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Iron Man
Iron Man


Iron Man

The comic

Original title: Iron Man
Thor, Giant-Man, Hornet, Wasp, Hulk, Captain America, Goliath, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision, Black Knight V, Black Widow
Authors: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Texts: Stan Lee

Drawings: Jack Kirby
Publishers: Marvel Comics, Corno Editorial
Year: March 1, 1963
Gender: Cartoon action / superheroes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Iron ManHere is another superhero with super problems from Marvel. After talking about theSpiderman, the Fantastic Four, thereIncredible Hulk, x-men, Captain America , Thor e Dare Devil it's the turn of Iron Man the iron man, one of the first superheroes designed by Stan Lee in 1963.
It is the story of the wealthy industrialist Anthony Stark, that due to the explosion of a mine, while visiting one of his many arms factories in Vietnam, some shrapnel penetrated his heart and forced him to

find a solution to avoid death in a short time. Anthony Stark being one of the greatest mechanical engineers in the world, he built a device that allowed him to keep his heart alive, but which on the other hand forced him to have to live locked up in a very powerful iron armor endowed with particular powers, which allowed him to to fly, to emit repulsive rays from the hands and to multiply the force a hundredfold. But if he took off his armor he would die, so the armor, his superpower, will be the source of all his super problems, as it will make him a prisoner.

He will be able to take off his helmet, leggings and gloves, but not the bib inside which the machine that keeps him alive is enclosed, Anthony Stark therefore now become an iron man, he decided to call himself Iron Man. To hide his dual identity, he makes believe that Iron Man be in fact his bodyguard, ready to go into action in times of grave need. Iron Man along with other superheroes like: Thor, Giant Man, Wasp and later also Captain America, founds the group of Avengers. Over the years, Iron Man has very often changed the "look" of his armor, also adapting it to the various missions to be completed, it is even thought that this character inspired all the myriad of Japanese robots that were successful in the 80s . The various armor of Iron ManThe typical armor is red and gold, but there have also been situations where he used black or silver armor. It was thanks to the author, David Michelinie, that this superhero had his definitive consecration, in fact thanks to the design of a new armor and the much more human and less political fictional stories that Iron Man finds numerous fans among his readers. In fact, a little at a time even the supporting characters of the series such as his beloved and seductive bodyguard Bethany Cabe and Jim Rhodes, take on increasingly important roles in the unfolding of the events. Mainly the adventures of Iron Man have to do with industrial espionage and obviously with science fiction, so much so that the events of Iron Man have often crossed paths with those ofincredible HulkIn fact, Tony Stark has repeatedly experimented with solutions to help his friend Bruce Banner, in an attempt to cure his alter ego and his devastating nature. But in some masterpiece stories this character has faced the enemy who created him the most problems was undoubtedly alcohol and in fact Tony Stark was for a long time an alcoholic, but thanks to his iron will (it must be said) he managed to get out of it. Another adventure to remember is the one that sees him go back to the past and compete with the noble and armored medieval knights of King Arthur. Perhaps the supervillain who gave him the most trouble was "The ghost" an industrial saboteur who builds an armor that makes him invisible and able to pass through walls and objects. An adventure to remember is undoubtedly the one in which a group of criminals learns the secret of the armor of Iron Man, therefore he manufactures many Iron Man supervillains, but even in this case our superhero will be able to defeat his enemies, engaging in a grueling struggle with all its like. In all these episodes Iron Man showcases a vast repertoire of armor: gold, silver, black, scuba diving, one "War Machine", that is, super-equipped war machine and one capable of facing the incredible Hulk himself. Contrary to all Marvel superheroes, Iron Man did not receive superpowers from radiation or external agents, but only thanks to his intelligence and his skills as an inventor. Therefore it is also for this reason that he has achieved considerable success among his fans, able to identify more with an ordinary man who has managed to emerge thanks to his talent.

Iron Man the invincibleIron Man: Armored Adventures

In the wake of the great success in film cinema Iron Man 1 and 2 lands "Iron Man: Armored Adventures”, A new and modern animated series made on the computer with three-dimensional graphics!
This action-packed and humorous series tells the adventures of the young prodigy Tony Stark, an electronic genius who builds a mythical flying armor and transforms into Iron Man, the man of steel from Marvel comics!
With his hyper-technological armor Tony will have to contend with fierce enemies such as Whiplash and the Mandarin who will keep him busy for all 26 episodes of this series. In his dangerous adventures the young Iron Man will be helped by his friends, Jim 'Rhodey' Rhodes and his future secretary Pepper Potts who will help him win his battles ... without being late for school!

All Iron Man names, images and trademarks are copyright Marvel Comics and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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