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the Baskervilles

Original title: The Baskervilles
Janet Baskerville, Darren Baskerville, April Baskerville, Spot, Colin, Nicolas Lucifer III (The Boss), Nicolas Lucifer II (The Old Man), Nicole Lucifer, Vlad Dracula, Vera Dracula, Fangora Dracula, Vlad Dracula Jr., Frank Frankenstein , Fran Frankenstein, Young Frank Frankenstein, Little Monster Annie, Kevin, The Police Chief, Mr. Mad Scientist, Chuck Steele, Chuck Steele Jr., The Pesky Bats, The Scarlet Pimple, Itsy Bitsy Wabbit,

Production: Alphanim, Cinar Productions

Author: Alastair Swinnerton, Nick Martinelli
: United States
Year: 1999
Broadcast in Italy: 2006
Gender: Comedian / Horror
Episodes: 26
Duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

In the cartoon de THE BASKERVILLES, Lucifer, the richest man in the world, a demonic villain, is not happy. He has made billions by fooling everyone, managing to convince them that what is bad is actually good, thanks to a huge amusement park called Underworld which is based on hell. But this is not enough, it needs other challenges. This is how he breaks into the life of the nicest and most naïve family in the world: The Baskervilles. Only if he manages to make them bad too, will his greed be appeased. The Baskervilles family lives quietly in the city of Nice and is made up of Brian Barskervilles, the head of the family initially always a bit clumsy, but who always manages to find a right solution in due time. the BaskervillesJanet Barskervilles, Brian's wife who knows the rules of the Underworld better than him. Darren Barskervilles is the even more naive XNUMX-year-old son of his parents. April Baskerville is the very bright XNUMX-year-old daughter, the exact opposite of her family, the only one who can fight the Underworld while having fun. Among the villains we find Nicolas Lucifer II, the elderly and harmless father of Lucifer and Nicole Lucifer, the "snobbish" and spoiled daughter of Lucifer. Among the neighbors of the Baskervilles in the Underworld are the Dracula, a family of vampires, who remind them of their neighbors in Nice. the BaskervillesVlad Dracula is a rather calm man who prefers to go fishing than terrorize the people of the Underworld. Since the mirror does not reflect his image as a vampire, he constantly cuts himself when he shaves his beard. Vera Dracula is a long-haired vampire, very tall and charming to the point that others wonder how she could be the wife of a clumsy vampire like Vlad. Fangora Dracula is the wayward daughter of Dracula. He has a love and hate relationship with Darren Barskervilles his exact opposite. Vlad Junior Dracula a boy of the age of April Baskervilles, always very spiteful and rebellious. We then find the monstrous Frankensteins family, all green-skinned, speaking with a Scottish accent, possessing frightening strength, but not an iota of intelligence.

All characters and images of the Baskervilles are copyright © Alphanim, Cinar, France 2 and of the right holders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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