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1981 cartoons

The history, the authors and the presentation of the Cartoons and animated films made and produced in 1981. The list is constantly updated, therefore some titles are not yet present. To search for additional characters go to general page.


The 10 best cartoons of 1981

Flo, little Robinson
Flo Robinson is a generous and altruistic child, who loves animals very much and often gets into trouble (as we will see in the course of the episodes), but thanks to the support of her wonderful family she always manages to get away and get precious misadventures from her teachings ....continue >>
Galaxy Express 999
The story is set in the distant future, when technology has reached such levels as to dominate mankind itself. The difference between the rich and the poor is even more marked, since while the majority of men live in conditions of misery and degradation ...continue>
Gigi the top
Gigi la top (real name Gigi Sullivan) is a small boy (practically a dwarf), but not limited to sports disciplines, in fact he is an extraordinary basketball player, as he is able to make prodigious leaps and crush a basket ...continue >>
Heavy Metal
Loc Nar is a bright evening with the power to infect all ages, all dimensions, all galaxies. For some it represents a treasure, for others a divinity, for still others it is the embodiment of all evils. And as he wanders the universe ... continue >>
Hello Sandybell
The protagonist of the story is Sandybell Christie, a girl of almost 12, who lives in a Scottish village in the late 800s, together with her father Lesley who works as a teacher. Sandy is always very cheerful and likes to laugh and play with the other children of the village ... continue >>
Hello Spank!
Spank is a decidedly out of the ordinary little dog, as he has typically human feelings and habits: he often wears a blue denim jumpsuit, hat, sunglasses; sometimes he gets angry, but he can be tender, nice, responsible and very intelligent. Spank becomes part of young Aika's life ... continue >>
The Smurfs
The Smurfs are a tribe of little blue gnomes who live in small white houses made from mushrooms. They are very peaceful and live in harmony with each other, where each inhabitant has a specific role. We find the Confectioner Smurf, the Joker Smurf, the Hefty Smurf, the Painter Smurf, the Musician Smurf, the Sleepy Smurf, etc ... continue >>
Arale and Dr. Slump
The scientist Senbei (Dr. Slump), as brilliant as he is clumsy, as he always manages to create "almost" perfect inventions, has created a robot child with extraordinary qualities, which he called Arale ... continue >>
The story of Lam begins when the alien people of the planet Uru decide to conquer the earth, therefore with their spaceship, they are stationed in orbit around the earth. In order to avoid unnecessary innocent victims, the commander of the spaceship Uru ... continue>>
The story of Voltron is set in the distant future, which sees the planet earth become the operational base of all the planets of the galaxy, home of the Galactic Alliance. Although this peace is protected .... continue >>

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