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Jeeg Robot of Steel

Original title: Kotetsu Jigu
Hiroshi Shiba, Professor Shiba, Miwa Uzuki, Professor Dairi, Kikue Shiba, Mayumi Shiba, Shorty (Chibi), Don Myoseki, Pancho, The Mole, Yamatai Empire, Queen Himika, Ikima
Authors:Go Nagai
Production: Toei Animation, Dynamic Planning
Regia: Yoshio Nitta, Kazuja Miyazaki, Masayuki Akehi, Yugo Serikawa, Tomoharu Katsumata, Masamune Ochiai
: Japan
Year: October 5th 1975
Broadcast in Italy: 1979
Gender: Anime / Science fiction / Robot
Episodes: 46
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

After the masterpiece by Atlas UFO Robot, the Japanese screenwriter Go Nagai in 1975 writes the story of "Kotetsu Jeeg"which we will take the name of Steel Jeeg Robot, when in 1979 it will be broadcast on various private television stations. It was produced by Toei Daga and the series will consist of 46 episodes.

Hiroshi Shiba - Jeeg Robot of Steel

The story of Steel Jeeg Robot start with the presentation of the main character: Hiroshi Shiba, formula 1 driver and champion in Japan of this discipline, who, remaining unharmed after a violent accident in racing, suggests that he is endowed with particular superhuman powers. But what is the secret of Hiroshi? His father the archaeologist and scientist prof. Shiba, years earlier, during some excavations in Japan, he found a bell that belonged to a very ancient disappeared civilization that had a technological evolution far superior to ours. , after a thousand-year hibernation. It happened that the son Hiroshi still a child, due to a violent explosion he risked losing his life. His father tried to save him by making use of that particular find, of which he had identified the great potential.

Queen Himika

Thanks to the techniques of his laboratory, he managed to shrink the bell and insert it into Hiroshi's chest, who thanks to this, acquired electromagnetic powers that made him indestructible. After 25 years from the discovery of the bell (the time when the events take place), the prophecy comes true and therefore the people of Queen Himika, Called Aniba and made up of a multitude of monsters, it claims ownership of Japanese soil. But the very precious bell that contains several secrets is missing. Once he understands that all this is in the hands of prof. Shiba sends his soldiers in an attempt to capture him, but accidentally the professor falls from a chasm without revealing his secret to Aniba. He is recovered dying by his assistant Miwa which takes him to his son Hiroshi, who had just won a Formula 1 race. The prof. Shiba before dying he gives Hiroshi a pair of gloves and a necklace with a pendant hanging from it.

Jeeg Robot transformation

This pendant will be used to communicate with an electronic brain into which the consciousness of the same has been transferred prof. Shiba, who from time to time will give him advice on how to move and behave. Gloves are nothing more than technological tools able to exploit his electromagnetic abilities that will allow him to transform first into a humanoid and then (after a somersault in the air) in the head of Jeeg the steel robot, in order to face the terrible army of the Aniba monsters. To complete the transformation into the giant robot, Hiroshi needs the other components such as arms, legs etc ... which each time will have to be thrown at him by Miwa's spacecraft called Big Shooter. Thanks to its electromagnetic force all components will be connected to the head of Jeeg the steel robot, which will be ready for the fight against the Aniba monsters, which Queen Himika manages to create from the rock.

Launch of Jeeg Robot components

Himika is determined to eradicate humans as in the distant past, they were the cause of the massacre of the ancient Aniba population, who in order to survive was forced to hibernate and shut themselves up in the bowels of the earth, under the protection of the precious bell. But Himika makes a very serious mistake, once she learns about Hiroshi's secret and the bell, she invokes the powerful Emperor of Darkness who, instead of thanking her, kills her to take the throne and in this he will be assisted by General Flora. The Emperor of Darkness proves to be an even more difficult and bloodthirsty opponent than the previous queen. But Jeeg the steel robot he always manages to defeat his faithful ministers such as Ikima e Mimashi.

Miwa Izuki - Jeeg Robot

Who will be able to give him a hard time is the General Flora, a very beautiful woman who will understand the Emperor's wickedness and ultimately help Hiroshi Jeeg the steel robot commonly used in battle are: the piercing mallet, that is a punch that is detached from Jeeg's arm and that can pierce the armor of the enemies, sometimes it can even be double when the punches are two.

Then there is the very powerful proton ray that comes out of the belly, capable of crumbling matter. In addition to these weapons, Jeeg has a whole series of components that can replace his limbs according to the needs of the battle, such as armor-piercing missiles that allow him to fly, the space bazooka, the rotating shields, a horse that transforms him into a centaur called Antares etc ... To soften the dramatic events of the story we think Pancho and Don, two rivals of Hiroshi in car racing and who are now ready to confront him with a robot of their own construction called Mechadon, which, however, will always end with getting into trouble. To tell the truth, on some occasions he has also managed to give invaluable help to Jeeg the steel robot.

General Amaso - Jeeg Robot

After various adventures and hard fights between Jeeg and the Aniba monsters, we will arrive at the showdown and the final battle between Jeeg Robot e the Emperor of Darkness which for the occasion will turn into a gigantic monster. Despite the initial difficulties, given the strength of the enemy, Jeeg will be able to defeat him thanks to its hyper-technological components.

Jeeg Robot

All Jeeg Robot names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Toei - Go Nagai and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

Episode titles
01. The awakening of the monsters
02. The kidnapping of Mayumi
03. Mayumi's deception
04. Missiles for piercing
05. Sunspots
06. Formula 1
07. Radioactivity
08. Don's trust
09. The Snow Princess
10. SOS Big Shooter
11. Struggle without neighborhood
12. Prisoner of Himica
13. No compromise
14. At the last moment
15. Blue blood
16. Prisoner of a dream
17. Mechadon 2
18. Memory transfer
19. The spotless and fearless rider
20. Forced to fight
21. Hell trap
22. Hurricane
23. Infamous blackmail
24. Epidemic
25. Telepathic conditioning
26. The secret of the bronze bell
27. Relentless hatred
28. Suicide attack
29. The emperor of darkness
30. Miwa's disappearance
31. At very high altitude
32. Facing the center of the earth
33. Sabotage
34. Attack from beyond the grave
35. Stalemate
36. The black rose
37. Mission without return
38. The last charge
39. At any charge
40. Omega ray
41. The Return of Himica
42. Tragic error
43. Taken hostage
44. Beyond life
45. Until the last breath
46. ​​Towards victory
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