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Jonathan steele

Original title: Jonathan steele
Jonathan Steele, Selene, Ch'ang-O
, Myriam Leclair
Author: Federico Memola
Sergio Bonelli Editore, Star Comics

Country: Italy
: April 1999
Gender: Fantasy cartoon
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Conceived and written by the screenwriter Federico Memola, designed by Teresa Marzia and produced by Sergio Bonelli Editore, it comes out on newsstands in April 1999. Jonathan Steele is a fantasy-adventure-sci-fi comic set in 2020, which tells the story of Jonathan, a young Australian private investigator, engaged in various dangerous missions that he leads all over the world. Jonathan Steele lost his mother at an early age, due to an attack by a pack of Australian dogs (the dingoes), after rescuing the little one Jonathan steele hiding it inside a dumpster. The newborn Jonathan is found by two fascinating otherworldly creatures with magical powers called selene e Ch'ang-O, which take him into their magical interdimensional world, where they can intervene on reality and modify it as they please. Jonathan lives with these creatures for 10 years after which he is brought back to earth. Little Jonathan Steele therefore finds himself starting his earthly life in an orphanage, but from here he manages to escape and learn to survive thanks to the hard training of the street and the underworld that temper him from the character point of view. He is recruited by Ripley, a despicable tormentor who enlists street kids to teach them the art of theft.

Jonathan Steele he will stay with Ripley for several years, until their paths part ways in 2011. In that year the world of magic will make its entrance on earth, awakened from a thousand-year hibernation on the moon and also causing physical mutations in many of its inhabitants. Jonathan Steele and Ripley will separate in America, where Jonathan escaped an ambush against Ripley, joins the group of mercenaries, learning different military combat techniques. Tired of this life he manages to escape and finally reach his independence by becoming a private investigator. It is at this point that Jonathan steele meets Myriam Leclair, a sensual and enterprising photographer (beautifully designed by Rossi and Sedioli) who has acquired magical powers thanks to the appearance of the Queen of the Fairies. Myriam is the model's photographer, Jasmin Rashad, also an expert in magic and spells thanks to the teachings of an elderly aunt, who also gave her a spell book. The two related girls in the field of magical arts, decide to found a Magical Investigation Agency thanks also to the help of Jonathan Steele.

From Jonathan steele e Myriam a sentimental relationship begins to be born, but this is interrupted by the arrival of Ran, a divine creature residing in Jonathan's body, who forces him to commit suicide, throwing himself from the United Nations building to save Myriam and Jasmine. Selene and Ch'ang-o bring Jonathan Steel back to life thanks to a spell, but Myriam is forced to go to the Moon to defend the realm of magic, without which Jonathan would fall into the realm of the Underworld. Jonathan Steele will then have to fight against the former astronaut Thomas Rickman, or rather against the alien creature that has taken possession of his body, in order to enter the earth undisturbed to be able to subject it to his will. Thomas Rickman is also head of the project for the construction of the first stable terrestrial colony on the Moon, and this was precisely the cause of the awakening of the evil creature. The works on the moon have in fact awakened the alien entity that has taken possession of his body.

Behind the guise of Rickman, the creature will have full control of the moon base, which will allow him to create a black hole from where he will draw the energy necessary to dramatically increase his power, which will allow him to destroy the earth. Jonathan steele and her friends Myriam and Jasmine, however, managed to defeat this dangerous enemy. Another danger that often appears in the adventures of Jonathan Steele is the Crimson Seven, a terrorist organization made up of seven women that resorts to the use of magic for its criminal and profit purposes. It was initially commanded by the evil Xenia Kristatos, former mercenary and former lover of Jonathan Steele, but after her death she was replaced by the equally dangerous Inga Beckmann. Among the other characters that populate the varied world of Jonathan steele remember, Max, a former mercenary who, due to the awakening of the rule of magic, underwent a genetic mutation that transformed him into a tiger man and endowed with particular powers. It also has the power to temporarily make itself invisible. We also remember Alain Rochefort, the sergeant of the Paris police, also physically changed and endowed with enormous pointed ears. The Brummel Agency whose members descend from the ancient Celtic Druids, made up of Mrs. Margareth and her three children, Sean, Roger and Timothy, to which are added two cousins, the twins Emma and Diana, who very often helped Jonathan Steele and her friends. Finally, we could not forget the very nice Doris, a mechanic girl who is a real genius with engines, in fact she manages to equip Jonathan Steele's cars with all the weapons and upgrades necessary to face the various adventures.

The character of Jonathan Steel, the names, images and registered trademarks are copyright Sergio Bonelli Editore and are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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