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Keroro and his companions

Original title: Keroro gunso
Fuyuki Hinata, Natsumi Hinata, Sergeant Keroro, Private Tamama, Corporal Giroro, Sergeant Major Kururu, Chosen Soldier Zeroro, Lieutenant Garuru, First Class Soldier Taruru, Chosen Soldier Zoruru, Tororo Recruit, Chief Nurse Pururu, Aki Hinata
Production: Sunrise
Regia: Jun'ichi Sato
Country: Japan
Year: 3 April 2004
Broadcast in Italy: September 11, 2006
Gender: Comedy / Science fiction
Episodes: 155
Duration: 24 minutes
Recommended age: Children from 6 to 12 years old

FuyukiKeroro cartoons (original title Keroro Gunso) will be broadcast on Italia 1 from Monday to Friday starting from 11 September at 16,50. The series, consisting of 120 episodes, was produced by Sunrise and is based on the manga comic by Mine Yoshizaki (which was a huge success in Japan). Each episode lasts 24 minutes and is itself divided into two self-contained adventures.
The story centers on Sergeant Keroro, an alien from the planet Keron who has been tasked with studying the intelligence of earthlings and preparing an imminent invasion. Together with four other alien warriors, Keroro heads to the planet earth they call Pokopen, but due to an accident their spaceship is forced to make an emergency landing. Keroro takes refuge with the Hinata family and with the intention of making his first prisoners, he hides in Fuyuki's bedroom. He is in his bed struggling with a nightmare, in fact he dreams that aliens have invaded the earth and killed his elder sister Natsumi. He is awakened by his own sister who, in order to get him out of bed to go to school, tries to scare him by saying that there is an alien in the room. But the alien is really there and the astonishment of the boys is enormous when they discover Keroro hidden in the wall, which is revealed believing that he has been discovered. NatsumiKeroro is an all-green alien similar to a frog, no more than fifty centimeters tall and has the Kero Ball capable of immobilizing people, despite everything Fuyuki and Natsumi disarm and immobilize him easily. The boys, however, after hastily tied up Keroro, have to run to school as they are very late. After a while the alien manages to free himself and take back his weapon and on their return they find him threatening and decided to implement his plan of conquest. The young people are immobilized, but at that moment their mother Aki arrives, whom Keroro tries to eliminate with the Kero Ball. Unfortunately for Keroro his weapon is damaged and Ms. Aki neutralizes the attacks of Keroro in the blink of an eye, who is enlisted to carry out the household chores. Keroro desperately tries to get in touch with his companions via the transmitter, but discovers that it has been abandoned, so he has no other solution than to adapt to the needs of the Hinata family. KeroroHere he will meet all the printed friends of Fuyuki and Natsumi: Momoka the suitor of Fuyuki, Saburo the radio DJ, Kogoro the space detective and many others. Keroro, however, always nourishes the desire to conquer the earth and is convinced that he will succeed through the robot models Gundam which he calls Gunpla and which he collects in a maniacal way. Soon Keroro will also meet his four companions Tamama, Giroro, Kukuku and Dororo with whom he will try to devise plans to get rid of the earthlings, which will all turn out to be unsuccessful, giving the spectators some fun and bizarre adventures.

Keroro is copyright Sunrise, Bandai Visual, NAS, TV Tokyo. All rights reserved.

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