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Kate and Mim Mim

Kate and Mim Mim Nerd Corps Entertainment, FremantleMedia Kids and Family, DHX Medias
Original title: Kate & Mim-Mim
Kate, Mim-Mim, Valerie, Marco, Boomer, Lily, Gobble, Tack.
Authors: Scott & Julie Stewart
Production: Nerd Corps Entertainment, FremantleMedia Kids and Family, DHX Medias
Country: Canada, England
Year: 1 September 2014
Broadcast in Italy: November 2, 2015
Gender: Didactic / Fantastic
Episodes: 72
Duration: 22 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 0 to 5 years old

Su Cartoonito (46 of the DTT) from 6 February 2017 from Monday to Friday at 20.35pm.

The adventures of KATE & MIM MIM are back exclusively on Cartoonito (46 by DTT), the series that tells the story of the special friendship between an exuberant 5-year-old girl named Kate and her favorite soft toy: a rabbit named Mim Mim.

All children dream that their heart soft toy can come to life and become a true friend. In Kate & Mim Mim this dream becomes reality.

Whenever Kate with her curiosity opens the doors of the imagination, Mim Mim comes alive and turns into a real travel companion in the fantastic world of Mimiloo. Waiting for them, four funny friends: Gobble, legendary gardener with an immense love for nature; Tach, extraordinary scientist and inventor; Lily, expert in plants and particular creatures of Mimiloo, followed by her younger brother, Boomer, a real plague that loves to invent new words.
The series encourages children to face new situations without fear, to explore the world with curiosity and to have fun with fantasy and imagination.

Kate and Mim-Mim is a television series created by Nerd Corps Entertainment, designed specifically for the preschool range.
The television series, now in its second season, began on Canadian soil, but also simultaneously on British soil, on December 19, 2014.
Each episode, lasting about five minutes maximum, tells a story about an aspect of the life of little Kate, the protagonist of the cartoon, who immersed in her adventures learns to discover the beauty of music, history and geography that fall in the pre-school education phase of children.
The cartoon is made entirely with computer graphics in collaboration between Nerd Corps Entertainment, FremantleMedia Kids and Family, DHX Medias.

Kate and Mim-Mim characters


Kate she is a lively and curious girl who, through her imagination and fantasy, manages to drag her best friend on his incredible adventures to discover many topics.
Mim-Mim is a male purple plush rabbit, which comes to life every time Kate takes him to the magical world of Mimiloo and follows her friend to discover the different topics and problems to be solved that distinguish the various episodes of the television series.
Mim-Mim is more cautious than her owner and obviously tries to avoid discovering the different topics that interest Kate.


But the girl always manages to be persuasive and engaging enough and therefore, the poor purple puppet, has to do nothing but follow her owner, in such a way as to guide her and try to teach her everything she knows.
Also it is Mim-Mim who try to interact more with the various protagonists of the magic portal series.

Tack the scientist
Tach the scientist

Lily the Mimiloo plant expert

Gobble the gardener of Mimiloo

Boomer Lily's little brother

Two other protagonists are Marco and Valerie, Kate's two parents, who try to integrate the teaching that Mim-Mim and his companions try to give her. The presence of the parents manages to offer that type of total completeness and it is also necessary to look for them even if they are not in the least aware of the magical world of Mimiloo.
Lily, Tack and Gooble are the other fixed characters of the magical world while, all the other characters are relegated to the current episode and rarely happen to see the same secondary protagonist of the portal present in a second episode.

Episode: Mim-Mim Moon Mishap

The episode in question sees protagonists Kate and Mim-Mim grappling with the discovery of the Moon.
Initially, the cute stuffed rabbit explains to her friend that traveling to reach the Moon is practically impossible: this is because it is necessary to have a series of elements, as well as knowledge, which are fundamental to be able to face such a journey.
But Kate obviously doesn't want to hear any reason and simply wants to find out everything about this particular place.
Mim-Mim then decides to hold a small lesson on the Moon, thus trying to persuade the little girl from her particular research and discovery.
The two protagonists do not seem to get along very well but, to intervene are all the other characters, who try to find an ideal solution to be able to remove this particular curiosity from the little girl, who absolutely wants to go to the moon.
Mim-Mim therefore decides to choose all the best pieces that will make up a rocket in order to be able to reach the Moon: with attention and precision, all the protagonists collaborate for the realization of this particular means of transport, trying to take care of the detail even smaller, in order to avoid a wide range of fatal errors.
Lea in the end, therefore, he decides to board the vehicle built by his friends of the fantastic portal, but the results could be anything but desired, given that Mim-Mim himself seems to be unconvinced of what he is doing and is afraid of having to face unpleasant situations.
The theme of the Moon is therefore a pretext to teach children everything about this particular satellite, starting from this concept.
The explanations will obviously not be boring and on the contrary, they will try to entice the little ones to follow the episode, guaranteeing them that level of learning which turns out to be quite simple.

Final judgement

Each single episode therefore manages to be very pleasant to watch and above all light to assimilate, leaving children with that feeling of satisfaction and above all the desire to learn more information from their parents, who will therefore have the task of carrying out a sort of review on the topics addressed by part of the program.

Kate and Mim Mim copyright © Nerd Corps Entertainment, FremantleMedia Kids and Family, DHX Medias, and of those entitled, the names and images are used here for cognitive and informative purposes.

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