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1982 cartoons

The history, the authors and the presentation of the Cartoons and animated films made and produced in 1982. The list is constantly updated, therefore some titles are not yet present. To search for additional characters go to general page.


The 10 best cartoons of 1982

Brisby and Nimh's secret
This cartoon tells the story of Brisby, a widowed mouse who lives with her children in a den inside a field. However, Brisby is in grave danger as the owner of the land has decided to plow the field where the mouse's lair is hidden ....continue >>
Once upon a time there was Pollon
Pollon is a nice girl daughter of the god Apollo, who lives together with all the mythological deities in Mount Olympus. Her greatest aspiration is to become a true goddess. She is good and generous and always tries to help all people who are in difficulty or who have some problems ...continue>
The magical world of Gig
Gig is a lively and courageous princess (with funny bright pink hair) who came to earth from another world to help many human beings with a pinch of magic. Gig is also the trailblazer of the numerous girls capable of performing magical wonders thanks to a magic wand ...continue >>
ape Maia
Maia is a small and very lively bee, the protagonist of amusing adventures that follow a teaching, certainly clear, but not pedantic, namely: children be good, despite the typical pranks of your age ... continue >>
Ransie the witch
Ransie Lupescu is a teenager like many others, who is actually part of a slightly strange family. In fact, the father is a vampire and the mother a wolfwife, who in order to fulfill their dream of love have left the Supreme Kingdom to live on earth ... continue >>
It is the story of a small robot created by Doctor Deko, characterized by a single tooth, a blue head with three antennas and a belly equipped with a strange device, capable of projecting holographic images that are transformed into reality ... continue >>
Robotech is a cartoon series produced by the American Harmony Gold in 1985, which combines 3 distinct series of Japanese science fiction anime such as: Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada ... continue >>


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