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Le bizzarre avventure di Jojo

The comic - Manga

Original title: Jojo no kimyo na boken
Hirohiko araki
Publishers: Shueisha
Italian publisher: Star comics
: Japan

Year: 1987
Gender: Comic Action
Periodicity: Monthly
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 14 to 20

The bizarre adventures of JoJo represent a real revolution in the style of Japanese manga, both for the structuring of the bizarre stories, full of action and unpredictability, and for the style of the drawings that from the classic manga style Ken the warrior, are increasingly encroaching on the American superhero trait, and for the characterization of the characters, all bizarre and original. Just think that their names are almost all inspired by historical rock music groups such as Led Zeppelin, Dire Strait, AC / DC, Santana. Even the Jojo they are a hard rock band, but it is assumed that the name was also inspired by the Beatles song "Get Back", which in fact said "Jojo was a man who thougt he was a loner ...". JoJo is a character created from the talented imagination of Japanese screenwriter Hirohiko Araki and first published in 1987, for Weekly Jump magazine. In Italy its publication took place thanks to Star Comics in 1993. JoJo's originality consists in its generational seriality, in the sense that JoJo is not a single fixed character, but several different characters who alternate and have in common besides the degree of kinship of the Joestar family, even the letters JoJo that appear in their name. The following will alternate in the six series JoJo: Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro kujo, Josuke Higashikata, Giovanna day e Jolyne Kujo. The first series of JoJo, set in 1880, stars Jonathan Joestar, the son of George Joestar, killed by his illegitimate son Dio Brando, in order to receive his share of the inheritance, but initially no one is aware of this crime. Between Dio Brando and JojoJoJo is certainly not the best and the stepbrother makes life impossible for Jonathan Joestar. As if that wasn't enough, God Brando manages to get hold of an ancient stone mask, discovered by JoJo, who is able to transform him into an immortal vampire. To fight this supervillain and his zombie army, JoJo joins two characters able to give Dio Brando a hard time, as experts in the technique of concentric waves: the baron Zeppelie and the thief Speedwagon. JoJo and his friends discover Dio Brando's hideout in a south London village and wage a tough fight against Jack the Ripper and the vampires Turcus and Bradford. Thanks to the technique of emanating concentric waves through the control of breathing, taught to him by Baron Zeppelie, JoJo manages after grueling fights to get the better of Jack the ripper then Bradford, but Turcus is even stronger and more ruthless than the previous ones and manages to mercilessly killing Zeppelie, who, before dying, delivers to JoJo his last energies. Thanks to the energy received from Zeppelie, JoJo manages to defeat Turcus. JoJo meets another master of the concentric wave technique, called Tonpeti, who together with his two students Diar and Streitzo engage in a tough battle against Dio Brando. The latter, however, is much stronger than expected and manages to defeat and kill Diar through the freezing technique. The moment of reckoning between JoJo and Dio Brando arrives, but despite the undisputed superiority of his opponent, JoJo does not give up and devises a way not to be frozen by God, burning his hands and emitting concentric waves so powerful that they to incinerate the body of Dio Brando who is thus defeated, but not killed as he manages to detach his head before the waves reach him completely. After getting married to Elena, JoJo will meet God again, who will want to appropriate her body. After a hard fight in which the ship they were traveling on will also sink, God
Brando will manage to kill JoJo Jonathan Joestar, while Elena will be saved.

In the second series set in 1938, JoJo's place is taken by his nephew Joseph Joestar, who is also familiar with the concentric wave fighting technique. This time the enemy to fight is Streizo, the pupil of Tonpeti the master of concentric waves who arrived in Mexico, takes possession of a new stone mask and also becomes an immortal vampire, not before having discovered a man embedded in a pillar. However, Streizo is defeated by JoJo, who will have to face an even more powerful enemy. It is Santana, the man embedded in the pillar who awakened, devoured a man wearing the stone mask, which increased his power, becoming a shape-shifter. With a ruse, JoJo manages to defeat him by bringing the vampire into the sunlight, which destroys him. JoJo, however, learns of other vampires who are in Italy and goes to Rome where he meets Cesar, the nephew of Baron Zeppelie. The two boys will have to face three vampires who are looking for the red stone of Asia, the only one capable of making them immune to the sun. Although JoJo manages to injure one of the vampires during the fight, their fate seems sealed, such is their superiority, but the vampire Wamoo gives JoJo and Cesar a last chance, as long as after a month the two meet again for a fight the final. After exhausting training the day of the clash arrives and while JoJo will face Loggins, Cesar will have to contend with Messina, but the unexpected happens and the terrible Aciedeecy, the king of flames, appears on the scene of the challenge, an opponent much stronger than the previous ones. to the hard exercises of breathing and concentration, he has considerably increased the power of the concentric waves and manages to defeat Aciedeecy, who takes refuge inside the body of Suzi Q, in order to be able to steal the red stone.

The most interesting aspect of the following jojo adventures, however, are the fighting techniques which, while in the first and second series are the concentric waves, in the third series are the stands. The stands are energies of one's soul that, thanks to particular concentration techniques, take the appearance of creatures with frightening strength, managing to have full control of the matter. There are three different levels of booths: strong booth, with an extended range of only 10 meters, weak booth, with a greater range of action, and booths with automatic search, which attack people who perform certain actions.

All characters and images of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are copyright Hirohiko Araki and rightholders. they are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.


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