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Hulk is born in 1962 to work of the pair of the wonders which Stan Lee to the subject and Jack Kirby to the designs. The Hulk name, in originates them American means large, awkward, grotesque individual and in fact this personage is the same symbol of the force. The history of Hulk has beginning when the scientist American Bruce Banner comes person in charge from the minister of the defense American, in order to experience one bomb to the range beams, in the desert of the New Mexico. It happened but, that during the count down, before the outbreak, the young person Rick Jones, unaware of of all, it rambled for that zone, therefore with a heroic gesture, the scientist Bruce Banner, was thrown on the body of the boy, hurl he in a ditch and exposing itself in first person to the outbreak of the range beams. Bruce Banner in spite of the violence of the cancellations, survived, but something of incredible happened to it. During the sunset Dr. Banner transformed itself in the incredible Hulk, a giant from the grey skin and the superhuman force, while to the first lights of the dawn he returned to take its shape human. Beginig therefore, the transformation only happened to the sunset, but with passing of the time, in whichever hour of the day, if Dr. Banner endured some strong emotion, like an attack of fury, it lose uncoscious of if and this time from the color of the green skin were transformed in the incredible Hulk, exploding in all its centuple force from the temper. Through this fault transformation, Hulk is considered a danger for the society, therefore the scientist Bruce Banner holds secret which he considers a its fort handicapp (also the superhero has superproblems here). Hulk comes in particular therefore persecute from the men and the military forces commant from implacable general Ross.

Hulk, as it has been said, has various transformations. It can be Green or gray. In its transformation with the grey skin Kg catches up an equal height to 2,00 mt for a weight of approximately 400, while in its transformation with the green skin, catches up a height of approximately 2,15 mt and a weight of approximately 475 Kg of muscles. The superpowers of the incredible Hulk are give you from one extraordinary physical, advanced force also to that one of the Thing, the stone-man of Fantastic the Four. Thanks to the enormous power in the legs, Hulk can copiere of the powerfull leaps, succeeding to little cover distances of various kilometers in short time. Moreover the wounds that for we could be died them, for he can heal in short time in how much have a high curative power.

For a short period the scientist Bruce Banner is successful to control its splitting of personality, succeeding to enter in the conscience of Hulk also during its transformation, therefore is successful to catch up a truce with the Armed Forces Americans who have stopped to chase it. In this Hulk period it has made part of the group of the superheroes Marvel "the Vendicatori". But he happened that Dr. Leonard, a psichiatra, expert of range beams succeeded to capture Hulk and to separate the psiche of Bruce Banner from that one of the giant from the green skin, modifying of deeply its ego. This has caused of the serious damages much in the personality of Hulk that reverting is returned to become an enormous danger for the humanity. An other psichiatra instead, Dr. Samson is successful to integrate intelligence of Bruce Banner with that one of Hulk exactly, creating therefore an intelligent Hulk called "professor" Hulk.

Hulk with to Dr. Strange, a wizard expert of magical limbs and Namor, the prince of Atlantis, forms the group of the defenders and they join periodically for oppose to the forces of the evil and in particular to Yandroth, a powerful wizard who threatens the existence of the earth. Although defeated from the trio perfido the Yandroth in point of dead women malediction has launch one on their witness.

In years ' 80, the incredible Hulk has had a great notoriety above all thanks to the television film Americans to he dedicates to you, but that they had one various weft from the superhero Marvel. In fact Dr. Banner, (interpreted the best Bill Bixby) is a scientist who tries to study as the range beams can influence on the force of an individual in state of temper. He comes but invested from a cancellation and he transforms himself therefore in the monster from the green skin, the incredible Hulk (interpreted from the mythical Lou Ferrigno). After the incident, than cause also the dead women of the wife, Bruce Banner comes thought dead man, therefore obsessed from its splitting of personality, decides to escape and to change name, making itself to call David. Only that suspects the its true identuità is journalist Jack McGee, than it chases it to hunting of a possiblie scoop.

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