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List of cartoons from the 20s: from 1920 to 1929, by chronological order, by year of production


The centaurs
The centaurs
(by Winsor McCay)

The first circus
The first circus
(by Tony Sarg and Herbert M. Dawley)


Le avventure del principe Achmed
The adventures of Prince Achmed
(by Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger)


Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie
Mickey mouse
(by Walt Disney)

Mickey Mouse - Plane Crazy
Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie
Mickey Mouse gaucho (The Gallopin 'Gaucho)

Mickey Mouse - The two knights of Minnie
Mickey mouse
(by Walt Disney)

The two knights of Minnie - The Barn Dance
The Opry House
Via the cat, Mickey Mouse dances - When the Cat's Away
Mickey against cats - The Barnyard Battle
The Karnival Kid
Mickey's train - Mickey's Choo-Choo
Mickey's Follies - Mickey's Follies
Mickey's Plow - The Plow Boy
Mickey Mouse Pianist - The Jazz Fool
Mickey in the Jungle - Jungle Rhythm
Mickey and the ghosts - Haunted House

(Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising)

Silly Symphonies - The dance of the ghosts
Silly Symphonies
(Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks)

The dance of skeletons - The Skeleton Dance
Toreador without fear - El Terrible Toreador
When spring returns - Springtime
The cave of the devils - Hell's Bells
Goblins on vacation - The Merry Dwarfs

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