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Original title: Johnny Bravo
Hanna and Barbera
Jonathan "Johnny" Bravo, Carlton "Carl" Chryniszzwics, Little Suzy, Bunny Bravo (Mom, Johnny calls her "Mama"), Pops, Master Hamma, Title Announcer
Production: Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Network
Country: United States
Year: 1997
Broadcast in Italy: June 2001
Gender: Comedian
Episodes: 73
Duration: 10 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

Johnny Bravo is the character of the cartoon series created in 1997, by the inexhaustible pair of Hanna and Barbera, for the Cartoon Network satellite channel, which for the name of the protagonist was inspired by the TV series The Brady Bunch and in particular by the episode entitled "Adios, Johnny Bravo". In the cartoon, Johnny Bravo is a blond boy, with an athletic physique, a tight black t-shirt that highlights his muscles, sunglasses and a gelatinous tuft on his forehead. All this appearance fuels his narcissism and the illusion of being able to become a conqueror of female hearts. However, his experiences are a collection of terrible failures and fools, as Johnny Bravo is as beautiful as he is clumsy and unlucky. Every time he returns home after a bitter disappointment in love, his mother Bunny always thinks of cheering him up and cuddling him as if he were still a newborn.

Johnny Bravo's inseparable friend is Carl Chryniszzwics, who, unlike the blond bravura, is a shy and insecure boy, but infallible when dealing with scientific and mathematical problems. Another character in the series is Little Suzy, a boring and pedantic little girl who pesters Johnny Bravo with impossible demands.
Johnny frequents Pops bar, where he always meets bizarre and bizarre people.
He doesn't fail to keep fit through sport and learn karate at Master Hamma's school.

Johnny Bravo has become a real star in the United States and among the guests on his program he has had illustrious names such as Farrah Fawcett, Adam West and Donny Osmond.

The production of the Johnny Bravo cartoon

“Johnny Bravo,” a name that evokes memories of a charismatic and often awkward animated character, has become an icon of 90s pop culture. But how was this unique character born and what was his evolution? This article explores Van Partible and his team's journey in creating "Johnny Bravo" from college thesis to television stardom.

The Origins: Mess O' Blues
It all began at Loyola Marymount University, where Van Partible was working on his thesis project, "Mess O' Blues" (1993), an animated short about an Elvis Presley impersonator. Partible collaborated with his roommate, actor Christopher Keene Kelly (known for "Blacklist" and "Succession") and with Lee J. Bognar, a recent LMU graduate and writer/producer/voice actor (known for "The Expatriat Act" , "Sioux Me," "SNL," "The Man Show"), to enhance the story and lend their voices to the project.

A Fortunate Accident
A near-catastrophic accident turned into an unexpected blessing when Partible accidentally destroyed the soundtrack during the final cut. Bognar quickly intervened, gathering actors and musicians to perform the score live during the screening. This rare live foley performance, performed by such young and inexperienced performers, is still a source of pride for Loyola Marymount's School of Film and Television today.

Hanna-Barbera Attention
The live performance and short film caught the attention of a Hanna-Barbera representative. After a private screening to a friend of Partible's who worked for the studio, Hanna-Barbera asked Partible to develop a pitch for a seven-minute short.

The Birth of Johnny Bravo
For the new short, Partible revisited his main character from "Mess O' Blues," renaming him "Johnny Bravo" and transforming him into a James Dean-esque '50s icon with a twist of Elvis. He was also inspired by Michael Jackson for the use of whips and sound shots in Johnny's poses. Jeff Bennett was chosen as the voice of Johnny, based on his impression of a young Elvis.

Debut on Cartoon Network
The short, titled "Johnny Bravo," debuted on Cartoon Network's animation showcase, "World Premiere Toons," on March 26, 1995. Two more shorts followed: "Jungle Boy in 'Mr. Monkeyman'" in 1996 and "Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women" in 1997.

The Evolution of the Character
The name "Johnny Bravo" comes from the creator's middle name, Giovanni Bravo, and the character's movements are based on Michael Jackson and Arthur Fonzerelli's character from "Happy Days." Johnny's personality also resembles that of Gaston from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."

Johnny Bravo episodes

The animated series "Johnny Bravo" was created by Van Partible for Cartoon Network. It initially debuted as a series of animated shorts on Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons, which was later renamed What a Cartoon!. These shorts were later incorporated as the first episode of the series' first season, which first aired on July 7, 1997. The series underwent a change in the theme of the main character, going from a womanizing Elvis impersonator to a muscular simpleton, starting with the second season, which began on July 2, 1999. Van Partible left the series after the first season, but returned for the fourth, which began on February 20, 2004 and concluded on August 27 2004.

Here are some examples of "Johnny Bravo" episodes:

Season 1 (1995-97): The first three segments aired as part of World Premiere Toons and were later incorporated into the first season of the series.

Season 2 (1999-2000): The second season saw a change in the main character's theme.

Season 3 (2000-02): The evolution of the character and the series continues.

Season 4 (2004): The final season, with the return of Van Partible.

Special (2001-2004): Some special episodes were broadcast during this period.

India special (2009): A special episode titled "Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood" was broadcast in India on June 28, 2009. This episode was created exclusively for the Indian market and produced by Famous House of Animation in Mumbai. Van Partible was the only American involved in the entire production.

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