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Kate and Julie - Dirty Pair

Kate and Julie - Dirty Pair

Original title: Dirty Pair
Kate, Julie, Mughi, Namo
Production: Sunrise, Studio Nue
Author: Haruka takakiho
Directed by: Norio Kashima, Toshifumi Takizawa
Country: Japan
Year: 15 July 1985
Broadcast in Italy: August 1990
Gender: Detective
Episodes: 26
duration: 25 minutes
Recommended age: Teenagers aged 13 to 19

Kate and Julie (original title Dirty Pair) is a 1985 sci-fi and detective anime, created by Studio Nue and Nippon Sunrise under the direction of Norio Kashima, for a total of 24 episodes lasting 24 minutes each. The stories are drawn from the short science fiction novels by Japanese writer Haruka Takachiho. The series first aired on Odeon TV in August 1990 and is now broadcast on the satellite channel Man-ga a starting from 9 March 2011, from Monday to Friday at 11.30 and 19.00.

The events take place in 2141, where the cities have moved into space orbiting stations, the site of a new type of crime and pirates. To cope with the numerous problems, the police make use of private investigative agencies, including the WWWA (World Welfare Work Agency) where we find the two protagonists Kate and Julie, called with the code name Galaxy Angles, but nicknamed Dirty Pair (aka dirty couple) because of the disasters they combine. Kate is a red-haired girl, characterized by a band on her forehead and skimpy white clothing, who has an energetic and determined temperament in the use of weapons.
Julie has long hair and a more graceful and feminine appearance, characterized by golden dresses, which demonstrates a remarkable familiarity with technological means.
Kate and Julie are stationed aboard a spaceship called Lovely Angels, in the company of Mughi, a huge dumb black cat, who understands not only human language but also that of computers perfectly. The Galaxy Angels are also equipped with Namo, a sentient and talking computer, which in more than one adventures will be able to get them out of trouble.

In the episode "The computer gone mad", inside a gigantic space megalopolis, the central computer "Brian", which controls all the functions, exhibits anomalies. The first signs are those of making strange images and rather bizarre quizzes appear on the videos of the apartments. The Galaxy Angels are called to intervene and Kate and Julie themselves are struggling with the crazy temperatures of their apartments. The computer has disarmed the I2 code and has taken over the general control. It is not clear what the cause is, but it must be destroyed. However, this proves impossible, because there is an overproduction of nuclear energy and the city seems doomed. Kate and Julie find the corridors of the city completely flooded, so they try to escape, before risking drowning. The two girls are attracted by a strong current of air; Mughi with his strength cannot hold them back and the girls are dragged away. In the megalopolis repeated explosions take place, endangering the entire population, who flee in terror, with the water invading streets and houses. In vain they try to interrogate the central computer, which continually asks for non-existent passwords.
Kate and Julie show up to solve the problem, acting as Galaxy Angels. Kate takes a megaphone and warns the population that they will try to reach Brian's core, to solve the problem. Suddenly the water bursts into that place, forcing everyone to flee. Kate manages to climb a pipe and Julie clings to her and manages to save. Later they manage to tamper with an elevator and climb up to get to the top of the tower and from there reach the central core of the computer.
Patrol Gamma 1 reports Kate and Julie's elevator hyper-speed, so they approach them to check. Once they recognize the Galaxy Angels, they order them to destroy Brian's core by bringing them close to the location. Once they get to the top of the tower, they decide to call Mughi. The big cat engaged in the rescue of a little girl, will have to head towards the orbit of the satellite and put Kate and Julie in communication with the Namo computer. After rescuing the child, Mughi heads to the place, making his way between the tunnels and doors, now submerged by the water. Meanwhile, the girls will also have to defend themselves from the crazed robots of the central computer, which try to shoot them. Fortunately, the girls have a rich arsenal and numerous rescue gadgets, therefore they manage to escape unscathed from their attacks, ending up in the hangar of small spaceships, which they try to tamper with. Once in the air, they are chased and bombarded by laser beams from the central computer's drones. Kate and Julie try to climb up the main ventilation shaft, but Brian's computer prevents them and the girls are forced to climb the walls. Meanwhile, the computer Namo warned by Mughi, seeks a contact with Brian, who finally responds to a fellow. Julie asks why she caused all this. Brian replies that he was fooled by humans, because he had to know all the systems in the tower, but there is a control unit he does not know: box Z. If he cannot know that unit, he will lose his memory. . Brian has a very low heat generator, so Namo turns on the thermosensor and sets the temperature to the minimum allowed. Julie threatens Brian to be destroyed with the freezing beam, but Brian does not give up and continues his work of destroying the tower, which threatens to collapse. Kate goes all out with a seemingly misplaced question: She reminds Brian that he has his and Julie's personal data in his database, so she queries the computer as to who is the best of them. The computer starts processing the data and eventually consumes its last resources. Namo interrupts the communication with Brain and puts the Galaxy Angels in contact with the alpha terminal, who will have to fire an emission of gas and dust to reach the central heart of Brian and make it explode. The alpha terminal starts the emission of gas and after the countdown, it shoots the cloud of gas on the central computer, which by inserting itself into its gears deactivates it completely. The megalopolis is safe, even though the disaster has caused over 3600 injuries.

In addition to the animated series, the following films have been made.

Kate and Julie. Affair on Nolandia made in 1985, directed by Masaharu Okuwaki lasting 55 minutes, produced by Sunrise.
The story tells of Kate and Julie who undertake a long journey, looking for a missing girl. Arrived in the forest of Nolandia, they will have to face different vicissitudes, until finally finding the little one. However their investigations will be blocked by the head of justice, too tied to bureaucratic quibbles.

Kate and Julie: flight 005 conspiracy is a 1994 film by the same director and sees the Dirty Pairs grappling with a double case: finding a missing scientist and investigating the mystery of an exploded ship.

Kate and Julie: project Eden was made in 1994 under the direction of Koichi Mashimo, lasting 80 minutes.
The events take place at the planet Agerna, where a large deposit of Vizorium resides, the precious material that feeds the fuel for space travel. Kate and Julie will have to investigate the threats facing mining. The Galaxy Angels will face a mad scientist, who tries to awaken a dangerous alien race

Titles of the episodes of Kate and Julie - Dirty Pair
01 - The crazy computer
02 - Sabotage
03 - The theft of money
04 - A precious cat
05 - Order of execution
06 - A dangerous load
07 - The kidnapping
08 - An old promise
09 - Two rival gangs
10 - Protect the prince!
11 - A surprise date
12 - The mice revolt
13 - The monster of the subsoil
14 - Pandora
15 - An ancient treasure
16 - Political games
17 - The black hole
18 - Escort service
19 - A strange assignment
20 - Revenge!
21 - The mystery of the missing passengers
22 - The blackmail
23 - The scam
24 - The homicidal maniac
25 - What? The boy of the house is a Terminator
26 - Jokes - The cannon is the key word for escape

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