an acceptance by the population, leads Bruce Banner to retreat to Green view, his hometown, where he will try to live a quiet life. The Hulk's powers are immense, so much so that he is also feared by many of his allies (advice read the series World war hulk).

With Hulk they will join: 

Rick Jones, great friend of the Green Goliath, ready to rehabilitate his friend. Rick Jones too - again due to Gamma rays - will undergo a transformation, precisely in A-Bomb, a smaller version of the blue colored Hulk. His powers are superhuman strength, the ability to become invisible and the transformation of his body into a spiked sphere that can whirl against enemies.

Rulk or also called Red Hulk, army general (called thunderbolt ross) who has tried several times to stop the Hulk (from his own destructive nature). He is a copy of the Hulk - red skin aside - and will team up with the Green Goliath not only to help him against enemies of all kinds, but above all to control his destructive fury.

Jennifer Walters the cousin of Bruce Banner and like him - following a blood transfusion from Bruce - has become She-Hulk. He has a smaller figure than his companions but his strength is comparable to that of the others, even if less and less than that of his cousin.

Last SMASH agent Skaar (in this series he is not presented as the son of the Hulk), monster very similar to the Hulk except for the long hair. He is presented in the service of the perfidious Annihilus, until the moment future SMASH agents will not free him. Its peculiarity is the use of the sword in battle.

Besides these characters, in the various episodes many heroes and supervillains of the House of Ideasand at our Avengers ai Fantastic Four, from Collector a the boss, up to the more known as Spiderman, Wolverine e Thor.

In the first episode - divided into two parts - "Portal of Destruction"all the characters make an appearance. It all starts at Vista Verde, where Hulk he spends his days quietly, protecting his best friend Rick Jones. Then the unexpected happens, a portal to the Negative Zone it opens onto the town and from there they come out Skaar and scavengers (insecticides) of Annihilus. Rulk arrives in time to help the Hulk, but the turn of events will lead the Scavengers to kidnap Rulk, retake Skaar, and close the portal behind them. In gamma-ray bursts, Rick Jones will be injured and he will feel bad, the Hulk will fear his life. But the explosion will turn Rick Jones into A-Bomb who as a first initiative decides to go to the Negative Zone to save Rulk together with the Hulk. But the two will need a pilot for the trip, their choice fell on She-Hulk, Bruce's cousin. Upon arrival in the Negative Zone, the three will be attacked by Skaar, the Scavengers and Rulk (enslaved by Annihilus). After a hard and long battle, the Hulk will manage to free both Rulk and Skaar from slavery and together with them and A-Bomb and She-Hulk they will defeat Annihilus and his troops, destroying the Cosmic Bar, source of Annihilus' power. Back on Earth, the five decide to form the SMASH team and locate their base at Green View, so that they can defend the planet from any other threat, be it terrestrial or cosmic.

Hulk and all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Marvel Comics and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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