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The Simpsons

Original title: The Simpsons
Matt Groening
Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Maggie Simpson
Production: Gracie Films, 20th Century Fox, Roman Film
Regia: Matt Groening
Country: United States
Year: April 19 1987
Broadcast in Italy: 1st October 1991
Gender: Comedy / Comedian
Episodes: 618
duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Matt Groening, on his first experience as an animator, on September 8, 1986 invents the series of "The Simpsons"also becoming the producer. In addition to the cartoons, he makes comic book collections:"Simpson Comics","Bartman","Radioactive Man","Itchy and Scratchy Comics","Lisa Comics"And"Krusty Comics", therefore found the"Bongo Comics Group"But it is in 1990 that Homer and the Simpson family become a real television phenomenon, breaking the ratings of the Fox Network.The main character of the series Simpson it is without a doubt Homer Simpson the head of the family (so to speak). He works at the Sprinfield nuclear power plant in Montgomery Burns, as a safety supervisor, but his superficiality and obtuseness sometimes put city residents in serious danger. Homer Simpson is about 38 years old ed Margin has three children: Lisa, Bart e Maggie. He usually spends his evenings at Moe's tavern, with his friends drinking Duff beer, squandering money and sometimes organizing bowling and baseball games.

Homer Simpson and his family

In spite of everything, Homer Simpson he is always fought by his conscientious scruples in carrying out certain actions and despite the dialogues with his brain, he always manages to get into trouble. There have also been some hilarious stories where Homer Simpson fights with the same harmful organisms within his body, such as the brain and the "mistreated" liver. Homer Simpson in fact, in addition to ingesting beer at will, he loves oily donuts, French fries and the most spicy there can be in food, to the point of having reached the beauty of 117 kg in weight. Fortunately for her, she met a wife like Marge, who is the true and responsible of the family, attentive to family unity, children and especially her husband.

Marge and Maggie Simpson

Marge Simpson she is characterized by a thick, very tall blue hair, she is about 34 years old and besides being a housewife she arranges herself in a thousand other initiatives such as selling biscuits or other things to make ends meet. It is often plagued by psychological problems that lead it back to small childhood dramas, due to the lack of paternal affections. Of a sweet and intelligent nature, she often and willingly compensates for the disastrous initiatives of her husband Homer. The largest of the children is Bart Simpson (anagram of "brat" which means "bad boy") and his name speaks volumes about what his temperament is like. He is 10 years old and attends the fourth elementary school in Springfield, his favorite hobbies are to skateboard, perform small acts of hooliganism and above all bad jokes to his sister Lisa. But sometimes he also shows a strong sense of protection, towards his sister, once in fact he was also beaten in an attempt to defend her, but he took his revenge by organizing a punitive expedition in the company of his friends. At school is the real terror of the teachers and the director Skinner.

Bart Simpson

Once though Bart Simpson he was considered a prodigy boy, only for having exchanged the task with that of the first in the class, but following a series of exams he was exposed. His insults such as "Suck your sock!" Are famous. or "Don't get heart-pounded!" Fortunately, Bart's presence is compensated by that of Lisa, the intellectual of the family (dubbed with a very funny Italian voice, which characterizes the character a lot).

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson she is an 8-year-old girl of phenomenal intelligence, plays the saxophone and the guitar is sensitive and often has very deep intuitions. Despite her many qualities, she feels sad and lonely because of all the superficiality that surrounds her. She dreams of her soul mate and has also fallen in love with an alternate. He feels very much the problems of justice and the defense of the weakest and poorest, therefore he fights firmly for his ideals. Then there is the baby Maggie Simpson, a little girl of a few months, who despite doing nothing but sucking from morning to night, has repeatedly shown her great intelligence. Sometimes Homer's father lives with the Simpson family, Abraham Simpson. Despite being in a Springfield home for the elderly, he is often greeted by Homer and Marge Simpson. He is sleepy, deaf and forgetful like many elderly people, but when the strings of his memories are touched he could spend hours telling, boring the people who are next to him, such as Bart Simpson. Often he scolds and demeans his son Homer, but deep down he wants all the good of this world. It is sometimes a victim of Bart's jokes, especially with his dentures. The family lives in a classic American home surrounded by a beautiful garden in the town of Springfield. The characteristics of this area are the nuclear center where our dear Homer Simpson works, which pollutes the waters of the area with its radioactive waste, but guarantees work for many inhabitants.

Lisa Simpson

The Simpson family (like every self-respecting American and Italian) spends hours in front of the television, watching Channel-6, Krusty the clown's show (Bart's idol) and the local news. They shop in a small supermarket open 24 hours a day or in the Springfield shopping center. Homer Simpson, as has been said, spends his afternoons at the bar with his friends, of whom Barney Gumble (the name does not remind you of "Barney Rubble" Fred Flinstone's friend?), A drunk bachelor and Moe, the owner of the tavern often also a victim of Bart's jokes. Then there is his neighbor Ned Flanders, all home and church with a model family (of which Homer Simpson is a bit jealous), Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a Hindu manager of a small supermarket open 24/24 and Clancy Wiggum, a lazy and greedy Springfield police commissioner. Some of his work colleagues, such as Waylon Smithers, the bag holder and faithful servant of the main Montgomery Burns, the most greedy man on earth, willing to do anything to pocket money, should also be remembered. She treats her employees like slaves and is often prey to omnipotence follies. The town's mayor is Joe Quimby Fa, a politician who changes his mind based on the number of votes he may have, uses politics for personal purposes. The Protestant church is entrusted to a modern priest: Reverend Lovejoy. Often in the Simpsons cartoons also very famous show characters appear, also characterized by their typical yellow faces. Paul McCartney and his wife Linda, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Maryl Streep, Magic Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Sting, Jack Lemmon, James Taylor, James Brown and many others have made their appearance. The episodes of the Simpsons are broadcast from Italy 1 and collect a huge success with both a young and adult audience, creating a real business for what rgurda gadgets such as, T-shirts, toys and gifts.

The Simpsons all names, images and registered trademarks are copyright © Matt Groening and those entitled, are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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